EcoCel Reviews (Scam or Legit) Fuel Saver Device Really Works?

EcoCel has been designed with money savings and convenience in mind. This is a compact device which is installed in vehicles for reducing fuel consumption. Along with taking down the amount of money you pay at the gas pump, this device may also improve the efficiency of your car’s functioning. 

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Considering how gas prices are rising higher and higher day by day, such a device is the need of the hour. EcoCel does not reduce the value of your car as it can be removed too. Moreover, installing this device is super easy. 

If you have been worried about the increasing money that you’re having to spend at the gas pump, then perhaps this is a device that you should invest in. EcoCel seems to be a worthwhile purchase that can help out several people improve gas mileage and fuel efficiency without having to change their driving habits.  

If you’re thinking about purchasing this device and want to know more about it, read the review below. This review will discuss the pros and cons and other details of purchasing EcoCel. 


EcoCel Review

There are several ways you can reduce fuel consumption. The top pointer remains to be choosing to walk your way to your destination rather than drive. However, longer distances cannot be covered by foot. What’s more, you cannot always follow the rules when it comes to driving in the way that your gas consumption stays low.

For instance, they say that if you reduce air resistance by keeping the windows up, you can improve fuel efficiency. Another tip is to not idle or break the speed limit when driving. While these techniques can help you improve fuel efficiency somewhat, you cannot save a significant amount of money by following them. Furthermore, it’s not easy to stick to such driving habits all the time unless you train yourself to become habitual of them. 

One easy way to reduce fuel consumption is by choosing a device such as EcoCel. EcoCel is installed in the dashboard of your car. First, it starts to assess how much fuel you consume and then it reduces your fuel consumption automatically. You don’t have to change your driving habits or put in any extra effort. And don’t worry that your car will lose its value if you install this device. EcoCel is removable which means that while selling your car you can simply take it out. 

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How To Use EcoCel?

According to the official website, EcoCel is very convenient to use. This is basically a compact device which is installed in the auxiliary power outlet of your car. If you’re worried about whether or not EcoCel is compatible with your car, don’t worry. Your car probably has an auxiliary power outlet and if it does, you can easily use this device to reduce its fuel usage.

Most vehicles have the auxiliary power outlet which means that most people can use EcoCel. There’s no hack for if you don’t have the auxiliary power outlet in your car. This means that in case this outlet is missing, EcoCel is of no use to you. Installing the device is pretty simple. Just make sure to turn off the ignition and take the keys out. Then install the device and restart your car. 

Some Specifications Of EcoCel

Before diving into further details, let’s take a look at some of the specifications of this device and what makes it better than other similar purchases. From the details mentioned on the official website –, below are the defining features of EcoCel:

  • Improves fuel efficiency substantially

Thinking about how much this device can help you reduce your fuel intake? EcoCel reduces your fuel consumption by a significant 55%. At least, you will be able to improve fuel efficiency by 20%. And no, to reach this percentage you don’t have to change your driving habits. 

  • Is a big money saver

Naturally, when you don’t have to get your gas refilled after every few hours of driving, you will be able to save a lot of money. That is the main purpose of this device – to help users save money on fuel consumption without having to put in any effort at all. 

  • Increases the horsepower of your car

Another perk of this device is that it helps you improve your driving experience on the whole as well. The reason behind this is that EcoCel improves the car’s horsepower. For those of you who don’t understand exactly what that means, the horsepower of a car is the power the engine produces. When your engine is more powerful, your driving experience is better.

  • Is an eco-friendly device

The emissions that are given out by your car are very damaging to the environment and a big contributor to air pollution. When you install a device such as EcoCel, it decreases gas consumption and makes sure that your car produces lower emissions. In this manner, EcoCel helps you do your bit in lowering the impact that air pollution has on climate change and on the health of the people around. 

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How is EcoCel a Convenient Product?

EcoCel is a fuel optimization device that claims to make your life easier. Wondering how EcoCel adds to your convenience? Learn below:

  • You don’t need to head to a mechanic

Other methods of reducing fuel consumption typically require you to head to a mechanic. This adds work to your plate. Moreover, it also adds more to costs since the mechanic can be expensive. Not only will he charge you for his service, but also for the parts that he will install. On the other hand, EcoCel is a cheaper purchase that doesn’t come with any extra costs.

  • You don’t need to get your tires or filter changed 

You might have heard before that if you want to improve your car’s gas mileage, you will have to get your tires checked and reinflated. You might even need to get your filter changed so that fuel is used efficiently. While both of these things will cost you, the vehicle’s tires and filter can eventually give up again. If you purchase EcoCel, you don’t need to spend on tires or other parts of your car for improving fuel usage. 

  • You don’t need to change your driving habits 

As mentioned above, it is not a piece of cake to change your driving habits so that gas consumption can be reduced. For many of us, even when we try to change our driving habits for a couple of days, we eventually stop doing so. If you go for EcoCel, you will be able to drive great results when it comes to money saving without having to change your driving habits.

  • You can easily install and use the device yourself 

The best part is that installing this device is so simple and easy that you don’t need the help of anyone to do it. Even if you’re an amateur when it comes to vehicle handling, you can easily install this device in your car. You just have to plug it in the auxiliary power outlet after locating where this outlet is in your dashboard. In case you find yourself confused you can always check the user manual or get in touch with the customer support team to guide you.

  • You can also easily remove it 

When you’re selling your car, you can easily remove this device so that its value is not impacted. Once the device is taken out it will revert back to its original settings. Therefore, there is no permanent impact that EcoCel has on your car. Only that it saves you money on gas as long as it is plugged in.

