Fuze Bug Reviews (UPDATED) Scam FuzeBug Mosquito Zapper with Fake Claims?

Fuze Bug is a potential solution for all people who are tired of the nasty mosquitoes that constantly keep buzzing through their ears all day and night. The official website of this device has stated that it targets and kills mosquitoes with the help of light and a strong electric current. Because there are no chemicals or harmful sprays involved in its working, you can easily use it in your home, even if there are kids and pets around. 

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With the ongoing summer season, it is a very common problem to encounter mosquitoes at every step of the day. You may wish to spend a day outside and they will be there to bite you everywhere. Or, you may decide to work from home one day and will be constantly disturbed by these little flying insects. 

In such circumstances, most people resort to bug-killing sprays; however, they are not very convenient as they usually come with a bad and extremely strong odor. Others get coils but they produce so much smoke that it gets difficult to breathe inside your own home. So what else can you do to ensure that you spend your day comfortably, irrespective of where you are? Consider giving the Fuze Bug repellent lamp a try.

fuze bug

Fuze Bug zapper is a new device available online at getfuzebug.com at amazingly reduced prices. Moreover, there are discounts being offered by the company that can help you get rid of the mosquitoes while spending as little as possible. Visit the official website today to place an order before it goes out of stock.

If you wish to know more about this mosquito killer and its working before investing any money, this detailed Fuze Bug review can help you.

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Fuze Bug Review

Mosquitoes are trouble for everyone, especially in the summers. They bite on every exposed area of the body and can leave red marks all over the body that look extremely bad and can cause itchiness. Moreover, most types of mosquitoes also carry dangerous diseases like malaria and dengue virus that, once transmitted into your bloodstream, can wreak havoc on your health. Hence, experts recommend getting rid of these insects as soon as you can before they can cause any trouble.

Some conventional ways that people use to ensure that their homes become mosquito-free include:

  • Insect killing coils that are lighted and left in the room so that they can keep burning and produce smoke. This smoke helps kill mosquitoes but can also be dangerous as it can induce respiratory problems and load the lungs with chemicals that it uses to kill mosquitoes in the first place.
  • Bug-killing aerosol sprays are sprayed in every corner of the house to make sure that the insects are killed. However, such sprays also take help from synthetic chemicals that can prove harmful for the health. Moreover, it is not advised to use such sprays if you have children and pets in your house. 

In addition to the above-mentioned methods, people also try eliminating the mosquitoes by keeping all the windows closed. But it is mostly useless as it is not possible to keep the house airtight as ventilation is needed to make sure that you have access to fresh air. Others try to fill up all the gaps from where mosquitoes can enter inside but it is next to impossible to accomplish this, especially in bigger houses. Even if you do manage to achieve a mosquito-free house, you still have to deal with these pesky creatures when you sit outside in your patio or backyard.

In such circumstances, using the Fuze Bug zapper is one possible solution. According to the official website, it is a chemical-free device that tends to attract mosquitoes from all corners of the house and uses electric current to kill them at once. It is small-sized which means that you can easily carry it from one corner of the house to the other. It is even possible to take it out in your garden to have a comfortable evening without getting disturbed by any insects.

But how does the Fuze Bug mosquito device really work? To eliminate mosquitoes, it uses a non-UV light. Mosquitoes can sense this light and are attracted to it. Once they come near the light, they get trapped in its chamber where an active electric current instantly gets rid of them. In addition to mosquitoes, this device can also be used for killing other types of crawlers. 

As soon as it kills the insects, their dead bodies go down and get collected in a tray installed at the bottom of the device. This tray is removable and you can take it out and clean it once it gets filled. This means that FuzeBug can kill mosquitoes wandering inside your home without making a mess anywhere. 

With the Fuze Bug mosquito killer, you can expect to remain mosquito-free at any hour during the day. Use it inside your home or carry it to your workplace, it can work everywhere. Unlike other mosquito devices that run on electricity, this one does not require an active connection to kill bugs. This is because every piece has a tiny battery installed in it which is rechargeable. To charge this battery, the company provides a cable as well so that you do not have to spend extra money in purchasing it separately.

Once you charge the FuzeBug mosquito device completely, it is expected to work for as long as 20 hours. This means that you can take it with you on camping trips and hikes as well.

