Joint Restore Gummies Reviews – Prosper Wellness CBD Gummies Scam or Legit?

Joint Restore Gummies by Prosper Wellness are nutritional supplements powered by ingredients like CBD and Boswellia to help support and improve joint health. According to the official website, these gummies can exert knee-restoring, pain-soothing properties on users facing troubles with the movement of their legs due to age. Available at discounted prices at, this supplement can be a solution to have a life free from arthritis.

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Age seems like just another number right until the moment when different age-related diseases start hitting you one after the one. One of these diseases that can affect the quality of your life, especially in old age, is arthritis, a disease that can directly impact mobility and hinder you from enjoying your life to the fullest. 

joint restore gummies

While there are medications to take care of this problem, most of them come with their own side effects that can not only deteriorate your health further but also increase the risk of getting addicted to them permanently. In such a situation, the wisest thing to do is look for an alternative solution that adopts natural ways to improve knee health. One such solution can be the Joint Restore Gummies that take help from natural ingredients to ensure that knee health gets improved without going for harmful medicines or knee surgeries.

What are these gummies anyway? Do they really work and where can you find them?  Keep reading this Prosper Wellness Joint Restore Gummies review to find out.

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Joint Restore Gummies Review

We often fail to pay attention to our joint health up to the point when they finally start getting damaged. Joint health is extremely crucial for normal living and a healthy and active lifestyle. Therefore, it is extremely important that you work on preserving it as much as you can. It is a popular opinion that acquiring joint problems is unavoidable as you grow older; however, this doesn’t necessarily need to be true.

Luckily, there are different ways in which people suffering from joint problems can help manage their symptoms and even reverse them to some extent. Typically, doctors may offer long courses of conventional medicines but they come with their own side effects. Some may suggest going for knee surgeries that are not only invasive and extremely expensive but also pose other threats to health. 

In such circumstances, many people resort to trying out natural supplements for knee health, one of which is Prosper Wellness Joint Restore Gummies. These gummies include naturally-derived ingredients like cannabidiol (CBD) which has been proven to help relieve joint pain when used in the right amounts. This ingredient, together with a handful of others, can make Joint Restore Gummies a potential solution to fight all knee-related problems and keep them at bay.

Prosper Joint Restore Gummies are currently available for purchase at at discounted prices and bulk deals. Visit the official website today to place an order before the offers expire.

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How Do Joint Restore Gummies Work?

According to, Joint Restore CBD Gummies work by curbing inflammation which is the common culprit behind all problems of the knees. To understand how this supplement works, it is important to discuss what inflammation is, how conventional medicines take care of it, and what it is that the Joint Restore Gummies do differently.

  • Inflammation and Knee Pain

Inflammation is a complicated process and there are different types of it. It is a normal response that is normally used by the body to heal the damaged joints. However, when it goes out of control, the same inflammation may lead to pain and injury. This increased inflammation is what Joint Restore Gummies target and relieve with its natural ingredients.

What happens is that when you have been using your joints and knees excessively for a long time, the tissues that form it can lead to wear and tear. The cartilage that surrounds the knees also starts to break down which causes inflammation. Inflammation refers to the natural response of the body to any damage. For example, when you twist your ankle and hurt it, it swells up due to inflammation.

This inflammation is good to repair any short-term damage. However, when it becomes chronic, it can be a danger. As far as the knees are concerned, when they undergo any damage, the area around them gets inflamed. As the body fights to control this damage, it only leads to more swelling and pain. As this inflammation persists, the body eventually starts ignoring it over time, something that is known as the bystander effect.

  • How Conventional Medicine Works Against Inflammation

To know how Joint Restore Gummies work against knee problems, let’s first understand the mechanism of conventional medicines against it. According to Prosper Wellness, most pain-relief medications work by attacking only one part of the inflammation only. This is why they can only deliver short-term effects and cannot work in the long run.

Within the body, inflammation occurs due to two enzymes:

  • Prostaglandins: These compounds detect an injury and send a message to the brain. The brain responds by causing swelling at the injury site.
  • Leukotrienes: These chemicals invite the body to attack the injury site leading to joint pain and stiffening.

To control inflammation, these mediators need to be managed. However, the traditional medicines normally act on prostaglandins while completely ignoring the leukotriene. This is why they fail to address inflammation completely and; hence, the need for using an alternative remedy as Joint Restore Gummies CBD arises.