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Where to Buy EcoCel? Official Pricing and Refund Policy

The retail price of this device is $39.98 with additional shipping and handling charges. However, currently, some amazing, discounted deals are also available. Take a look for yourself: 

  • On the purchase of 1 EcoCel device you get 1 free at just $59.97. 
  • On the purchase of 2 EcoCel devices, you get 1 free for a total of just $79.96. 

As you can see, this is a very inexpensive product since in less than $100, you are able to improve your fuel efficiency as long as the device is installed in your car. So, on spending $100 you are able to save hundreds of dollars!

Know that if you’re interested in purchasing EcoCel, you can only get it from its official website – It is not available elsewhere. You cannot find it at any physical or online store. To make your purchase, select your deal, order it by adding it to your cart. Enter your basic information and make your payment through Visa, MasterCard or American Express debit or credit cards. That’s all. In a few days, your purchase will reach your doorstep.

ecocel reviews

EcoCel Shipping and Refund Policy

When you place your order, it takes 2 to 4 days to get processed. After this, it takes 3 to 17 days for EcoCel to get delivered to you. However, it can take longer. For knowing how long international orders will take to reach, you can contact the customer support team. To ensure that your investment doesn’t go to waste, the product is backed by a money back guarantee of 30 days. 

This means you have a month to say whether or not this device works as it promises to. If EcoCel doesn’t optimize your fuel consumption, you can always return it by getting in touch with the customer support team and get a full refund. Just make sure that you don’t take longer than 30 days to decide whether you want to return the product or keep it.

Should You Buy EcoCel? 

EcoCel seems to be a worthwhile purchase for many reasons. The fuel efficiency providing device has been featured in several renowned outlets such as Popular Mechanics, Car and Driver, Lifehacker, and Wired. Other than this, if you take a look at the website of EcoCel, you will be able to notice several positive reviews that have been shared by customers who have utilized it for improving fuel usage.

Users of EcoCel have discussed how this device has helped them save a lot of money at the gas pump. Other than positive customer reviews, the purchase of EcoCel is also backed by a solid money back guarantee. This means that the company is so confident about the working of its device that it’s willing to offer a guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied, you can always return the product and get your paid money back.

Also check out what EcoCel customer reviews are saying about its efficiency and potential. Does it really help you save money on gas? Visit The Official Website Here!

EcoCel Reviews & Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How long does EcoCel take to start reducing your vehicle’s fuel usage?

Once you have driven the car in which your EcoCel is installed for 150 miles, the device will analyze your car driving habits and feel consumption then start saving you money by optimizing fuel usage. Therefore, until you have not used EcoCel in your vehicle for 150 miles, you cannot expect it to show you any significant results. The device first analyzes your car’s fuel consumption and then optimizes it.

  • Is EcoCel better than remapping your car for fuel optimization? 

Remapping or tuning your car’s engine for fuel optimization is not a good idea. Not only is it more expensive but it is also a permanent hack. This means that when you sell your car, its value will be impacted negatively. On the other hand, EcoCel doesn’t make any permanent changes to the settings of your vehicle and can be removed as well. This means that it doesn’t impact the value of your car in any way, no matter how long you use it for. 

  • How much are you able to save on gas with EcoCel?

Every car has different fuel needs. Therefore, how much you are able to save on gas by installing EcoCel depends on the model of your car as well as on your driving habits. 

  • Does this device work with both diesel and gasoline powered vehicles? 

Yes, EcoCel works with both diesel and gasoline powered vehicles. The only requirement is that your car should have an auxiliary power outlet. 

  • Do you need to make any other modifications to your car?

It is up to you whether or not you want to make any other modifications to your car after installing EcoCel. While there is no need for any extra alterations, if you choose to improve your driving habits or get your tires reinflated, you might be able to see better results on fuel optimization.

  • How is the design of this device?

EcoCel is a compact device that is not very visible or obvious when you plug it into your car. Neither is it available in funky colors which can stand out and look odd. Rather, this black colored device goes with the interior of your vehicle.

  • How can you get in touch with the customer support team of the company?

You can contact the customer support team of EcoCel via phone at 8552270908. Or you can email at this address:

  • Can you make your payment through PayPal?

No, unfortunately, at the moment payments through PayPal or any other medium except for debit or credit cards are not available. 

  • Which deal of EcoCel should you go for?

If you would first like to try out EcoCel, then just buy a single unit. However, if you have more vehicles and would like to optimize the fuel consumption of each, it is recommended that you buy a bigger package. This way, you’ll also be able to fetch a better discount. 

  • Are there any cons of this device?

EcoCel doesn’t have any major drawbacks which have been discussed online. However, it is recommended that you learn about the working of this product from someone who has already tried it out. The only two cons of purchasing this device are that the manufacturer has not discussed much about itself. And secondly, several similar devices are available in the market, so this is not some innovative product.

  • How is EcoCel better than similar devices?

We just mentioned that there are many similar devices out there. However, the one quality that makes EcoCel better is that it optimizes your fuel consumption better than most other similar alternatives.  

EcoCel Reviews – Wrapping Up 

EcoCel claims to be a reliable device for anyone who wants to reduce fuel consumption. This compact device is installed into the auxiliary power unit of your car so that you are able to improve fuel efficiency and save money on gas. EcoCel also claims to improve the horsepower of your car without you having to change your driving habits at all. 

However, if you combine this device with better driving habits, you may be able to save even more money on fuel usage. You have no reason to fret that installing EcoCel will have a negative impact on the value of your car. EcoCel Is removable and doesn’t reduce your car’s value in any way. If you still want to know more about this device, you can visit its official website where you can also read reviews by customers who have tried it out for themselves.

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