Ways To Save Cash On Your Prescription Drug Costs

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Many people need medications in order to manage their medical issues and help them best live their lives. However, the prescription drug costs in the US are becoming more expensive, and these prices keep on rising year by year. Lucky for you, there are several ways available to help you afford your medications.

Money-Saving Tips Worth Your Time

Whether we like it or not, we need to look for ways to lessen the costs of our medications. That way, we won’t sacrifice our health. Below are surefire ways that can help you save cash the next time you buy your prescriptions drugs:

Generic Drugs

Several doctors write a brand name drug on your prescription. However, this does not mean you have to pay a lot for the said medication. What you can do is ask your doctor to include a generic equivalent. That way, you can purchase the medication you need at a lower price.

Many brand name drugs have generic equivalents. They are more likely bought at a cheaper price. Not only that, but generic drugs contain the same active ingredient as brand name drugs and are also available in the same quantity.

Generic drugs are considered affordable because the company that makes these doesn’t have to spend a lot of money for research and development. Since there is no additional overhead costs, the company is free to charge less for their products. 

It is vital to know that you can also tell your pharmacist that you prefer to buy generic drugs. Pharmacists are allowed to substitute the brand name drug your doctor has prescribed you. Hence, if your doctor did not give you a generic equivalent, you can always go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for help.

Buying In Bulk

If your doctor prescribed you a medication to be taken for several months, consider getting a larger supply of the prescription drugs. For example, if you’re prescribed a particular medicine to be taken for three months, try getting a 90-day supply instead of 30. Most of the time, you will save more cash by purchasing prescription rugs in larger quantities.


There are several companies online which can compare prescription drug prices in your neighborhood and offer several coupons for extra savings. For example, 77 percent of Americans take dietary supplements and prescribed medications, that’s why there are a lot of coupons available for such products.

When it comes to using coupons, it would be best to be vigilant. Some coupons have eligibility requirements that you might not meet if you have been receiving coverage through federal or state-funded programs. Moreover, since marketing companies most likely issue coupons instead of pharmaceutical companies, ensure the company protects your privacy before you give any personal information. 

Prescription Discount Cards

Many prescription discount cards that offer ease of use and lowered prices for several drugs are available for a wide variety of consumers. However, these cards can come with several fine prints, which include possible restrictions based on your state of residence, pharmacy, and income. It would be best to learn how to familiarize yourself with those kinds of details.


Insurance companies tend to have mail-ordered services or have partners that offer such services. It is best to choose this option if you want to get a larger supply of your medications. However, using a mail-order pharmacy is not a good idea if you need the prescription drug fast.

When buying your prescription drugs using a mail-order pharmacy, the processing and delivery usually take two weeks. It is vital to know that mail-order pharmacies and online pharmacies are not the same. Both of them can get you the medication you need, but it is possible that online pharmacies might not accept your insurance.

Pill Splitting

In most cases, pill splitting can help you save some cash. To do this, you might be able to purchase a double dose of your medication, and then split it in half. It is essential to know that this depends on the dose you are taking and the type of medicine your doctor prescribed.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created a list that has the name of prescription drugs that can be split in half. If the FDA has approved your pill for splitting, you will see a note indicated in the “How Supplied” section of the product’s label. You will also notice a visible line across your pill to determine where to split it.

To Sum It Up

Prescription drug costs in the US are skyrocketing. However, this does not mean you should risk your health because you think your medications are challenging to afford. Instead, what you should do is consider the following ways above. That way, you can afford and save cash on your next medication purchase.


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