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Working of the Fuze Bug Repellent Lamp

The Fuze Bug website has been straightforward in explaining how this device really works to get rid of mosquitoes. The mechanism itself is quite simple and easy to understand. The device has been built and programmed in such a way that it does not require users to configure it further as they receive it. This means that they can start using it as soon as they receive it provided it has enough battery.

The company has also mentioned that it is extremely flexible as it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. There is no restriction of use depending on the weather as well. It can be used inside bedrooms, living rooms, offices, gardens, and even poolside. Once you turn Fuze Bug mosquito zapper on, it starts targeting all the insects within the surrounding area with a reach of 375 square feet.

According to several Fuze Bug reviews, the device works in the following steps.

  • It first needs to be charged for which the company has provided a USB cable. After charging it sufficiently, which is indicated by a purple light on the device, you can start using it right away.
  • Next, you must turn on its LED light so that it can attract the mosquitoes along with other insects from the neighboring area. Because of sufficient coverage, you can expect this device to clean up all the areas around you so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest.
  • As soon as the LED light is turned on, all the mosquitoes start coming towards this device. Once they are close enough, they get trapped in an internal chamber. Inside this chamber runs an electric shock which is strong enough to kill any insect that enters inside instantly.
  • The dead bodies of the mosquitoes then fall down inside a tray at the bottom. You can take out this tray and clean it every day so that there is no mess created around the device.

An added bonus of using the Fuze Bug mosquito zapper is that you can also use it in place of a lamp. Its dimly lit non-UV light can serve as a comfortable nighttime lamp that does not disturb your sleep but gives you enough sight to move around in the room. Similarly, you can use this light in an outdoor setting as well, for example, during camping.

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Is Fuze Bug Scam or Legit? What Makes it a Good Investment?

Several Fuze Bug reviews online mention that this device exhibits different features that make it worthy of investing your money. Some of these features include the following:

  • FuzeBug does not use any chemicals to kill mosquitoes. It uses light to attract them and kills them with electric current which means that no chemicals are produced during the entire process, making it safe to be used in every setting and around kids.
  • The light used inside the Fuze Bug mosquito killer is free from any ultraviolet radiation which means that you can keep using it safely without fearing that it may cause any mutations or side effects inside the body. 
  • The FuzeBug device is sturdy and resistant, as stated by the company. It has a strong outer made out of the most durable material so that it can withstand any harsh conditions. The company has used hard, strong plastic to further increase its resilience and strength. According to Fuze Bug reviews Canada, it can easily be used in all types of weather, including rain and storms without fearing that it may break.
  • The device comes with two built-in compartments; one for killing mosquitoes and the other for collecting their dead bodies. This makes the Fuze Bug light convenient to use without expecting a mess.
  • Fuze Bug repellent lamp works on a battery that is rechargeable. This makes the device portable as you can carry it with you to any place whether or not it has any electricity supply.
  • As far as Fuze Bug price is concerned, the company has ensured to keep it minimal and affordable. Moreover, there are several discounted offers currently running on its official website so visit it today and place an order now to avail them. 

fuze bug reviews

Where To Buy Fuze Bug? Pricing Information and Refund Offer

If you are convinced to give Fuze Bug mosquito zapper a try, visit getfuzebug.com to place an order for your very own device today. If you place an order now, you can get a chance to enjoy it at discounted prices as the company is currently running different discount campaigns and bundle deals for customers.

Mentioned below are the current deals that you can enjoy:

  • Alpha pack: One Fuze Bug lamp for $38.99 
  • Beta pack: Two Fuze Bug lamps for $37.99 each
  • Gamma pack: Three Fuze Bug lamps for $35.99 each
  • Delta pack: Four Fuze Bug lamps for $33.99 each
  • Epsilon pack: Five Fuze Bug lamps for $31.99 each

If you wish to save maximum money, the company suggests going for bulk deals as they offer the maximum discounts. These deals are also favorable for users who wish to enjoy the benefits of Fuze Bug zapper by sharing it with their family and friends. 

To place an order for the Fuze Bug mosquito device, visit the official website, go through all the packages, and select the one you like. Once you add it to the cart, you will be automatically taken to an order form where you will have to put in your personal information like your name and home address. Next, choose a mode of payment and add the details accordingly. Once you have filled all the sections and confirmed your order, the company will instantly start working on preparing your package.

