Amyl Guard Reviews (Scam or Legit) Is It Worth The Money?

Amyl Guard is an amazing dietary supplement that surpasses other similar solutions when it comes to effectiveness. According to the official website, the product has been designed to help you lose stubborn weight easily. It targets a specific enzyme that is responsible for converting carbohydrates into fat storing sugars.

Amyl Guard seems to be a reliable one since it is premium when it comes to quality as well as safe as it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. The vegetarian capsules can be taken without the worry of any negative side effects.

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In addition to helping you lose weight, Nutraville Amyl Guard also corrects your metabolism by speeding it up and balances your blood sugar levels so that you can live a healthy lifestyle. You’re able to attain amazing results without having to go for exhausting exercises or restrictive diets. 

If all this sounds too good to be true, you can always dive into the review below to learn more about Amyl Guard. We’re going to be discussing details about how this supplement works, the benefits it provides, ingredients it uses, and more.

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Amyl Guard Review 

Are you fed up of sweating and heaving while exercising and yet seeing no changes in your physique? Are you so done with following restrictive diets only to prevent yourself from enjoying delicious meals but without any results in terms of weight loss? Is your own weight scaring you as you hear stories of obese or overweight individuals being diagnosed with fatal diseases? 

Losing weight is no easy game. It means completely changing your lifestyle. And while dieting and exercising helps youngsters, for people over 40 it seems like their extra mass will now stay forever. But wait – isn’t it old age when diseases start attacking from all directions? Shouldn’t you make sure your body doesn’t carry extra pounds especially as an older adult? 

For young people, losing weight is more about feeling comfortable and confident in their skin. It’s to avoid the mocking smiles of peers, the rude comments of aunties and the glares of strangers. For older adults, weight loss is more than just about confidence. It’s about making sure you live a healthy life without having to worry about liver disease, heart problems, diabetes, and whatnot! 

Before spiraling down the abyss of worries, wait. There’s a relatively new product on the market that takes a unique and effective approach to weight loss. It might as well help you slim down without working out or dieting all day, all month long without any cheat days. This product goes by the name of Amyl Guard. Nutraville Amyl Guard seems like a promising dietary supplement. 

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According to, it helps with weight loss and also balances blood sugar. What you mainly should know about this product is that it utilizes ingredients that are natural and rare. Combining them correctly, Amyl Guard ensures they work efficiently to help you achieve your weight loss goals. In short, this supplement is a reliable, safe, unique, and effective formula for easy weight loss. 

What Amyl Guard Does?

As mentioned on, this supplement Amyl Guard does four things for your health. Here’s a quick look at these before diving into more details: 

  • Promotes fat loss: this dietary supplement facilitates fat loss so that you are able to slim down and regain your confidence. Once you’re able to lose unhealthy fats, your health also is safe from the risks of several diseases. 
  • Maintains fitness: Amyl Guard doesn’t just provide a temporary solution in which you are not able to keep the lost weight. Instead, the supplement ensures that you’re able to maintain the results by means of taking this supplement regularly. In this way, it protects you from the harmful effects of regaining weight. 
  • Balances blood sugar: high levels of sugar in your blood can be supremely harmful for your health. They can lead to diabetes type 2 which is further connected to other diseases and comes with symptoms that you become a slave to for a lifetime. This formula ensures that you are able to reduce your high blood sugar levels to live a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Speeds up metabolism: metabolism is the fat burning process of your body which is necessary for keeping your health in good shape on the whole as well. By keeping your metabolism healthy and fast, Amyl Guard ensures that you stay active as well as fit.

How Amyl Guard Works? 

Amyl Guard doesn’t work like most other traditional supplements do. While other supplements only target metabolism, making sure that your metabolism is fast enough so that you’re able to melt off stubborn pounds into energy, Amyl Guard does so much more. Sure, Amyl Guard does also increase the speed of your metabolism. 

