Breeze Tec Reviews (Scam or Legit) BreezeTec Portable Air Conditioner Works?

Breeze Tec is an air-cooling device that also humidifies the air in your room so that the moisture levels in your personal space are healthy. The device also functions as a fan and is portable which means that you can easily carry it from one room to another. 

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Breeze Tec air conditioner has been designed with the middle-class audience in mind. Unlike wall mounted air conditioning units or central cooling systems, this is an affordable purchase that also doesn’t have any installation or maintenance costs. Therefore, you can call it a budget friendly way to beat the heat in the summer season. 

The personal air-cooling device works noiselessly and is simple to use as well. In case you are deciding in favor of purchasing this air cooler, read our Breeze Tec review below which will talk about the features, benefits, working and more of Breeze Tec. Let’s get started.

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Breeze Tec Review 

Are you fed up with the summer season and your empty pockets? Do you look at people who have air conditioners in their home and feel left out? Are you unable to afford an air conditioner because of how many costs accompany it? From increasing utility bills to installation costs and maintenance costs that come up annually, air conditioning systems are very expensive these days. However, there is no denying that apart from using an air-cooling system, there is no way you can survive in the summer season. What can you do then?

You can keep yourself cool by means of keeping the windows open for cross ventilation. You can make sure that you drink cold beverages throughout the day so that you remain hydrated. You can also avoid cooking by making easy to prepare meals like sandwiches. Moreover, you can shower thrice a day to keep the heat at bay. But yet, there is no way that you can go on in this heat without an air conditioner. Fortunately, there is a way you can get rid of the summer heat without an air conditioner but with a cooling system. And this solution is surprisingly affordable as well.

You might have even heard of these devices before. They go by the name of air coolers. Before you scoff at the idea of an air cooler because of its huge size, difficult handling, and noisy working, know that more modern, sleeker versions are available nowadays. One air cooler that you can consider investing in is the Breeze Tec air cooler. This device works toward the end of improving the atmosphere in your room by not only chilling it but also humidifying it. 

The Breeze Tec AC is portable because of its lightweight design, which also happens to be sleek. Other than this, this device is compact in size which means that you can easily carry it. Unlike the traditional air cooler, this cooling system doesn’t have a humongous built or wheels for moving it from one place to another. Moreover, not too many wires are involved in the use of Breeze Tec portable AC. This means that anyone can use the device without having to worry about noise, the amount of space it would take or the fact that it would basically be unportable. 

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Is Breeze Tec an Affordable Purchase?

As discussed above, not everyone can afford an air conditioner. An air cooler such as Breeze Tec is a way more affordable solution due to many reasons. Let’s take a look below at some ways in which Breeze Tec air conditioner saves you money compared to wall mounted air conditioners: 

  • Cheap purchase 

As mentioned on, Breeze Tec is not at all expensive. In fact, for under $100, you can purchase yourself this cooler. This means that compared to the typical air conditioner, an air cooler is at least eight times cheaper. Even if you cannot afford an air conditioner, you can always have yourself a personal air cooler. 

  • Zero installation costs

Wall mounted air conditioners require the assistance of technicians for fitting them into walls. This means that you don’t just have to pay for the device, but also for its installation. This is a worry that does not accompany the purchase of Breeze Tec. Breeze Tec comes fully assembled and sits on your desk right in front of you. You’re supposed to place it on a flat surface rather than attach it to a wall. 

  • No maintenance costs

Air conditioners also have annual maintenance costs. They either stop working because their pipes burst, or the compressor runs out of gas. This means that you have to pay additional money to make sure that you’re able to beat the summer heat efficiently. 

Such trouble does not accompany air coolers. In fact, you don’t even have to take your Breeze Tec to a technician or any other relevant professional for maintenance. You can keep the device maintained at home by simply cleaning the filter, the water tank, the curtain, and the body with a clean cloth. 

  • Low utility bills 

The use of Breeze Tec also doesn’t contribute very much to your utility bills. This device works on charging and uses a USB type C charging cable for meeting its energy needs. Unlike an air conditioner, it does not suck up too much electricity. Therefore, you are also able to save money on higher utility bills which are unavoidable when it comes to air conditioners.

How Does Breeze Tec Portable AC Work? 

