ChillBox Reviews (Scam or Legit) Is ChillBox Portable Air Cooler Worth Buying?

ChillBox is a newly launched portable air conditioner that aims to help all people tolerate the summer heat in an easier, convenient, and affordable way. According to its official website, ChillBox air cooler has been designed keeping in mind the need for an air conditioner in the peak summer time, especially for those people who are unable to afford to buy a regular AC or pay the high electricity bills associated with it. With a compact size and rechargeable battery, this appliance has been gaining a lot of attention on the internet.

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Summer is a lovely time, but for those who simply have to sit idly within the comfort of their homes. For others, especially those with long working hours or those who have to study, this time can be particularly exhausting. This is mainly because summer usually brings a lot of heat which is tolerable during the first few weeks but as the season progresses, the heat index rises so much that it starts disturbing the daily activities of most people. 

In such circumstances, simple fans fail to work and people naturally start looking for a better, more advanced alternative which is obviously an air-conditioning unit. However, with the recent increase in the prices of full-sized air conditioners and the rising cost of electricity bills associated with its use, most people are afraid to get one for themselves. For all such people, the ChillBox portable AC can be a reliable choice.

chillbox reviews

ChillBox is a small-sized AC that runs on rechargeable batteries. It consumes minimal electricity and can help cool you down without emptying your pockets. Moreover, its small size and the fact that it runs on batteries makes it portable and you can easily carry it to any room and even to your workplace.

If you are interested to know more about this portable AC, keep reading this ChillBox AC review below. It will talk about its features, working, pros and cons, and even a pricing section to help interested users place an order easily. Let’s begin.

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ChillBox Portable AC Review

ChillBox refers to a portable air-cooling device that has been specially designed to cool down your body irrespective of the temperature outside. As mentioned on, this cooling unit is simple to use and has a pretty straightforward design with no complicated parts. Moreover, it comes in a preassembled form which means that users can start operating it right away without spending time in its configuration, assemblage, or any manual installation.

Several ChillBox reviews found online mention that it is likely better than the conventional air conditioners due to several reasons. These regular-sized ACs are extremely costly to run all day and need proper installation at a suitable place. On the other hand, ChillBox air cooler can be a low-cost alternative that does not require any installation and can serve as a fan. In fact, it comes with multiple settings which can help you run it as a humidifier and even an air purifier as well. Its intricate design includes special filters that can trap dust particles and allergens of all sorts and remove them from the air before cooling it down and releasing it back in the room.

ChillBox air cooler relies on evaporative air-cooling technology to help cool down the air. In this mechanism, it first sucks all the hot air around you and lowers its temperature with the help of the cold water present in its tank. Once the air has been cooled down significantly, it is released directly in front of you so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. 

ChillBox portable air cooler unit claims to be extremely easy to set up and use. The company has mentioned that it can cool up your room within 30 seconds only. However, for ChillBox air cooler to work optimally, you have to ensure that its cooler is filled with cold water. Then, you can plug it into a USB port or an active wall outlet, set the temperature, and start using it right away. Once filled, this water can keep cooling the air for eight hours.  The device is expected to work without making any noise so you can keep doing your daily activities without getting disturbed. 

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Main Functions of ChillBox Portable AC

According to the ChillBox official website –, this portable air conditioner is better than its alternatives because it not only cools the air but is expected to accomplish a lot more. The portable air cooler comes with four different modes that are: air cooler, air purifier, cooling fan, and humidifier. 

  • Air Cooler

Just like a conventional air conditioner, ChillBox can work to cool down the temperature of your room and make it more pleasant so that you can comfortably rest or get done with your daily work. The company states that it has used high-quality parts along with the latest technology to ensure that it helps users bear the summer heat more easily.

  • Humidifier

As the ChillBox air conditioner is working to cool down the air that surrounds you, it can also work as a humidifier side by side. It works by adding moisture to the water so that the air that comes out does not make your room dry. This problem is commonly observed with the use of conventional air conditioners that make the room environment so dry that even your skin can get damaged.

However, with the humidifying feature of the ChillBox portable AC, you can expect no such problem with it. 

  • Purifier

In addition to cooling and humidifying the air, ChillBox air cooler can also help clean it thoroughly. For this purpose, the company has installed specialized filters inside the device. These filters can effectively catch all dust particles and allergens from the incoming air and separate them. So the air that is blown at you by this unit is not only cooler but can also be a lot cleaner and healthier. 

  • Cooling Fan

In the initial few weeks and the last days of summers, the weather gets rather pleasant and tolerable. In such cases, most people shut down their air conditioners and prefer switching to a fan. However, if you have ChillBox, you can keep using it even during these days as it also has a built-in fan mode that can help you cool down without cooling the room excessively. 

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How Does ChillBox Air Cooler Work?

According to, ChillBox AC makes use of evaporative technology to cool down the air. Every unit comes with a mini tank installed in it that has to be filled with ice-cold water. Once the warm air from outside enters this device, the water in the mini tank helps cool it down before releasing it outside.

What makes it different from the conventional air conditioners is that instead of sucking moisture from the air and making it dry, ChillBox works to add humidity to the air. As a result, it can prevent users from developing dry skin and other related issues due to reduced moisture in the air. 

Additionally, inside every unit, there are special filters present that target all dust particles and pollen inside the air and remove them. As a result, the air that is released is expected to be a lot healthier for people. This feature can be particularly helpful for people who suffer from breathing issues like asthma or allergies due to pollen.

How To Use ChillBox Portable AC?