  • How Joint Restore CBD Gummies Work Against Inflammation

According to the official website, Joint Restore Gummies work differently than most pain-relief medicines as they can target both prostaglandins as well as leukotrienes at the same time. CBD and Boswellia, the two chief ingredients present in these gummies ensure that the body can get out from the chronic state of swelling and work on healing its joints.

When the inflammation around the joint tissue reduces due to the regular use of Prosper Wellness Joint Restore Gummies, users can expect to experience an improvement in their mobility and an increase in the overall quality.

Also read Joint Restore Gummies customer reviews and consumer reports. Can this supplement really support improving joint health? More details can be found on 

Benefits of Joint Restore Gummies mentions various benefits that can be achieved by consuming Joint Restore Gummies by Prosper Wellness on a long-term basis. Though individual results may vary, these benefits are mentioned below in detail.

  • These Gummies only comprise natural ingredients and do not contain any chemicals. Hence, the chances of acquiring any Joint Restore Gummies side effects are likely to be minimal.
  • These are also free from various common allergens and triggers, including nuts, soy, gluten, and dairy. This means that many users can safely consume them without worrying that they may disrupt their dietary lifestyle or cause any allergies.
  • The Joint Restore Gummies ingredients list is also free from pesticides, hormones, and GMOs. This means that users are not likely to suffer from any more health issues. It also means that users that normally follow an organic lifestyle can also safely consume these gummies.
  • Every gummy includes an adequate quantity of CBD which is tasteless and can be a good fighter against knee pain.
  • Every gummy also includes Boswellia extract which can restore joint health. The effects of this ingredient on joint health have been proven by multiple research studies as well, making Joint Restore Gummies an effective solution.
  • With Joint Restore Gummies lowering the joint pain, users can expect an improvement in their daily movement as well as an increase in the quality of life. Additionally, the use of this pain relief supplement can also impact the mental health of the user in a positive way.
  • With no more restrictions on movement, users can enjoy a lot more activities and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • With better control of pain, users can also expect to fall asleep more easily at night and enjoy a sound sleep. As a result, they can wake up the next morning feeling fresh.
  • Prosper Wellness Joint Restore Gummies have several sweetening and flavoring agents inside their composition so that they become more palatable and enjoyable to consume. This means that users can easily include them in their daily lives. 

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Joint Restore Gummies Ingredients

Prosper Wellness Joint Restore Gummies include 200mg each of CBD and beta-boswellic acid along with 3g of organic sugar cane per gummy. The dose of CBD included in each gummy is considered strong; hence, they can likely be effective in managing the symptoms of arthritis.

  • CBD

CBD is a famous cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike most other cannabinoids that are psychoactive and can make you feel high, CBD has no such effects. Research has shown that CBD from the Joint Restore Gummies goes into the nervous system and interacts with the endocannabinoid system in different ways. Ingesting this compound in the form of these gummies can help provide long-term healing to the joints, reduce knee pain, and help users get rid of any chronic knee issues altogether. 

The official Joint Restore CBD Gummies website mentions that every gummy includes full-spectrum CBD which means that it likely contains the properties of the whole plant as well as its complementary ingredients. This means that you can get terpenes and other types of cannabinoids along with the CBD isolate. According to research, the ingredients provide entourage effects to augment the effects of CBD.

According to the manufacturer of Joint Restore Gummies, the CBD in this product can lead to the following effects:

  1. Reduce the effects of leukotriene which is one of the primary enzymes related to inflammation by 80%.
  2. Help manage the symptoms of knee pain.
  3. Help the body heal by putting it to deep, restorative sleep every night.
  4. Loosen the muscles and relax them to control pain and improve the flow of blood towards the knee joint.
  • Boswellia

The official website has quoted multiple research studies that prove that Boswellia can help users get relief from joint stiffness and pain. According to evidence, using it in adequate amounts can lead to the following benefits:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased movement
  • Ability to cover larger distances
  • A drop in inflammation markers
  • Reduced pain and stiffness in the knees

Scientists have also found that supplementing with Boswellia can increase the cartilage between the bones while reducing inflammation from the joints. 