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At the moment, the official company is also offering a shipping service with every order. This means that to get your hands on the Fuze Bug mosquito killer, all you need to do is place an order through the official website and pay for it. Once it is done, the device will be delivered to your home within a specific time frame. For local orders, the time required for delivery is around 5 to 7 days. However, Fuze Bug Canada users may have to wait a bit longer for their order to get delivered due to customs clearance. 

To make the process of shipping more convenient for the users, the company also provides a way to track the order. As soon as you confirm your order, you get a confirmatory email that also contains a tracking link. Through this link, you can easily keep an eye on the current location of your order.

The company strictly advises all its users to order FuzeBug through the official website only. This is because it is the only authorized platform selling this device; however, due to the increasing popularity, it is possible that you may find it being sold in other places as well. All such third-party sellers must be treated as a Fuze Bug scam as what they are offering might turn out to be counterfeit and ineffective.

For those who have never tried online shopping and are a bit confused about spending on Fuze Bug, the company has made efforts to put a money-back policy in place. This policy gives users a chance to get all their money back if the device fails to meet their expectations. To check its working, users have been given a window of 30 days which is enough time to decide whether or not it is suitable.

If for some reason, the Fuze Bug zapper fails to satisfy you, all you need to do is get in touch with the customer care line and explain to them that you need a refund. The representative will immediately check your order details and once the confirmation is done, your amount will be refunded. During this entire process, you will not be bothered with any unwanted questions and the company ensures that everything will go smoothly. However, make sure that you contact the company for a refund within 30 days of order placement, or the chance to avail it will expire.

To get in touch with the company regarding any query, you can either call at +1 (866) 466-2390 or forward a mail at support@fuzebug.com.

Fuze Bug Mosquito Reviews – Last Words

Fuze Bug can be a useful solution to get rid of mosquitoes from their homes without putting themselves at any risk. This device uses LED light and electric current to attract bugs and kill them without relying on any chemicals or smoke. Hence, it can be considered safe even if you are living in a family with kids and pets. The company has priced it at reasonable rates so that every user can easily buy it. Moreover, additional discounts have been given if they go for bulk purchases so that they can live a bug-free life without drilling a hole in their pockets.

So if you have tried out every other device and are still not satisfied with it, you can consider giving Fuze Bug zapper a try. For more information on Fuze Bug before you place your order, click here to head to its official website.

fuze bug zapper

Fuze Bug Zapper Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does the FuzeBug release any chemical or smoke?

No, in contrast to the standard mosquito-killing sprays or coils, the Fuze Bug mosquito device does not rely on chemicals or smoke. In fact, it uses electric shock to eliminate all flying insects after attracting them with a non-UV light source.

  • What will be inside my Fuze Bug order?

Your order is likely to contain the Fuze Bug mosquito device along with a USB Type-C charger to charge its battery. Moreover, the company also gives out a handy brush which you can use to clean its electric coil every now and then.

  • Can I order a Fuze Bug light from any other website or store? 

At the moment, you can only get Fuze Bug light from fuzebug.io which is its official selling platform. The manufacturing company has clearly stated that it has not sold its rights of distribution to any other platform, including Amazon. You may also not find it in famous stores like Walmart. Even if you somehow find its presence on any other platform, consider it a Fuze Bug scam and do not waste your money as it may not work as effectively as the original product.

  • I have a query regarding the Fuze Bug Repellent Lamp. What should I do?

The company encourages its users to get answers to any query or question they have in mind. For this purpose, they can contact the company easily. All they need to do is either make a call at +1 (866) 466-2390 or send a mail at support@fuzebug.com. A company representative will get in touch immediately and help solve the query.

  • How to use the Fuze Bug light?

To use Fuze Bug for killing mosquitoes, use the USB cable to charge it sufficiently. As soon as the light on the device turns purple, it means that the battery has been fully charged. Then, you can unplug it and place it at any place of your liking and turn on the rotary switch. 

  • How can I charge FuzeBug?

Every FuzeBug device comes with a tiny, built-in battery that needs to be charged so that it can run without electricity. To charge it, there is a USB Type-C charger that accompanies every order. All you need to do is plug the device into any active electricity outlet with the help of the USB and wait for some time. 

  • Is the Fuze Bug mosquito device durable?

As stated on the official website, Fuze Bug mosquito zapper can be used anywhere no matter how harsh the weather conditions are due to its sturdy body and high durability. Every device has been enclosed in a shatter-resistant cover that can protect it from the scorching sun rays, rain, and even falls.

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