The ChillBox website has outlined a few easy steps that users can follow to cool down their room in 30 seconds. These user instructions are mentioned below:

  • Pour in 300ml of cold water in the mini tank installed inside the device.
  • Close the device and plug it in a USB port or active electric port with the help of the cable provided by the company.
  • Turn on the device, adjust the speed, and enjoy

Remember that every ChillBox air cooler comes with filters that will need to be replaced every 6 to 8 months. Make sure that the water tank of this device is adequately filled with cold water prior to using it. The colder the water, the more cooling it will cause.

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Is ChillBox Scam or Legit? Key Qualities And Features

If you are still not sure whether or not you should invest in ChillBox, the company has highlighted some of its key features that can help you make a decision. These features are mentioned below in detail.

  • Multi-Layer Functionality

ChillBox is unique and different from conventional as well as other portable ACs because of its multifunctional characteristics. As mentioned on the official website, it has a 4 in 1 system which can cool, circulate, cleanse, and humidify the air in your room. You can even consider using it as a fan on days when the heat is tolerable and an air conditioner is not needed. 

  • Compact design

The design of ChillBox is compact and small. This makes it easily usable anywhere and at any surface regardless of its shape or size. Because it is small, it is also lightweight which means that you can carry it from one room to another. It is also possible to carry it with you to your workplace or operate it in an outdoor setting.

  • Dust Filtration

ChillBox comes with a unique filter that detects and traps all sorts of allergens and dust particles in the air. It then works to remove these pollen and other pollutants from the air, making it healthier and safer to inhale. 

  • Noiseless Operation

A normal air conditioner has a large-sized motor installed in it which produces a lot of noise. For sensitive people, this noise can be enough to hinder their sleep or everyday activity. For such people, ChillBox compact AC can be a great choice as it has a smaller motor that works without making any noise. In this way, you can expect to carry on whatever you are doing without any delay.

  • Unique Design

Most compact air coolers have their water tanks installed inside the main body. However, in ChillBox, the water tank is situated outside, on the right-hand side of the device. This means it is easier to fill it up and clean it as it does not require opening up the device.

  • Ease of Use

ChillBox portable AC is simple to use for anyone, whether or not they have any prior experience of dealing with electronics. The device comes in a preassembled form and does not require any further configuration.

  • Leak-Proof, Large Water Tank

The water tank installed in the ChillBox portable air conditioner is large enough to hold water that can keep it working for 8 hours straight. Moreover, the water tank has been made using sturdy material and the best technology which ensures that the water does not leak out and disturb the operation. 

Where To Buy ChillBox? Pricing And Warranty Information

To purchase your very own ChillBox portable AC, visit today. Because it has been advertised as a personal AC that can work for a single person at a time, the company has recommended placing bulk orders so that all members of the family can make use of it. For this reason, it is also offering several discounts on bulk deals and bundle offers which means you can save extra money.

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At the moment, the following offers are present on ChillBox for all interested customers:

  • 1 unit of ChillBox can be purchased for $89 each plus an additional shipping cost of $8.99 
  • 2 units of ChillBox can be purchased for $79 each plus an additional shipping cost of $8.99 
  • 3 units of ChillBox can be purchased for $69 each plus an additional shipping cost of $8.99 
  • 4 units of ChillBox can be purchased for $59 each plus an additional shipping cost of $8.99 

As it is evident from the information mentioned above, you can get your hands on this device for as low as $59 if you go for bundle deals. Keep in mind that these deals are available for a short time only so place an order today before the offers expire. We recommend our readers to buy a single unit and test it out first before purchasing ChillBox in bulk. 

Moreover, if you place an order right now, the company gives you a chance to get lifetime protection and a replacement warranty. To get this warranty, you will have today $19.9 extra but this can cover your products for life. 

If you have ordered a ChillBox unit for yourself and are not satisfied with its working, you always have an option to ask for a refund. According to this policy, you can get your money back from the company in case you encounter any problem. However, this request has to be forwarded within 30 days of purchase. Once this limit has passed, the company has the right to refuse your request right away.

Due to the rising popularity of this compact AC, the risk of falling for a ChillBox scam is really high. Therefore, the company advises placing an order via the official website only and avoid looking for it on Amazon or in Walmart.

ChillBox Reviews – Final Thoughts

ChillBox is a small-sized compact AC that can help people live comfortably through the summers while protecting their health. With its advanced working mechanism and high-quality build, it can cool down your room within seconds without adding much to your electricity bills. In addition to cooling the air, this device can also work as a humidifier and cleaner thanks to its 4-in-1 technology.

The company is offering it at extremely affordable rates and has placed multiple bundle offers so that you can enjoy maximum discounts. For more information on ChillBox AC before you buy, visit the official website here.


ChillBox Portable AC Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will ChillBox increase my electricity bills?

Because of its compact design and small size, ChillBox is not likely to significantly impact your monthly electricity bills. The company has installed a small motor inside every device that can provide instant cooling while consuming as little electricity as possible.

  • How do I use ChillBox?

To start the ChillBox air cooler, you only need to follow three simple steps: turn on the device, add cold water to its water tank, and set a fan speed. Once you are done with these steps, you can start enjoying cool air blowing out of it.

  • Can I buy ChillBox from my nearest store?

The company has mentioned that it has only a limited supply of ChillBox portable air conditioners. Hence, it can only be purchased through the official website –

  • Can I keep using ChillBox all night?

Yes, it is safe to use ChillBox all night without fearing anything. However, the only thing to keep in mind is that you must fill its water tank before going to sleep. If there is no cold water in its tank, it will not work.

  • How many people can use ChillBox?

Due to its small size and compact design, one ChillBox air cooler is ideally for one person.

  • Where should I ideally place ChillBox?

According to the company, it is best to place the ChillBox portable AC on a flat surface that is close to a window. Here, it can capture fresh air coming from outside, remove dust from it, add moisture, and cool it down before releasing it in the room.

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