Air conditioners are expensive because of their complicated working. They involve the use of several smaller devices that make up the big unit. In fact, some of the substances emitted by your air conditioner are also toxic for you. Breeze Tec, on the other hand, does not make use of any refrigerants. There is also no use of any compressor or gas to make sure that the device works efficiently. In fact, this device has a very simple working mechanism which is based on evaporation. The hydro-chill technology uses water to keep your room cool. 

Basically, the water added in the tank of this device is turned into air by means of evaporation technology. When this happens, you get not just chilled, but also moisture filled air in your room. Air conditioners typically make the air in your room dry since they do not add any moisture particles in the air. If anything, they do quite the opposite. Breeze Tec makes sure that your room also is humid so that you don’t feel dry cooling which is how it benefits your skin and health in a way. The device also functions as an air purifier as it has a filter installed. 

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How to Use Breeze Tec Air Cooler?

Even if you have never heard of air coolers before or are not familiar with technology that much, you can still use this device conveniently. In fact, even amateurs can safely and easily use Breeze Tec. Just a few things that you need to keep in mind when using an air cooler such as this one. First of all, the tank needs to be filled with cold water if you want to enjoy chilled air in your room. And secondly, their air cooler needs to be fully charged so that it continues working throughout the night in case you go to sleep. You definitely don’t want the device to blow air that is not that cool or stop mid working. 

As per the official website, as a first step, you will have to take out the water tank of Breeze Tec. You can find this water tank at the back of the device. Fill this water tank with cold water. For extra cooling in your room, you can also add ice to the tray that you can find at the bottom of the device. Once you’ve filled in water in the water tank, carefully place the tank back in its original position. Now, you can connect the device to a socket by means of the type C USB charging cable that comes along. Or you can make sure that Breeze Tec is charged before you put it to use. 

Place your device on a flat surface. Make sure that you place the device on its bottom rather than on its side. This is important because in case the air cooler is not placed correctly, water can drain into different components from the water tank, damaging it. By placing the device in front of you, you will be able to make sure that the cooling is directed toward you. Note that this is a personal air cooling device and you cannot expect it to cool the air in an entire room. It is meant for a single person’s use, not for a crowd or for chilling bigger rooms. 

To start the device, you simply have to press its button. There are three different settings at which you can adjust the cooling of the device. You can set the cooling of the device at low, medium or high settings. You can also use Breeze Tec as merely a fan. This feature of the device can come in handy in the spring season when you do not need extra cooling. One thing that most people are confused about, and needs to be cleared here, is that the device will not stop working in case it runs out of water. It will still blow air toward you until it’s charging lasts.

Breeze Tec Features

Several amazing features of this device put it forward as a purchase that is worthwhile. Let’s take a look below at some reasons why Breeze Tec is better than its competitors: 

  • Quiet working

Most other air coolers make a lot of noise when they’re running. This means that if you are sleeping or trying to work, you feel interrupted and disturbed. Fortunately, the Breeze Tec air cooler cools the air in your room without you having to compromise on your sanity. It works noiselessly, thanks to its whisper quiet technology. This means that you can go to sleep or work with this air conditioner relaxing you by beating the heat quietly.

  • Fully portable 

Breeze Tec is a completely portable device thanks to its lightweight, sleek and compact design. You are able to carry this small device from one room to another by just carrying it in your hands. Furthermore, since this product comes in a modern design, it goes with your interior rather than looking odd sitting in your room. Since Breeze Tec depends on charging, it is so portable that it can even be used inside your car where there might not be a socket. In case you’re going on a trip, Breeze Tec can accompany you there as well.

  • Instant cooling

You might be worried that this small device will not be able to cool you instantly. Sure, you cannot expect the device to cool the entire room, but it will work efficiently to get you rid of sweat when you place it in front of you. It blows out cool air immediately rather than taking time like several air conditioners do. Moreover, you do not even have to wait for the device to start working if you have not been using it for a couple of days. Just add in cold water and ice and start the device.

  • Eco-friendly 

Last but not the least, Breeze Tec portable AC is also a worthwhile purchase because it is eco-friendly. As discussed above, no toxic particles are used in the working of this device. Moreover, no harmful particles are emitted with the air that it blows out. If anything, this cooler also functions as an air purifier owing to the filter that is installed in it. This means that the device is able to clear out toxic particles such as pollutants and allergens from the room by taking in warm air, cooling it as well as cleaning it and then blowing it out.

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Breeze Tec Reviews & FAQs 

  • What are other people saying about Breeze Tec? 

