Cool Apartment Decor Ideas & Hacks for Happily Single People

If you’re a bachelor and just moved to a new city and are looking for an apartment. Oh, you already found your house but is it home yet? A new empty place is just a house, not a home. When you put your house together with small but effective decorative items, that’s when it becomes a home if you are a single person living alone and have zero ideas where to start from to make your house a home and make it feel homely so whenever you come home after work, it won’t feel like that you’re in a new city. 

You’re a single person, and then you must have opted for a small apartment according to your usage. At the point when you live in a bit of an apartment, fitting in all you require can sometimes be troublesome. And what’s even more complicated is attempting to provide everything and making it look charming, yet that is the thing that makes a small space plan so fun and interesting. 

Here are some fun solutions for those hindrances. Regardless of whether you live in a studio condo or need to get more out of a bit of room, these little space plan tricks will take all your dilemma of making more out of your small apartment away. To make everything even simpler and easier to understand, the decor ideas are sectioned according to the rooms, such as bedrooms, kitchen, living room, etc

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Starting with the bedroom is where all your peace is, a place where you come after a long tiring day at work. So to make it even more peaceful, here are some ideas for your small bedroom.

1. Bed 

As you are a single person living alone, you can opt for a small bed of size 4X6 instead of a king or queen-size bed because it is going to take up a lot of space. 4X6 is not a single bed but big enough for a single person. Bedsheets usually get ignored but it can really change the look of your entire room. Choose the bed sheet according to your aesthetic and vibe to add a pop to your bed.

2. Color Scheme 

Color plays a significant role in decorating small places. Dark colors are a big no-no because dark colors narrow down the area making it look smaller. So go for light and bright colors to make your room look bigger than its actual size.

3. Furniture

As you are a single person and have a small room, you don’t want to make it congested by filling it with unnecessary furniture. A bed with a small yet functional bedside table, a small almirah to fit in all your clothes, and some portraits or canvas prints on the wall to give a little oomph to your bedroom

Living Room Decor Ideas

The living room reflects your aesthetic. The heart of the home, your living room is the place where you sit with family or alone, enjoy movies or read books in peace, a living room can be utilized in so many ways. Since the living room is used in various ways, let’s check various ways to decorate it. 

1. Sofa

Gone are the days when people used to use those big five-seater sofas, now L shape sofas are in trend. For a small living room, L-shaped sofas are more functional and consume less area.

2. Wall Decor

As you don’t have a big space to add up the furniture to decorate your bedroom, wall art, and canvas prints are the best options for decorating purposes.

So many websites are there in the market from where you can get your canvas prints done. One of them is Canvas pop, and you can choose from the best canvas prints available on their website. They have a wide range of customizing options, be it the sizes, frames, and many more. So choose what fits your style and decorate your lovely home.

3. Center table

Instead of going for a wooden center table, choosing a small glass table is the best choice you will make as it is clear and transparent so you can see through it. It creates an illusion of spaciousness. 

4. Curtains

Stop hanging your curtains according to the size of the window. Use the big ceiling. Opt for curtains that start from the ceiling and touch the ground. This will create an illusion of a bigger room.

5. Planters

If you don’t want to add big furniture to your small living area, you can go for green planters to add an earthy feel to your room.

6. Mirrors

Don’t leave your walls alone; hang long mirrors because mirrors will reflect your living space, making it look bigger. 

7. Holiday Decor

When choosing to decorate for the holidays, opt for smaller decorations that pack a lot of punch. You can find a lot of tabletop Christmas trees to suit your needs as well as manufacturers for Christmas ornaments to help make the space personal.

Kitchen Decor Ideas

The kitchen can be pretty much as basic as an invigorate or as muddled as a full rebuild when it comes to decorating it. Many tasks will cause your kitchen to feel more fun, practical, and much of the time, spic and span. Here are some that you can try without any hassle to add that pop to your kitchen and make cooking even more fun.

1. Walls

Utilize the walls as much as possible with small and hefty shelves, make them functional. For decoration, use chopping boards as an art piece on the wall. You can even put some artistic plates on the shelves as a decorative piece. Be sure not to add too much clutter to the walls and counter tops.

2. Furniture

Instead of chairs that take up a little space, use tall colorful stools that will add a pop of color to your kitchen yet being functional and consuming less area. 

Using sliding doors will also save some space that an average door takes while opening.

3. Tiles

Use patterns on the floor while choosing the tiles as walls are covered with the shelves. For the wall tiles in the kitchen, go all the way up to the ceiling. Use little colors on the cabinets, such as mint green, black, or any color according to your preferences. 

4. Rugs

As you can’t use the walls for painting and other wall arts, use the floor with colorful prints on kitchen rugs to add a pop of color. 

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