PhenQ Reviews (Scam or Legit) Fat Burner Pills Really Work?

PhenQ is a dietary formula created to melt stubborn fat layers. According to its official website, it is helpful for people who have tried everything from dieting to exercise and still not be able to see a change in their weight. If you are among those who are struggling with weight, you are not alone, as there are millions of people who are experiencing the same. However, it is high time you look for something that makes this impossible dream real for you, and one of these helpful aids is PhenQ diet pills. 

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PhenQ is one of many options that offer help in weight loss. But this variety in diet pills can easily confuse a person, which is why, doing a background search and gathering information about a product helps making a decision. Today, you will get to know product information, benefits, dosage and pricing guidelines in this PhenQ review. Read it till the end before reaching any conclusive end. 

phenq reviews

PhenQ Review: An Overview 

PhenQ is a blend of selective natural ingredients that work on appetite and metabolism, making weight loss easy for you. It is a US-based product made by Wolfson Brands Limited, a registered company that has been working in the health sector for more than 15 years. To start with, this diet supplement is something that every person on a weight loss scheme needs to try as it breaks the weight plateau, supporting a natural weight loss. There are no side effects or risks attached to this product, and it is safe for all users. 

Compared to similar products in the market, PhenQ pills are chemical-free, affordable, and exclusively available online. They come in a pack of 60 pills, tightly packed in a premium plastic bottle. Let’s discuss how this supplement makes the struggle of weight loss easy for its user. 

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What’s Inside PhenQ?

According to, the reason why the PhenQ weight loss formula has a loyal family or more than 1,00,000 users is because of real results. All this is possible with the help of ingredients that are a part of its formula. 

These ingredients are obtained from premium natural sources, and there are no contaminants, fillers, or chemicals added to the PhenQ ingredients list. Let’s take a look at all ingredients that contribute to its benefits. 

  • ?-Lacys Reset®- it is a patented blend that is behind the fat melting properties of PhenQ pills. It is a blend of alpha-lipoic acid with cysteine and magnesium that help to neutralize the free radicals in the body, regulate sugar, fat cell metabolism, and fix the issues in metabolism. 
  • Capsimax Powder- second name in PhenQ list is capsimax powder, a blend of various natural ingredients including capsicum, piperine, caffeine, and niacin. Each of these ingredients plays a distinctive role In improving metabolism and saving the body from fat accumulation and absorption. 
  • Chromium Picolinate- this particular ingredient targets food appetite and trigger a natural weight loss. The typical source of this compound is vegetables, and eating these veggies helps to stabilize the blood sugar with a fuller stomach and controlled eating habits. 
  • Caffeineit is found in most weight loss supplements because of its ability to boost metabolism. Caffeine regulates fat absorption keeping its levels controlled. Meanwhile, it also improves fat-to-energy conversion, making more than the energy available for the body to run the routine functions. This way, the body doesn’t feel lethargic despite being on the weight loss track.  Caffeine is also added to many pre-workout supplements because of its energy-boosting properties. Taking PhenQ supplements before a workout will improve your workout performance, allowing you to burn more calories in less time. Besides, it also improves muscle to brain connection making your cognitive health better as well as physical health. 
  • Nopal- the type of cactus that offers metabolic benefits such as appetite control, controlling unhealthy hunger pangs, and preventing emotional eating. It is added to the PhenQ formula to help the users get over their cravings. It has a high amount of amino acids inside, which make up for the energy levels and maintain them despite the body losing weight.
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate- this PhenQ ingredient is also an amino acid that is naturally found in nuts and meats. Many times, people consume L-carnitine supplements to enhance their muscle building. Inside this formula, L-Carnitine fumarate will make it easier to burn more fat without compromising on energy levels, making the entire weight-loss process easy for a person. 

These ingredients are obtained from high-quality sources, and there is no compromise on their purity. According to the official website, each of these ingredients has been tested and verified for metabolic benefits. For this reason, they are least likely to induce any side effects in the body. 