If you take a look at the customer reviews which have been shared on the website of the product, you will be able to see that people are very satisfied with their purchase of Breeze Tec air conditioner. This is proof that this device works efficiently to cool the air in your room and help you beat the heat in an affordable manner.

  • What happens if you use Breeze Tec after a number of months? 

In case you stop using this device and then want to use it again after a long time just make sure that it is clean on the inside. You can do this at home by using a cloth and a brush. The key is to make sure that there is no mold inside the water tank and no dust caught in the filter. 

  • How frequently will you have to change the water curtain of Breeze Tec? 

You will have to purchase a new water curtain for the efficient functioning of Breeze Tec every 6 to 8 months. 

  • What if you get confused when it comes to using this device?

Breeze Tec is accompanied by a user manual which will explain to you in detail how you are supposed to use this device. However, you wouldn’t need that since using this air cooler is pretty simple and convenient.

  • Do you need to purchase a separate charger for this device? 

Breeze Tec comes with its own type C USB charging cable. This means that you do not have to purchase a charging cable for it separately.

  • How is this device good for your health? 

Breeze Tec is friendly toward your health since it clears the air of allergens thanks to its installed filter which purifies the air. Other than this, the device is also good for your health since it doesn’t just give out cool air in the room, but it also makes sure that the air in the room is humid. This prevents dryness. Other than this, Breeze Tec portable AC works noiselessly, reducing noise pollution. It also doesn’t make use of any toxic substances or refrigerants for cooling the air which can be harmful to your health.

  • Is there a coupon available for purchasing Breeze Tec at a discounted price?

Currently, Breeze Tec portable air conditioner is available for a huge discount so you should make your move fast. It is not known how long this discount will last for how long this air cooler will be in stock. 

Where to Buy Breeze Tec Portable AC? Official Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

Breeze Tec is available for a huge 50% discount right now at Take a look at the price of this air cooler below: 

  • One unit of this portable air cooler is available for $89.95. A shipping fee of $8.95 is applicable if you purchase a single unit. 

You can enjoy free shipping as well as better pricing if you go for the bigger deals of Breeze Tec which are currently available: 

  • Two units of this air cooler are available for $159. This means that you are able to fetch each for $79.95 only.
  • In a deal of three units of this device, each is priced at $59.95 only, meaning that you have to pay a total of just $179.85.
  • Last but not least, there is also a deal of four units that come with bigger savings. In this deal, you are able to get each device for just $49.95 and pay a total of only $199.80. 

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You can also purchase an additional warranty that will go on for three years. Meaning that if anything happens to your Breeze Tec in the next three years, you will be safe and covered. This warranty is available for an additional $39.95. You can purchase a single unit of this device if you live alone. However, if you’re living with family, you will need a separate personal air cooler for each person since this is a one person-use device. In that case, you can go for purchasing the bigger deals depending on how many people you’re buying the air cooler for.

Note that this product is only available on its official website. Breeze Tec isn’t available for purchase in any other online shop or in any physical store. This is a slight bit of a downside since you will not be able to physically examine the product prior to purchasing it. However, the good part of placing orders online is that they reach your doorstep without you having to move a muscle. Just select your package, add your required information such as your name, email, delivery address, etc. To make your payment, you can use your credit card, or you can pay through PayPal.

One more perk is that this device is backed by a money back guarantee. This means that in case you receive a faulty unit of Breeze Tec air cooler, or the device doesn’t work as promised, you have the option to return it. This guarantee goes on for 60 days, protecting your money and giving you a chance to try the product for a complete two months. In case you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you can always return it by contacting the customer support team via email. First you will have to return the device at the shared address and then your money will be refunded to you shortly. 

Breeze Tec Reviews – Wrap Up Thoughts 

Breeze Tec seems to be a worthwhile purchase for anyone who wants an affordable cooling solution. The device doesn’t only cool the air in your room, but it also humidifies and purifies it. Other than this, Breeze Tec is also worth purchasing because it has positive customer reviews. 

It works noiselessly and is compact and lightweight which means that it is super portable. You just have to charge the device and make sure that its water tank has chilled water. Based on evaporation technology and working in an eco-friendly manner, this device is also simple to use and good for your health.

To contact the customer support team, you can simply reach out via email at If you would still like to know more about this air cooler, go to the official website of Breeze Tec. 

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