How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

Plenty of people are interested in getting new windows. It helps to make the house more energy-efficient and simply more beautiful. Let’s get to know how much it costs.

The price to pay

The first thing that interests people who want to make their house look better is replacement windows cost. 

In this article, we will try to explain to you the window pricing process. This question is relevant for those who have never come across the purchase of windows and have absolutely no idea what the price consists of. 

In fact, the average cost of replacement windows may differ and it depends on numerous factors. It probably seems to many that everything is quite simple, but in fact, there are dozens of components of the cost of windows.

All components of the total amount of the window replacement project can be divided into three large points, which include many sub-points: the cost of products, their installation, and delivery. 

For those who want to buy windows, replacement cost consist of many factors we’ll pay attention to. Next, we will try to break all these points into their components.

Product cost

By products, we mean everything that requires direct manufacturing. Window products, as a rule, are made to order according to specific dimensions. That is why each piece is unique. Also, it should be borne in mind that each product consists of parts, but we will not go into very small and unnecessary design details, but we will try to list all possible products that are likely to be present in your order. 

Main glazing structure

We do not call the glazing structure a window, because glazing is not always done with windows. It can be done to doors, loggias, etc. So, the first thing that affects the cost of replacing is the main glazing structure.

Another thing that can affect the cost: fittings

As a rule, the price of the main structure is half of the total amount of the contract or 65% of the glazing. It is quite difficult to calculate the unit of measurement when evaluating products since the price depends on the glass unit, fittings, window profile.

The fittings include:

  • drainage systems;
  • visors;
  • cover plates;
  • platbands;
  • expanders;
  • connectors;
  • window sills;
  • thresholds.

If we are talking about windows, then in a full-fledged contract there will definitely be a window sill and drainage. Speaking about balconies and loggias, there will definitely be a visor, and, most likely, cover plates, to hide the external assembly seam. In some cases, if the structure consists of several products, special connectors are required. If the structure needs to be indented on either side, then special expanders or an additional beam are required. Remember that these are not imposed things but mandatory ones. Don’t try to save on it.

On average, the percentage of the complete set for window products is about 5% of the total amount of the contract.

The delivery and installation price

This is the last factor that influences the price. Understandably, you will have to pay for the installation and delivery of products. Be careful and never choose companies where these services are too cheap. Don’t try to save, choose quality products and you will be surprised by the return on investment. 

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