As a formula, they improve the working of each other and offer collective benefits to the body. It is least likely for the plant-based ingredients to go wrong for a person and trigger an unwanted or allergic reaction. However, those with a history of food-related allergies should contact a doctor before starting to use the PhenQ supplement.

You can get these ingredients separately but establishing a daily dosage and mixing the ingredients together is a long and complicated process. Therefore, it is better to use a pre-made supplement such as the PhenQ weight loss supplement. Let’s find out how it helps in weight loss and who should ideally use it. 

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Weight Loss With PhenQ Fat Burner Pills  

Most weight loss supplements only target one aspect, completely ignoring the contributing factors. But in the case of the PhenQ supplement, there is no such concern as it targets five basic problems that every weight watcher experiences. Here is how it helps.

  1. It breaks down the fat layered around the body and uses them to create energy. 
  2. It prevents the accumulation of fat cells typically caused by emotional eating or eating more than your dietary needs. 
  3. It works on lowering the appetite and saves the body from unhealthy food cravings. 
  4. It maintains high energy levels throughout this weight loss journey so that the body doesn’t feel weak. 
  5. It lowers stress levels, improves cognition, and stabilizes mood. 

Take two capsules of PhenQ every day to enjoy all of these benefits. Do not experiment with this dietary supplement by combining it with other supplements, medicines, or any herbal blend. It is suitable for every person who wants to lose weight and maintain it after reaching his target weight. Those who want to try something to make weight loss easy can consider taking this supplement. 

With age, all body functions slow down, including metabolism, and it becomes challenging to maintain a healthy weight. However, a natural dietary formula like this one significantly helps by fixing the issues causing slow metabolism. PhenQ pills may help with or without following a diet plan; however, it is better to lower the burden on the body by controlling the daily calories. This way, the weight loss becomes easier, plus there is no compromise on energy and mood, all thanks to the selective ingredients added to the PhenQ formula. 

It may be impossible for people with long working hours to go to the gym and work out regularly. Hiring a fitness coach is not an affordable option, so taking help from a dietary formula is probably the only solution available. 

Tips To Improve PhenQ Results 

PhenQ is a simple and smart weight loss formula that assists throughout the weight loss journey. However, it is necessary to keep realistic expectations from the supplement. Individual results may vary. It is not a magic pill, and it cannot bring any results overnight. In fact, any formula that offers unbelievable weight-loss promises is most likely a scam, and you should avoid it in all possible ways. 

There is no way that you can do 10 pounds in one week, and if any product offers you this, you’re wise enough to know that it is a scam. PhenQ capsules, when combined with healthy food sources, a low carbohydrate diet, and a moderately active lifestyle, can bring faster results. But these results take time, and depending upon the initial health status of the user; it may take up to six months. Never lose hope and be consistent with the use of this dietary formula to see real weight loss results.  

Including this one can help you if you have no control over dietary habits and live a certain lifestyle. It is necessary to keep track of your calories and cut down all excessive calories, especially unhealthy food sources. Change your dietary sources and prefer eating healthy, non-processed, and fresh meals. Increase your water intake and hydrate your body that is essential for weight loss. 

Along with regular use of PhenQ weight loss supplement, take care of your diet, activity level, and food sources. Following the steps mentioned earlier will improve your weight loss performance bringing better results in less time.  

Note the individual results of this product may vary. Based on various independent factors, some users may require less time while others may need more time to show the same results.  

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Directions To Use PhenQ

There are 60 capsules in every bottle of PhenQ. The daily dosage is two capsules taken in one glass of water. For best results, take one capsule in the morning along with breakfast and the second one with lunch. Do not exceed the recommended dosage in any case. 

 According to the official website, it is not recommended to use the supplement with dinner as it may affect your sleep. Many times, customers report using it before a workout session; because the caffeine inside it sometimes works as a performance booster. However, it is only a good idea if you plan your workout early in the morning or afternoon. In any case, its usage after lunch is not recommended. It has caffeine inside, which can increase mental alertness, focus and affect your sleep cycle. In all cases, using it in the evening or at night is not a wise idea.

