Blast Portable AC Reviews – Blast Auxiliary Scam Complaints or Real Customer Results?   

Blast Portable AC (also called Blast Auxiliary Portable AC)  is one of the top-selling air coolers in 2021, and it has hundreds of loyal customers all around the world. According to the official website, it not only cools the air but also adds moisture to it. But does this AC really work, irrespective of the temperature outside? Find out everything about this desktop AC in this Blast Portable AC review today. 

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Blast Portable AC Review

Personal coolers are no less than bliss, and within a few years of being in the market, they have replaced the need for traditional air conditioners. People are impressed by these tiny-sized personal devices that are easy to move anywhere without requiring professional installation and maintenance. The conventional air conditioners consume so much electricity, add to monthly bills, require high maintenance, and are not movable without professional help. 

For these reasons, any average consumer thinks twice before investing his hard-earned money into a conventional air conditioner, preparing himself for the expenses that continue to hit him even after completing the purchase. 

Summers are getting hotter every year, and the requirement of an air conditioner has turned into a basic need. During the last few years, so many brands have introduced new portable air coolant devices which are easy on electrical consumption, save space and look unique and stylish. One of these devices is the Blast Portable AC by Blast Auxiliary, which has successfully made its place among the highest selling brands.

blast portable ac

What To Know About Blast Portable AC?

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is a personalized cooling machine that makes your bedroom, office, study, or dorm room cool, breezy, and fresh for all summer. While the traditional air conditioners are fixed on the walls with professional installation, Blast Portable AC comes in handy and is ready to use as soon as you take it out from the box. 

It is a three-in-one device that works as a fan, air conditioner, and humidifier. Summer has already started, and it would be a lie to say that you don’t need an air conditioner and humidifier to pass these suffocating days. Being indoors is one thing to avoid the sun, but it is not enough to save you from the scorching summer heat, and you need something to make it better for you. In this case, using a portable AC is the best option because of its ease of usage and practical approach. 

The biggest reason people are switching to the Blast Portable AC is its cost-effectiveness. It needs only a limited amount of electricity to run, and you wouldn’t see any drastic increase in your monthly electricity bill, despite using it all day, all night. But how is it possible to save the bill money when you are using it nearly every hour? According to the official website, these air conditioners are added with the latest technology that cuts its electricity need, and the AC works even when the voltage is low. 

Right now, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is available online through its official website ( for a discounted price. It takes only a few seconds to install it and start using it. If you are interested in giving it a try, visit the official website today and confirm your order.

Working of Blast Portable AC

As mentioned before, it is a personal usage device and not designed to cool an entire house. It is neither a replacement for the HVAC system or an air purifier. But it is ideal for a small, breezy environment, for example in an office, bedroom, study room or any other part of your house.  

Like all other electrical devices, it comes with a power cable and an off/on button. Plug this air conditioner into any power inlet around, soak the water certain and add some ice cubes to the ice tray. Turn on the power button and start enjoying the cool air directly coming out of it. 

This property is different from that conventional air conditioner where the non-involvement of water makes the air dry. So the air coming out of the air conditioning unit or HVAC unit is cool but dry. This dry air sometimes causes skin and sinus allergies, especially in sensitive people. With the introduction of this portable AC, they don’t have to worry about their sensitivities, and they can enjoy summer with the cool, humid air.  

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC comes with the following features, as mentioned on the official website. 

  • It works as an air cooler 
  • It can work as a fan
  • It can replace a humidifier 
  • It has ice trays to keep the ice cubes 
  • It is very simple to use 
  • It comes with different fan settings
  • Water tank with top fill 

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Is Blast Portable AC Scam or Legit?

Interestingly, Blast Portable AC is not the only air conditioner offering all this. The market is full of products that promise to make your summer more manageable with their cool air. However, not all of them are in demand like this company implying there is so much to consider when it comes to choosing one AC. 

It is common to question the credibility of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC because the internet is full of scams and choosing one among hundreds of products is a hectic job. But reading reviews, customer experiences, and opinions from people can help establish an image, which is why it is mandatory to do this background check. 

Paying a close look at the Blast Portable AC shows that it is a simple machine. Typically, when the water evaporates, it is because of the heat coming out from a source. This portable AC sucks the air from a room from one side of it, processes it with the water curtain inside, and expels it from the other side of the device in the form of cool air.  

The official website advises to soak the water curtain into the water and then place it back into the body before turning on the device. When hot air enters from one side, it directly meets this water-soaked curtain, and the cool air comes out from the other side. There is no motor, compressor, or coil included in this process. 

On the other hand, conventional air coolers follow a different approach. They consume electricity containing metallic coils inside and fans that turn hot air into cool air and circulate it all around the house. If they are expensive, it is because they involve so many parts inside and are designed for much larger spaces than personal air conditioners. Blast Auxiliary, on the other hand, is a small, compact, and movable air conditioner that works like a fan, but its air is cooler than the fan. Also, it is only suitable for single-person use.  

It has an additional filter with silver ions inside. This filter removes dust, bacteria, and other allergens from the air, making this air more breathable for people. That’s why using a personal ac carries lesser health risks as compared to the conventional units. 

Also check out Blast Portable AC customer reviews and user testimonials. Does it really work as advertised? More information can be found here

Functions Of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

Here is a summary of Blast portable air conditioner. Read them first before making your final decision. 

