Solar Bright Flood Lights Reviews (Scam or Legit) SolarBright Flood Lights Worth The Money?

Solar Bright Flood Lights is an economical and powerful solution for keeping the lawn, patio, balcony or any outdoor area of your home well lit. If there’s one thing that is increasing our monthly bills, it’s electricity. With so many appliances being used at home, people often try to cut costs by keeping the lights outside their house turned off. 

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However, this means that you enter and exit your home in pitch darkness, risking yourself. What’s more, you’re also not able to detect who is at the door when you look through the peephole. SolarBright Flood Lights are a great solution since they use energy that is stored throughout the day and work at night. 

This means that your electricity bill is not even raised a bit when you install these devices. The best part is that you don’t have to put in any work to use the Solar Bright Flood Lights. There is no involvement of any wires or complicated steps in installation. 

If you too are considering investing in these LED lights, you can read more about them below. We have given a full guide on the pros and cons of Solar Bright Flood Lights, along with other details.

solar bright flood lights

Solar Bright Flood Lights Review 

Are the increasing electricity bills forcing you to keep your outdoor lights switched off? Does this mean that you are unaware of any animals or even potential thieves lurking outdoors? Has this caused an elderly person or a child at your home to slip at night? There are several benefits of keeping outdoor lights switched on. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that outdoor lights are unnecessary when compared to their costs. And to some extent this is right as well considering that expenses are only increasing these days. So, what can you do to make sure that your outdoor area is lit without taking a hit in your pocket? You can’t keep a torch outdoors or a flashlight, can you? 

This is why a way better idea is to invest in Solar Bright Flood Lights. A single light of this type has 100 LEDs lights. SolarBright Flood Lights do not increase your energy bills since you are using energy directly from the sun. You can have as many outdoor lights as you want, and these lights will function as you turn them on without a delay. 

Therefore, you will be able to see clearly at night, which will not only help people inside the house but also those who are just passing by. After all, it’s pretty odd as well to have the street outside your house completely dark.

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Pros Of Solar Powered Outdoor Lights 

Since you’re not having to worry about the electricity bills when you have a solar powered device installed, there are quite a few benefits that you can get from such an outdoor light. Let’s take a look below to learn about some ways solar powered outdoor lights benefit you:

  • Your security cameras can capture better footage 

The first reason why outdoor lights are necessary is that your security cameras are better able to capture footage. Without an illuminated outdoor area, the cameras will only capture pitch darkness and will not be clearly able to track if someone is trying to break into your house. 

Thanks to solar powered lights you don’t even have to worry about a light suddenly switching off. Neither do you have to worry about increasing electricity bills which may make you consider keeping the lights off when you go to sleep.

  • The risk of tripping is cut down 

If you have elderly people or children at your home, then you need to have outdoor lights switched on at all times. Sometimes children play outdoors and other times the older adults in your house might be wanting to enter or exit.

If the lights are turned off to cut down on cost, the young and the old will not be able to see clearly. In case there’s a pebble or such other thing in their path, there is a risk that they can trip and hurt themselves.

  • You can clearly see who is at the door

If you do not have a solar powered light, you will not be able to see who is at the door in case the lights are turned off for energy saving purposes. This means that sometimes you will delay opening the door, causing the person outdoors to feel irritated. 

Other times, you might open the door to strangers even though you have been told not to do so. Thanks to solar powered lights, you can keep them on round the clock making it easier for you to spot through the peephole who is behind the knock. 

  • You can spot any pets or pests outdoors 

Sometimes you just want to spend your time outdoors. It can be because the weather is very hot or because it’s just pleasant enough that you want to spend time in your lawn. Now if you do not have an outdoor light, you would not be able to spot any animals or even any pests such as mosquitoes. 

Not to mention, lots of folks just don’t sit outdoors at night solely because the pitch darkness makes them uncomfortable. Having solar powered outdoor lights means you wouldn’t have to think twice about if you keep the lights on for too long. 

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Why Solar Bright Flood Lights?

There are quite a few qualities of this device that put it forward as a great alternative to traditional lights. Let’s take a look below at what makes the SolarBright Flood Lights a worthy investment: 

  • Save money on utility bills 

If you’re already worried about your ever-increasing expenditure, you can always cut down costs by keeping as many solar powered devices as possible. These solar powered lights function by using the energy given by the sun. Therefore, the power source is unlimited! 

As long as the sun keeps shining, the lights will continue doing their job. There is no use of any electricity at all. Therefore, your utility bills don’t even increase in the slightest no matter how many solar powered lights are turned on in your outdoor area or for how long.

  • No need to deal with any wires 

If you do not have any technical experience at all, there’s a big chance that you have to phone a professional for installing even the most basic of tube lights at your home. The thing about Solar Bright Flood Lights that makes them even better is that you can install them easily without the help of any professional. 

