5 Plants Everyone Should Have in Their Home

As summer rolls around and the weather warms up for most of us, it’s time to start considering how to bring nature into your home and keep it there over winter.

Plants for Mental Health

Studies have shown that having plants and greenery around us all the time improves air quality and mental health, but that doesn’t mean that caring for plants is the easiest thing to do. 

However, there are some plants that do have pretty easygoing requirements and tend to last longer than other houseplants.

For example, the fern has a very low need for watering, it’s pretty hardy, and can live for many years. This is perfect for beginners who are trying to keep a few plants around their homes.

Here are some of the best plants that will not only improve your environment but also add a bit of style:


Orchids, or Orchidaceae, have an extremely elegant look and feel. They also add a lot of style to your home.

They’re quite easy to take care of, particularly the ones that prefer warm temperatures. However, make sure you don’t put them in direct sunlight because orchids are very sensitive to light, and if placed in the sun, they will not bloom.

Orchids are one of the few houseplants that look great as a synthetic plant, too, if you really haven’t got the time or inclination to look after one but want to have the visual appeal in your home. Check out the synthetic orchid arrangement choice at Hemsly for a great selection.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are beautiful plants that look great when they’re flowering.

They’re extremely low maintenance; all you need to do is water or use blumat watering system them every few days and give them a trim of their brown tips. The only time you’ll really have to do any work is in the summer when this plant flowers.

In the winter, you will get small white flowers on the ends of its leaves, but during summer, your peace lily, or Spathiphyllum, will bloom with small green flowers.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very easy to take care of plant, as long as you give it enough water. However, its leaves will burn if you leave the pot in direct sunlight.

Make sure you keep the leaves in sheltered sun, especially over winter, so they’ll stay green and the rest of the plant will stay healthy. The easiest way to make it grow is to put it indoors in a sunny window every winter where it can bloom.

Boston Fern

Boston ferns have a lovely natural look, and they’re easy to grow indoors as long as you make sure to keep them warm. They appreciate indirect sunlight, and a south-facing window is ideal.

The soil should be damp but well-drained, and kept free of any fertilizer or dirt that may build up in the water tray. Boston ferns, or Nephrolepis exaltata, are also great for removing toxins from your home because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making your indoor air much healthier.

Snake Plant

Snake plants, or Dracaena trifasciata, are very low maintenance and don’t require much water.

They look great in pots, or you can plant them in the ground outside as long as they’re placed in a shady area away from direct sunlight.

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