Choosing Outdoor Fountains: Picking the Best Material

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If you want to give your front lawn or backyard a total makeover by applying some outdoor decorations, you should consider buying an outdoor water feature. An outdoor water fountain is an example of a water feature that would beautify your outdoor space. This is because a water fountain has an exceptional design that can transform a dull and boring outdoor space and turn it into an elegant and luxurious backyard.

If you want to buy outdoor fountains for your backyard, there are various water features available online that you can choose from, whether you want an indoor or an outdoor water fountain. However, before buying any outdoor fountain, you should know the other things to consider other than its design and style. 

For instance, you must also consider what material the fountain is made of in choosing the right water fountain. But how do you know what are the best materials for an outdoor water fountain? Well, let’s try to figure it out in this article. 

1. Metal 

The first material on the list is the hardest material of an outdoor water fountain, metal. A metal water fountain, whether bronze or stainless steel, will undoubtedly turn your outdoor space into a scene radiating with elegance and luxury. 

The effect of the metal brings a different shine which is one of the advantages if you choose an outdoor water fountain made with this material. However, it would be best to have some cash on hand because a metal outdoor water fountain is more costly than the other materials. 

This is why you should take care of it constantly and adequately do maintenance to continue to look better in the future.

2. Fiberglass 

If metal was the heaviest material used in making an outdoor water fountain, fiberglass is the exact opposite. However, even though it is the lightest material among the rest, it is still cumbersome and will not crack easily, despite its lightness. But be careful. 

If your outdoor space has a lot of open space and gets a lot of wind, there is a huge possibility that your outdoor water fountain made from fiberglass material will get blown away. 

However, if you’re still eager to get a fiberglass outdoor water fountain, regardless of whether you live in a windy climate, you can get it customized and have the outdoor water fountain made up mostly of fiberglass. Then, incorporate heavier materials at the bottom to add some weight. 

This will create balance and will prevent your fiberglass outdoor water fountain from getting blown away from the strong winds in your area.

3. Cast stones

Since cast stone is so hard, it is the perfect material to use for an outdoor water fountain if you want a dependable and long-lasting product. Bear in mind, however, that because cast stone is a porous material, it is susceptible, and it needs special care or maintenance every month. 

For instance, you should empty your water fountain and let it air out even before the temperatures start to drop. This prevents cracks in its brittle body from forming during the winter.

These three elements are among the materials that are appropriate for your outdoor water fountain. However, determining which of the three is the best of the best is impossible. 

Some people prefer the metal outdoor water fountain because it is heavier, while others prefer the fiberglass outdoor water fountain because it is smaller. In the end, it’s up to you to choose which of the three materials mentioned above is the best to use.

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