  • Changes hot air into cool air: like all other regular air conditioners, the Blast portable AC changes the hot air in the room into cool air. It sucks it from its bottom, cleans it, and cools it, and this cool air comes out from the front side. The water curtain inside adds moisture to it, which is why the air coming out of this device is neither dry nor hot. 
  • Direct exposure: as it is a small device, it doesn’t circulate the air in the entire room but throws it towards the front side. Any object or person sitting right in front of the AC can enjoy its cool and clean air. However, you can choose the fan settings from low, medium, and high and change the flow of direct air coming from its front side. 
  • Filters the Air: Blast Portable AC is a multi-cation device, and one of its functions is air filtration. It comes with an air filter with silver particles inside that is up to 99% effective in removing pathogens, dust particles, and other allergens from the air. When these waste particles are removed from the air, the chances of experiencing allergies, sinus issues, and respiratory illnesses drop to zero. 
  • Acts as a humidifier: the conventional air conditioning systems remove the moisture from the air, which is why the air coming out from them is cool but dry. This dry air can cause skin allergies, rashes, and dryness, eye infections, and breathing difficulties. But there is no such concern when you are using Blast Portable AC as it comes with a built-in humidity function. 
  • Easy maintenance– this small AC is easy to move anywhere and doesn’t require any professional installation or maintenance. It is necessary to clean or change its water curtain every 6-8 months, depending upon your usage. If you want to leave it for some time, make sure there is no water inside, and the air curtain is completely dry, or else fungal or molds can grow. 

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Guidelines To Setup Blast Portable AC 

The Blast Auxiliary Portable air conditioner is easy to use, even for a person with no technical skills or knowledge. All that it needs is a cable and water inside, and it is ready to use.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up Blast portable Ac. 

Step one- take out your AC from its original box and place it on any flat surface.  

Step two- attach the cable with the Ac and plug the other end of this cable into a power inlet. 

Step three- take out the water curtain from the main body, soak it in water, and put it back inside when it is sufficiently soaked. 

Step four- add water to the water tank and close the lid. 

Step five- add ice cubes to the tray if you need more cool air. 

Step six- choose any setting or mode from the three available options and enjoy the cool air. 

It starts working within a few seconds and doesn’t require any pre-charging. If you notice that cooling has become slow, you can add ice for a higher cooling effect. Don’t forget to remove the ice and water when you pack it for traveling or packing it for the next summer. 

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Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews – What Are Customers Saying About It?

The official Blast Portable AC website has posted several user reviews online that you can read and make your decision about investing money in its desktop AC. These customers have tried using it in different rooms, types of houses, and environments, so reading their experiences can help to make a decision, especially if it is your first time trying a personal AC. 

Here are a few things that Blast portable AC reviews from customers imply.

  • Customers have admired its practical size and weight for single-handed use in rooms, dorms, offices, and other small spaces. 
  • It works independently of other equipment, machines, and devices that are in your house or office. 
  • Many reviewers endorse it for its simplicity of use and hassle-free experience with no professional installation maintenance needed.
  • It’s a small device that is easy to move, carry and transport even if you are shifting your residence. People who often change houses or have to travel excessively for any reason enjoy love it for this reason.  
  • Some customers are astonished to know that they don’t have to use a separate air purifier and humidifier with this device as it serves both these purposes along with cooling air. 
  • There also have been some Blast Portable AC negative reviews complaining about late deliveries of their orders. 

Those who are living alone love this idea of a small, independent device that saves thousands of dollars on AC purchase, installation, maintenance, and electricity bills that they have to pay. 

Where To Buy Blast Portable AC? Pricing, Discounts, and Deliveries 

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is exclusively available online at It is not available at Amazon, Walmart, or any other local or online source. Here is a link to buy it.  

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 Compared to its benefits, it is worth every dollar. Because of the high demand for this air 

conditioner, the company has introduced discounted bundle offers. They are easy on the pocket, especially when you are buying one AC for every room. Here are the details of discounted bundles. 

Get One Blast Portable AC for $89.99 + $8.95 Shipping

Get Two Blast Portable AC units for $179.98 + $9.95 Shipping

Get Three Blast Portable AC units for $202.99 + $10.95 Shipping

Get Four Blast Portable AC units for $247.99 + $11.95 Shipping

Each device comes with the main AC and a charging cable. You can plug it and start using it right away.  

Blast Portable AC Refund Policy 

Check out the detailed refund policy on the official website. The company is offering a refund on the unused AC system within 30 days of receiving it. If you change your mind about this AC, you can return your received parcel and get your money back. However, the company would not refund you the original shipping charges. It is necessary to submit this refund request within 30 days, and refund requests received after passing this time will not be entertained. The customer is expected to pay for the return parcel, and the company takes no responsibility for the return shipping cost. 

Note- if you have opened or used the AC, the company will not facilitate the refund offer. 

Information About The Company

Blast Portable AC is created by a company named Blast Auxiliary. This is a famous company that has launched so many cooling and heating devices, for example, air coolers, heaters, etc. According to the official website, it sources its products from trusted manufacturers based in China. The only way to buy these products is through the company directly ( 

Most of the customers of this portable AC are located in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. It ships to all international destinations but only caters to online orders placed at the official website. 

Online Form to Contact:

Phone (For US & Canada): 866 3351 618

Phone (For Australia & New Zealand): (02) 5133 5698

Blast Portable AC Reviews – The Final Word 

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is from a company that has launched so many products in the past. It is among the top selling brands to buy a personal heating or cooling device. Blast Portable AC is a new cooling device that uses a water curtain to cool the warm air. It sucks this hot air, cleans it, adds moisture into it, and changes it into cool air. But it is a small device, and one has to sit right next to it to enjoy this cool breeze. 

Being a small-size air conditioner, it is best for a small room, office, or any small setting. It is currently available for a discounted price of approximately $90. Plus, buying more than one air conditioning system will reduce its original cost making it more affordable, though we recommend buying a single unit to test it out first. It comes with a refund policy under which the customers can return their unused AC. For more details and orders, visit the official Blast Portable AC website today. 

Here is the Link to Visit the Order Page of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC 

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