Unlocking the Value of a Home Using New Entry Doors

Entry doors are often the center of attraction for your home. When in a good condition, they create an appealing site to your neighbors and friends. However, because of the position of these doors, they are exposed to weather elements that can affect their functionality and curb appeal.

When damaged, a front door becomes vulnerable and intruders such as thieves and insects target it. Because some damages cannot be repaired, replacing your entry doors becomes the ultimate solution.

1. Signs it’s Time to Have a Front Door

As we have said, some damages are beyond repair, and this time, replacement of the entry doors becomes the only solution. Rot is one of the damages that occur to entry doors and cannot be repaired. It makes the door feel soft and when force is applied to the rotten area, a hole can be left behind which could spread the stability of the entire door.

An entry door starts rotting from the jamb at the bottom, and you may notice paint on that area beginning to flake. The weatherstripping also begins to come out and cold air start passing through that area, making the internal environment uncomfortable.

A rotten door contributes to an increase in how you spend energy as you try to heat the house during the night and cool it during the day. This is due to the effect of drafts that make it hard to heat or cool your home.

Besides, a weak door is likely to affect its operation. You are likely to find an opening and closing the door hard.

2. How to Measure and Where to Buy

When buying a door, choose a place where you can find a variety rather than one door type. An ideal place to get such is a store or a showroom. To pick the right size for your entry, measure the height, thickness, and width. It is also important to consider the direction that you open your door from, that is, right or left-sided.

When the entire door, including its frame, is damaged, you have to measure the wall’s thickness. 

Consider whether the manufacturer provides a warranty for their doors. The longer the warranty, the better the entry doors.

3. Types of Doors

The wood used to be the dominant material for making entry doors. Nowadays, other materials such as steel, vinyl, and fiberglass that overcome weaknesses found in wood are used. 

Some of the weaknesses found in wood include rotting, fading, peeling, and warping when the material is exposed to weather elements. To prevent it from getting affected, wood requires regular and high maintenance which includes painting and cleaning. Although wood is aesthetic, its insulation value is low when compared to materials such as fiberglass and wood.

Steel is considered safe for use on exterior doors. It is safe because it is strong and hard to break in. because it conducts heat, foam is used to fill it so it provides good insulation.

4. Measuring Cost Vs. Value

Door replacement is a project that needs costing. The mention of a door replacement puts off many people because they think it is super expensive. Truth is, it depends on the material used. Today, there are cheap options such as vinyl that homeowners with a small budget can take advantage of.

Additionally, if you are looking to have a customized entry door, it is going to cost you more than when going for a standard design.

Installation is another costing factor to consider. Again, the cost of installing entry doors is determined by the material used and whether the door is custom or not. On average, installing a replacement door costs between $1,700 and $5,000.

5. The Best Time to Do a Door Replacement

When the weather starts getting cold, we want to keep our house warm and cool when the temperatures go up. Ideally, you should consider having your door replaced at the beginning of each season. 

Do not wait until when you have used a lot of energy trying to heat or cool your house. Because many people rush to have their doors replaced during this time, you may want to consider whether your door needs replacement early enough to avoid a long waiting list. 

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