However, this is not the primary way in which it works. What this product does differently is that it targets a specific hormone in your body which is responsible for fat storage. Before you can understand exactly how Amyl Guard works, you need to know why your body stores fat in the first place. Basically, we are all addicted to carbohydrates these days. There are carbohydrates in rice, pasta, spaghetti, French fries, bread, and whatnot. 

Unfortunately, carbohydrates are not as healthy as we would like them to be. They contribute to weight gain as they are broken down in your body into small sugars. In this manner, carbohydrates don’t only contribute to high sugar levels but also to weight gain. And what these sugars do is that they enable fat storage. 

This means that because of carbohydrate intake, important organs in your body as well as your waist are hugged by a layer of unhealthy, dangerous fats. Now the bridge over here that connects carbohydrates and sugars, that converts carbohydrates into unhealthy, fat-storing sugars is a hormone called amylase. Amylase converts carbs into sugar. 

If this hormone would just be present in lower amounts, it wouldn’t be able to convert all the carbohydrates you have into life-threatening sugars. Instead, carbohydrates would be in your body from one end and out from the other. This means that you will be able to excrete out carbohydrates, rather than undergo their harmful effects.

This is where amylase inhibitors come into the picture. Amyl Guard by Nutraville uses natural amylase inhibitors in the form of proteins which ensure that carbohydrates are not converted into sugars and don’t contribute to fat gain. In this manner, Amyl Guard ensures that you are able to enjoy carbohydrates to the fullest without having to worry about any detrimental impacts on your health.

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Amyl Guard Ingredients

The Amyl Guard supplement comprises natural amylase inhibitors. This supplement contains protein rich foods that can be found in nature rather than using chemicals or toxic substances which can be habit forming or stimulating. In fact, there are no additives, fillers or preservatives found in the formula either. This is to ensure that the supplement is completely healthy and safe. 

The ingredients which have been included in Amyl Guard have been learned and sourced from Japan. The primary ingredient of this formula is a special vegetable that has been in use as part of ancient Chinese medicine for centuries. It is found on a forgotten Japanese island. Going by the name of bitter melon, this vegetable is credited for its ability to keep you healthy and well maintained when it comes to your physique. 

Other than bitter melon, this supplement contains: 

  • White kidney bean extract 
  • Chromium picolinate 
  • Berberine 

Research shows these four ingredients to be effective at inhibiting amylase and supporting weight loss as well as sugar balance. Furthermore, in Amyl Guard ingredients have been added in the correct proportions to ensure that they work effectively. Know that if you try to combine and take these ingredients for yourself, you wouldn’t be able to see the right results. 

The reason behind this is that you wouldn’t be able to combine them in the right amounts and that it would be too bitter for you to be able to stick to the mix. Therefore, it is a wise idea to invest in the supplement if you think that carbohydrates are the reason behind why you are unable to lose weight. Perhaps you’re not able to control your cravings for carbs or have stubborn weight that is not melting no matter what you do. In such cases, Amyl Guard can prove to be a worthwhile choice. 

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How to Use Amyl Guard?

Amyl Guard capsules have been designed for people older than 18 years of age. Anyone who is healthy but is struggling with weight loss can include the supplement in their routine. However, Amyl Guard has been specifically made for those people who are older than 40 years of age. The reason behind this is that after 40 you gain the most weight and this is the age when it becomes very difficult to lose the obstinate mass. 

Amyl Guard is a supportive formula that can make eating carbohydrates a delightful experience rather than one that induces tension. Since this supplement is designed to stop a specific hormone from causing carbohydrates to be broken down into harmful sugars, it is supposed to be taken as many times in the day as you take a carb-rich meal. 

This means if you are taking a moderate or high carbohydrate meal, you need to take one tablet of Amyl Guard. Accordingly, if you take 4-5 carbohydrate packed meals in the day, you will have to take as many capsules as you have to take one before taking each carb meal. One bottle of Amyl Guard has enough capsules to last for 60 servings. 

