Chef and Entrepreneur Joanna Euraque Is Building a Local Cheesecake Empire With The Batterina

Photo Courtesy of The Batterina

Chef Joanna Euraque is building a cheesecake empire, right here in New Orleans. Her company, The Batterina, is whipping up delicious cheesecakes to the delight of dessert fans across the city.

Euraque was born and raised in Metairie and attended East Jefferson High School and UNO. She was deciding what she wanted to do with her life, when she enrolled in the Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge, where she received her Associate’s Degree. After she graduated, Euraque worked as a restaurant manager for Marriot Properties.

Photo Courtesy of The Batterina

The idea for The Batterina came while she was still in school- as a retired dancer, she decided to combine her two loves- ballet and baking, to create the name “Batterina”. 

“When I first started, I wasn’t sure in what direction I was going,” Euraque said. “I started making cakes and cupcakes, but then got into making cheesecakes. Cheesecake is what became really popular, and a year ago I transitioned into working my own company full time. I was intimidated by making cheesecakes, but it’s actually easy.”

Photo Courtesy of The Batterina

Euraque now sells her decadent homemade cheesecakes at a weekly Rouse’s pop-up at 4500 Tchoupitoulas St., which has been dubbed “The Cellar”. The indoor pop-up takes place every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and boasts 10 vendors. She switches up her cheesecake flavor offerings every week, so that her customers are able to sample different kinds. Euraque also has big plans for the future, and will be expanding her pop-up business to other Rouse’s Markets throughout the state.

Photo Courtesy of The Batterina

As for the cheesecakes themselves, The Batterina has a variety of decadent offerings such as turtle brownie, butter pecan, chantilly lace- with an almond cake bottom, cookie butter, banana pudding, strawberry crunch, fresh strawberry, lemon drop and, Euraque’s personal favorite, red velvet with not-too-sweet cream cheese icing.

Photo Courtesy of The Batterina

Euraque takes custom orders and will be launching a website for The Batterina by the end of the summer and she’s working on plans to ship her tasty cakes, as well. The Batterina’s goal is to provide cheesecakes for life milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

Euraque is a self-made entrepreneur who has built her company herself. Her mom helps her with the pop ups and keeping things in order.

Photo Courtesy of The Batterina

“It’s been keeping me busy and I’m really thankful,” she said. 

You can find The Batterina on Facebook here.

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