If this is your first time trying a weight loss pill, best to start with one capsule only. You can take one capsule in the morning for a few days and then gradually introduce the second capsule taken with lunch. But a high caffeine consumer, it is better to limit your caffeine intake as these pills already have caffeine inside. Never mix or use it with other dietary supplements having caffeine or any stimulant inside as it may cause undesirable effects in the user.  

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Best About PhenQ Capsules 

Here are a few things that make this formula stand out among all available options. If you are convinced to give it a try, use the links to the official website to conform to your order of PhenQ weight loss pills. 

  • Ease of usage- the first thing that comes to mind while considering any dietary formula is its ease of use. Having natural and safe ingredients is one thing but being available in easy-to-use capsule form adds to the value of PhenQ pills. 
  • Safe for everyone- the natural formulation and non-addiction of fillers, additives, and toxins make it safe for all users. There is the lowest risk these ingredients can go wrong or cause a side effect. However, as a general rule of safety, PhenQ should not be provided to underage children even if they are obese. 
  • Faster results- unlike other weight loss products that take forever to show the results, PhenQ offers real-time results within a few weeks only. Even if someone doesn’t find it a cheap supplement, it is undoubtedly good value for this price. 
  • Complete metabolic boost- metabolism governs the fate of food and energy production inside the body. There are many factors that affect metabolism, including age, diet, and lifestyle habits. Using a metabolic booster like the PhenQ supplement helps to restore the energy of the body and improve fat building despite aging. 
  • Appetite control- all PhenQ users will experience changes in their appetite. They will eat less, burn more and see changes in their bodies without even stepping on the weighing scale. These changed dietary habits will also save them from binge eating and emotional eating, especially during stress. 
  • No compromise on energy and cognition– the problem with most weight loss supplements is that they either affect the energy levels or make a person suffer from poor cognition while losing weight. Thankfully there is no such concern with PhenQ diet pills as it maintains brain to body coordination and has no adverse effects on them. 

Although there are dozens of weight loss supplements available, choosing one requires a complete background check. You can compare PhenQ with any other leading weight loss supplement of your interest. Run a side-by-side comparison and see which carries more weight. These are only a few reasons to pick PhenQ over any other dietary formula. The rest of its effects will be experienced after you start taking it on a regular basis. 

Do not skip days; mix it into food or beverage recipes or take it with alcohol. The use of PhenQ pills should be fair and according to the instructions mentioned on the official website.  


Where To Buy PhenQ? Pricing Details and Discount Offers 

If you are looking for a bit of help to improve your weight loss progress, PhenQ is the right choice to make. PhenQ is exclusively available online at, and you should only buy it from there. The company is dealing with all orders directly, without involving any local retailer or distributor. It is to ensure that every user receives 100% genuine products with the lowest chance of any scam.   

There are many options and bundle packs to choose from. Once you select your desired bundle and add it to the cart, the website asks you the basic details and an address to deliver. There are many ways to pay for it, but all of them are advance payments. Currently, the company is not offering cash on delivery, so you have to trust the company with the payments. Being in the health industry for more than 15 years, you can easily trust this company; all the payments made to the company are secure and free from scams. 

Coming to its price, it is much cheaper and affordable than most dietary supplements. The cost of one PhenQ bottle is $79.95, but after the discount, this price reduces to $69.95 plus free shipment. You can choose between one, two, and three bottles. Buying two and three bottles gives you more discounts and free bottles with your purchase. 

  • Get Two PhenQ bottles for $139 instead of $239 and save $99.95 (One Bottle Free) 
  • Get Three PhenQ bottles for $189.95instead of $339.75 and save $209.80 (Two Bottles Free) 

 All the orders are placed online, and they reach the customer’s doorstep between one week of ordering for domestic orders and two to three weeks for international orders. Surprisingly, the company is not adding any delivery charges even for the international shipments that make it more cost-effective and affordable even for international customers. 

The only way to buy PhenQ pills is through the official website. Many local or online stores may lure you into buying it from them. But for the safe side, always choose the official website to complete your order. 