The complete list of Joint Restore Gummies ingredients includes:

  • 20mg of cannabidiol (CBD) 
  • 200mg of Boswellia extract
  • Miscellaneous ingredients like tapioca syrup, sugar, pectin, sodium citrate, citric acid, natural flavors, vegetable juice, lemon oil, vegetable oil, and carnauba wax

Where To Buy Joint Restore Gummies? Official Pricing and Refund Policy

If you are interested in purchasing Prosper Wellness Joint Restore Gummies, visit to place an order today. Every bottle of these gummies is priced at an extremely nominal rate of $79.97. However, if you go for discount deals, you can save up even more. 

More information can be found below:

  • 1 Bottle can be purchased for $79.97
  • 3 Bottles can be purchased for $159.94 
  • 6 Bottles can be found for $239.91 

The company is providing free delivery across the United States. So if you place an order today, you can get these gummies delivered to your doorstep.

Each bottle contains 30 gummies and the users are supposed to take one gummy per day to get effective results. Hence, one bottle is said to last for around 30 days. The official page of Prosper Wellness is also offering an add-on offer for CBD Pain Freeze Cream that you can get with every order for an additional price of $39.97. You can use this cream on the knee joint to help relieve pain in muscles, joints, and back.

All Joint Restore Gummies orders come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee in the form of a refund policy. As per this policy, users can keep using these gummies for as long as they want and at any point, if they feel like this product is not working out, they can contact the company and get their money back. While a refund policy is now commonly offered with a lot of online products, it usually has a certain time frame. However, with this product, there is no time restriction and users can ask for their money back any time they want. 

To start the refund process, users can either send an email to or call the company at 1-800-304-7284.

Make sure that you place an order for these gummies through the official website only. Any other platform that might be selling it, such as Amazon, must be considered as a Joint Restore Gummies scam. 

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About Prosper Wellness

Prosper Wellness is a famous supplement company situated in Edgewater, Colorado. The company has described itself as a small business owned by the family. In addition to Joint Restore Gummies, the company also sells various other products, such as TurmeriHemp.

The company has provided complete details in order to contact them. This information is mentioned below:

  • Phone: 1-800-304-7284
  • Email:

According to, the company came up with Joint Restore Gummies with the help of Dr. Ralph La Guardia who is a doctor based in Mansfield Center, Connecticut, and has 37 years of experience in the field of medicine. 

Is Joint Restore Gummies by Prosper Wellness a Legit Product? 

According to the official website, the following points can make Joint Restore Gummies a legit and effective solution to try:

  • It can help repair the body by handling inflammation with the help of its unique ingredients.
  • Through constant use of this supplement, users can expect to overcome their problems of muscle stiffness as well as pain.
  • It offers a natural solution to joint issues without any complications that may occur with the use of conventional medicines and surgeries.
  • Compared to alternative solutions to joint pain, this problem can be managed with Joint Restore Gummies at relatively affordable prices.
  • The Joint Restore Gummies ingredients list includes living components of the ecosystem as well as aromatic biotic material that can help the body heal on its own.
  • It is manufactured in a facility approved by the FDA.
  • The ingredients are natural which means the likelihood of encountering any side effects is minimal.
  • The gummies are extremely convenient to add to daily life. All you need to do is pop a gummy in the mouth and chew it without requiring any water or mixing it with any beverage. You can carry it in your purse anywhere.

How To Use Prosper Wellness Joint Restore Gummies?

Unlike most supplements that come with a bland taste and bitterness, the Joint Restore Gummies are pleasantly flavored. The official company has advised the users to consume one gummy per day consistently so that rapid effects can be seen. Users must never exceed the recommended dose as it is not going to provide faster results.

People below the age of 18, pregnant and nursing women, and people already taking any medicines must refrain from using Joint Restore Gummies by Prosper. For their own safety, users can also get in touch with a healthcare physician regarding the use of this supplement.

Joint Restore Gummies Reviews – Final Word

Joint Restore Gummies are CBD gummies that work on old, worn-out joints to improve their state of health. They can help relieve joint pain and swelling while improving the growth of cartilage. With 20mg of CBD and 200mg of Boswellia serrata extract in every gummy, it can be an affordable solution to improve mobility and experience a better quality of life.

Right now, the gummies are available at discounted prices so avail it today and place an order now. For more information on Joint Restore Gummies before you make a purchase, visit the official website here.

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