4 Tips to Consider Before Buying New Carpets

Among the excellent home decorations that you can do, one is spreading carpets on the floor. But you need to be very heedful when choosing the floor rug as buying a new room size rug is a huge investment. Do not buy anything in a hurry! In the contemporary age, people do most of the shopping from the online markets, allowing you to explore for a considerable amount of time, and pick the right item. 

The companies provide multiple images, high quality briefing, and product descriptions for the customers’ convenience. The online dealers never feel the nuisance of answering a lot of the questions you put before them for buying a particular home decorating tool. So, the internet world is more helpful and flexible to support us pick the right floral rugs.

Bringing pretty area rugs in the inland environment is not enough until you learn the tips and tricks to maintain their marvelous features. The colorful area rugs are undeniably stylish and fascinating. They will instantly transform the interior’s look and feel with their myriad designs, shades, patterns, and manufacturing materials. 

The indoor Pakistani rugs have been decking out the interior environment for hundreds of years, and still, they are around because of their endless functionality and timeless durability. However, these luxurious and decorative pieces need constant care and conscious keeping to prolong their longevity and preserve their artistic features. So, it is necessary to learn some easy and straightforward steps to take better care of the rugs after their buying.

Through this blog, you will catch the ways to keep the rugs carefully. Let’s see what those tricks are!

Careful Carpet Keeping

Rugs buying is an expensive job, and they always require much care despite being used in low-traffic. Usually, we put area carpets in high-traffic spots like the drawing-room, entryways, or staircase where action is always going on. The floor rugs, though, create a statement spread anywhere, but for a high-traffic zone like a living room, we need high-quality, durable carpets.

Despite the best efforts there is always a risk of spills and stains for the in-home use of living room area rugs. The scatter rugs always have a range of stains-from drops of morning juice to the sudden fall of evening coffee. The families with children have a greater number of stains on the large floor rugs. The stains fade away with time, but they do exist, and when many stains together make a big spot, it is time to take measures for carpet safety. Avoid having meals or cold drinks sitting on the floor mats. 

If need be, cover the floral rugs with a cloth piece or a plastic sheet and put your fluids (juice, tea, coffee, water etc.) on them. Adopt the habit of taking off shoes outside the carpeted room and get your kids to opt for the same habit.

The large floor rugs are porous structures; they absorb debris and dust particles filtering from the air. The regular weekly vacuuming of the bedroom area adds years to their durability. Also, keep carpet cleaning powder at home. If ever, the rugs get stains, obviously you can’t wash the patch easily. Don’t rub the stain to spread it more and sprinkle the carpet cleaning powder over there. Remember, your careful habits will enhance your carpet’s age, beauty, and grace. Your little kids like to crawl enjoyably on a soft carpet. At the same time, preschoolers won’t call it a day without pouring everything on anything. So, train your kids how to treat area mats with love and care.

Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is a modern trend, and it provides extra cushioning and support. Though the upper objects play a significant role in maintaining the interior themes, comfort and inspiration, the underneath items also hold weight. Moreover, the carpet padding also acts as a sound damper-the additional benefits you can delight in. 

It won’t take much of your investment and is far more affordable than carpet buying. The carpet manufacturers can also guide you about the type of carpet padding with rugs installation and feel extra comfort under feet! I recommend laying down the stately chobi rugs with padding in your bedroom, and enjoy the mesmeric ambiance inside!

The Size

The size of rugs also matters a lot when we plan to spread the floor rug in the room. Before hitting an order for the beautiful floor mat for your home, measure all the dimensions of the area first where you want to stretch out the masterpiece. Also, decide the way how you need to spread the rug, either underneath the furniture items or in the open space. The rugs create spacious vibes and relaxing atmosphere in the room; better spread them at the open space. 

Throw some big and small colorful cushions in a variety of shapes. Stitch them yourself, trying your DIY skills and enhance your home’s value and grandeur. With size, look at the themes around and choose the rug, either blending with interior themes or speaking an eye-catching contrast with the room’s details!

Shades & Patterns

Choosing the shades and patterns of your favorite area mat is a big challenge, especially when in the online market you have a myriad of designs, colors, and textures. One thing that will help you make a right decision is your room’s details, overall home design, and your personal taste. After furniture articles, rugs are the most prominent features of your home. 

Another deciding factor is the resale value of your home. If ever you want to put your home on sale, keep in mind, the rugs can enhance the selling value. So, invest your money in a durable rug with captivating designs and patterns. Always choose bright shades of the area mat as colors are the smiles of nature and spread enchanting smiles in your interior.


In the contemporary age, the trend is online shopping, and you can shop confidently if you come in contact with a reliable company. Well, enjoy your shopping with RugKnots, and a bold shade wool rugs would be an excellent pick. Also, look for patterns that can camouflage spills easily and won’t break the bank!

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