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All orders are protected with a money-back guarantee that offers a full refund of order value if this product fails to impress the user within 60 days of purchase. This 60-day policy is applicable on all orders, no matter how many bottles you have purchased. According to the official website, it is necessary to return the product in its original packaging and order name, number, and other details. The company would not arrange a pickup, and the customer is expected to send it to the company at his own expense. 

For more details and questions, you can contact the company directly through phone and email. Here are the contact details of the company. 

Phone: +1 (646) 513 2632 


The website has an option to start a live chat too. If you have questions during ordering, write them down and share them through the online support form. A representative from the company will contact you as soon as possible and help you. 


Only those PhenQ bottles that are purchased through the official website are entitled to file for refunds. If you have bought them from any other source, the company has the full right to accept or reject your refund request. 

Summary of PhenQ Pros and Cons 

Here is a quick fact check for the PhenQ supplement to recall all of its benefits and issues. 

Best About PhenQ Pills 

  • Best natural fat burner 
  • Reliable option 
  • Risk-free and safe 
  • 100% natural formula 
  • High energy levels 
  • No effect on mood
  • Easy to use pills 
  • Easily available 
  • Money-back offer 
  • No prescription needed 

Worst About PhenQ Pills 

  • Only available online and not available at any physical store 
  • Not suitable for underage, pregnant, and nursing mothers. 
  • Require regularity of usage and commitment to see real results. 

PhenQ Reviews Verdict: Is It Worth Buying? 

Based on the information shared on the official website, PhenQ is a revolutionary dietary formula that addresses the issues hindering weight loss. It acts upon the fat layers in the body and melts them using the metabolic system making It cut down the fat cells, with no compromise on energy levels. That’s why the user feels no lethargy that typically shows up during a low-calorie, weight loss diet. 

Despite the natural and safe formulation, this supplement will not work on you if you are not taking it on a regular basis. Making dietary adjustments is not necessary but switching to healthy food, limiting sugar, caffeine, carbs, and fat intake significantly improve the results of PhenQ pills. The duration to use this supplement depends upon the initial weight of the user, and if he is more than 25 pounds away from his target weight, it may take between three to six months for a complete body transformation. 

Some PhenQ reviews by customers have reported its help in weight management after losing weight once. However, one should build realistic expectations from this supplement and make lifestyle and dietary changes for faster benefits.  

This whole PhenQ weight loss plan is a risk-free experience. Right now, the company is running a promotional price on it that allows every user to save a large sum during its purchasing. The best is to buy three or six-packs and stock them. This way, you would not have to buy one bottle every month. Besides, the company often goes out of stock, which may delay your weight loss plans. Do not think any more; get ready to lose weight with PhenQ diet pills, and start dreaming about the slim and toned body waiting for you.  

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PhenQ Customer Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions 

If your concern remains unanswered in this PhenQ review, read the following FAQs to get an answer.  

  • Is PhenQ scam or legt?

PhenQ is a 100% legit product that helps losing weight naturally. Based on the customer reviews, it appears that you will get noticeable results if you use it for a few weeks or months. The natural formula makes it safe for long-term use. 

  • How many bottles do you need?

PhenQ comes in a 60-pills bottle that is enough for one whole month. The daily dosage is to take two capsules maximum and never exceed it. Most users can see changes in their weight within four to eight weeks, but those extremely obese may take up to six months for a complete transformation. 

  • Is PhenQ vegan-friendly?

PhenQ pills are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. There are no animal-based products inside, and they are fit for all dietary preferences. 

  • Who can take PhenQ pills?

Anyone who is obese and over 18 years of age can take PhenQ pills without needing a prescription. The only exception is age as it is not suitable for teenagers and children. Besides, pregnant women who have just delivered a baby should avoid using any weight loss supplement unless their doctor allows them to use one. 

  • Can you take PhenQ with medicines?

PhenQ pills are safe for daily use, but their combination with any other medicine may be dangerous. People who have an underlying medical condition should consult their doctor before taking any weight loss pills. It is not advised to mix or use PhenQ diet pills with any other diet pills, prescription pills, over-the-counter medicines, or herbal extracts to avoid a reaction.  

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