While the product is a healthy and safe one and you do not need a prescription to use it since it is not a medication, it is still wise to consult your healthcare provider before including it in your routine. Some people should still not use this supplement. These include pregnant and nursing women as well as people with chronic health conditions or those taking other medical drugs. 

Where to Buy Amyl Guard? Pricing and Refund Policy

Good news: Nutraville Amyl Guard is currently available at a huge discount at which means that you need to make your move fast if you want to save money. There are three different packages of this product available. These are:

  • As part of the current discounted deal, one bottle is available for $69. 
  • There is a deal of three bottles available as well in which the price of each is lowered to $59.
  • Lastly, there is a deal of six bottles in which the price of each is further lowered to $49. 

Note that shipping is applicable if you purchase a single bottle of this product. However, if you choose to purchase the bulk deals, then shipping will be free within the United States. To place your order, add your preferred package to the cart, add your basic details in the form that will pop up and make your payment through your debit or your credit card. 

The product will take at least three to five business days to be delivered to your doorstep. In case the supplement runs out of stock, it will be available in four to six weeks as it takes a pretty long time for the supplement to be manufactured due to its rare ingredients. Another good thing about buying Amyl Guard is that it is backed by a long and strong money buy guarantee.

In case you’re not satisfied with the supplement, you can return it within not just one or two months but within an entire year. This is because there is a 365-day money back guarantee backing your purchase. You have all the time to see whether or not this product works for you, and if it doesn’t, you can contact the customer support team to start the refund process.

Amyl Guard Reviews – Wrapping Up

Amyl Guard from Nutraville seems to be a great supplement that inhibits a specific hormone which leads to carbs breakdown into sugars. It prevents weight gain, encourages fat loss, improves your metabolism as well as balances out your sugar levels. The supplement is a fully natural one that is also of a good quality so you can trust it easily. 

The product can conveniently help you lose weight since it does not demand you to exercise or quit your favorite meals when using it. Amyl Guard has been specifically designed for older adults. However, most people can use it without any worries. It is also a safe supplement since it is free of harmful ingredients. So far there are no reported negative side effects. 

In case you still want to know more about this product, you can go to the official website of Amyl Guard where you can purchase it for a discount.

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Amyl Guard Customer Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Exactly when should you take Amyl Guard? 

Amyl Guard is a carb blocking supplement. You are supposed to take one capsule of this product before each meal that contains a high or moderate amount of carbohydrates. You should take the capsule at least 15 minutes before eating your meal.

  • How many bottles of Amyl Guard should you purchase? 

It is recommended that you purchase the bigger deals of three to six bottles. You should do this specifically if you are someone who has several carbohydrate meals. This means that if you have pasta or fries regularly then you should have a bigger stock of this supplement. However, if you mean to just try out the product and are not a big fan of carbohydrates, and only occasionally consume them, then perhaps one bottle should be enough for you.

  • What’s the name of the manufacturer of this supplement? 

Amyl Guard comes from a company called Nutraville. This means it doesn’t come from an unnamed seller, but a proper manufacturer. You can read reviews of Amyl Guard and Nutaville online. 

  • Do you need to diet or exercise when taking this supplement?

It is not absolutely mandatory to diet and exercise when you are consuming the supplement. However, it is always best to improve your lifestyle if you want to see a significant amount of change in your physique.

  • Should you continue using Amyl Guard even after you have lost weight?

It is recommended that you continue taking Amyl Guard even after you have lost weight. This is necessary so that you are able to maintain your results and are able to save yourself from the effects of regaining weight. As long as you’re going to be consuming carbohydrates, it is a good idea to continue taking Amyl Guard.

  • What is the shipping fee? 

 If you go for the bigger deals, as mentioned above, shipping will be free of cost. However, on the purchase of a single bottle of this supplement you will have to pay a shipping fee of $14.95.

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