Should You Opt For Cheaper Chinese Joyroad Tires?

Cheaper Chinese-Made Joyroad Tires: Are They Smart Alternatives?

When people hear of products made in China, they equate them to poor quality even before trying them. The same goes for vehicle joy road tires. Despite some manufacturers being in the international market for over a decade, the concern remains the same.

So, are Chinese-made tires a good option for your tire replacement? Let us look at these Chinese-made joyroad tires, their quality, where and in which seasons they can be best used.

1. Not Recommended, but Not Recommended

Chinese-made joyroad tires retail at approximately 30% below the market price. This can be a luring price, especially to motorists shopping on a limited budget. Funny enough, people still shy away from buying these products and prefer going with the known expensive options.

One factor that can lead to this trend is the withdrawal of promotion of Chinese-made tires by consumer bodies. They, however, do not advise people against them but warn the consumers to be vigilant with what they buy. It leads to an awkward dilemma where buyers are not sure how to react.

Although the durability of these products is not known, some big American retailers still refrain from stocking China-made products in their stores. 

2. Chinese Ambitions

China is mostly aggressive about acquiring new markets by whatever means, and most people are aware of their aggressive behavior. They use strategies and techniques, including the old ones to get to the top of the market.

To remain competitive and relevant, however, the Chinese have embraced technology and modern processes in production and distribution. They are also good at sporting exceptional talents and poaching them to work in their favor. These characteristics help them to perfect the production processes, making them cheaper and less wasteful.

With a population of totaling to over 1.4 billion and counting, China has the largest market in the world and that no doubt attracts many investors from all over the globe. A good example is the big tire companies such as Michelin, Yokohama, Continental, and others have plants operating in China. This has also been contributed to cheap labor that is readily available from the large Chinese population.

3. Expertise in Winter Tires?

Although the Chines companies have not yet perfected their manufacture of joyroad winter tires, they are slowly getting there. Their product catalogs are not yet stocked with these tires, but an item is being added at a time.

4. Some Viable Options

Although there are no wide variety of joyroad winter tires made by the Chinese, there are viable options that you can consider. Let us look at a few:

  • Westlake SW608

It is a choice that has been in the market for a few years. The tire comes in different sizes including those with studs. Distributors of these tires are resourceful about the product and provide a lot of information to motorists to help them with decision making. 

The joyroad tires are not meant for high-end and luxury vehicles. They are noisy and pocket-friendly.

  • Goodride SW608

Goodride SW608 and Westlake SW608 are made by the same manufacturer. They have similar features. In a test made by the German magazine Auto Bild, the two tires scored 16/50, qualifying them a recommended rating. The tires provide great cornering capabilities.

  • Sailun WSL Ice Blazer

The tire is stud-less. It comes with amazing features such as large grooves and deep treads. They help with snow digging and providing enough grip. Like the other Chinese-made joyroad tires on this list, they are cheap.

  • Minerva Eco-Stud et S

This tire model is recommended by retailers. It originally came from Belgium and distributed by Continental, a giant German distributor. This probably gave it a boost and later became an independent producer in China and Europe.

  • Momo North Pole W2

Momo Company specializes in producing sports car accessories. In its recent developments, the company announced a new product, North Pole W2, which, when the specifications were looked at closely showed it was manufactured by a Chinese company.

The Chinese are getting there slowly. They are adhering to the requirements for producing modern joyroad tires. They are also considering customers’ concerns through research. After this, they create great products that create a solution that every user is left asking, ‘have you seen the new product?

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