There is no involvement of any wires or the use of any sockets. Since there are no connections that you need to make and only have to fix the devices at their places, you can easily do it yourself. This is another way that costs are cut down and convenience is promoted.

  • They are eco-friendly 

Solar Bright Flood Lights are also friendly toward the environment. You might be wondering how? The answer behind this is pretty simple. When you use any non-renewable energy source, you are leaving behind a very big carbon footprint.

However, the carbon footprint when you use any solar powered device is very small. Therefore, you’re playing your part in keeping the planet green and the environment safe from negative factors. Considering how now more than ever it is important to be an eco-friendly person, solar powered devices should become even more popular than they already are.

  • Little need of maintenance

How long does the traditional light last? Not long enough. This means that you have to constantly worry about any cables that may have unplugged or loosened, or the light having lived its life completely. However, such worries do not accompany Solar Bright Flood Lights. 

Because these lights are long lasting. They can last you for up to five years! And no, they do not take up much time or effort when it comes to maintenance either. Just make sure that you follow the manufacturers’ instructions in keeping them well maintained and that’s it. Since this device is also weather resistant, you have little reason to worry about any drizzling ruining its functionality.

The Solar Bright Flood Lights reviews from customers also share their experience. For more details on what all these users are talking about; Click here to visit the official website.

Working Of The Solar Bright Flood Lights

Solar Bright Flood Lights have simple functionality. As mentioned above, this device makes use of the sun’s rays to fill its power. Therefore, in the morning hours when the sun is shining bright, the lights collect as much solar power as possible. When the sun goes down you can conveniently turn the lights on at any time you want and keep them switched on since they would have enough solar power stored to stay illuminated throughout the night.

There is, however, one downside to the working of such lights. On days that are cloudy, and the lights are not able to store up enough solar power, they may not be able to function correctly at night. This happens in case the battery runs out and the sun doesn’t come up for several days in a row.

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Features Of Solar Bright Flood Lights

Below is a quick look at the top three qualities of the Solar Bright Flood Lights:

  • Motion sensor 

Solar Bright Flood Lights come with built-in motion sensors. These sensors are activated from a distance of 16 feet. Therefore, even when they are turned off for a bit if anyone enters into the radius of the lights, the lights will automatically turn on. 

This is a great feature as it can help spot any burglars and it can also make it easy for you to keep the lights switched off at night. If someone from your household wants to enter late or leave, the lights will illuminate the path even if they are otherwise turned off thanks to the motion sensors installed.

  • Long lifespan 

You wouldn’t have to worry about replacing your solar powered lights anytime soon. This is because the light comes with a mega 18650 battery. Which means you won’t have to replace the light for up to 5 years!  The lifespan of each SolarBright Flood Light you install in your driveway, lawn or patio is 10,000 hours. Now that’s  long enough for you to not worry about outdoor lights for at least half a decade.

  • Super bright 

Last but not least, these lights also are a great investment because they are super bright. There are 100 LEDs that are connected inside each light. This means that the device can adequately light up your outdoor space at nighttime. If you have a big house, you can place at least two of these lights at a distance from each other. After all, one box of this device comes with two Solar Bright Flood Lights. 

Specifications Of Solar Bright Flood Lights

Now moving on to the specifications of the SolarBright Flood Lights: 

  1. One pack comes with two solar lights.
  2. You can install the devices anywhere with the help of double sided stick tape. This tape can be placed at the back of the device so that it is not visible.
  3. If you think that sticking the device onto walls is not reliable, you can also screw them to any surface.
  4. Solar Bright Flood Lights are durable as they are also waterproof.
  5. These are heavy duty solar lights providing a 270-degree light coverage.
  6. There are 600 lumens inside each light.
  7. The motion sensors turn on the lights for half a minute after detecting motion.
  8. Each light takes about one day only to get completely charged through sunlight.
  9. Each light covers 200 square feet of area.

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Three Modes Of Solar Bright Flood Lights

Solar Bright Flood Lights have three modes – On, Dim, Security. Let’s take a better look at the three modes of Solar Bright Flood Lights, shall we? 

  • Mode 1

The first mode of this device is it being completely switched on. Accordingly, when your Solar Bright Flood Lights are ON, the illuminated LEDs will consistently be turned on throughout the night. 

  • Mode 2

The second mode is such that the lights will stay dimly on. In the DIM mode, however, when motion is detected, the brightness will be turned on 100%. This is good for alarming you and also keeping the area illuminated without wasting too much battery.

  • Mode 3

Last but not least, as part of the SECURITY mode, the lights are turned off at night completely. However, when motion is detected, full brightness turns on. This setting is usually used around areas that have windows or doors so that you can sleep without the disturbance of lights but are alarmed in case of movement.

Where to Buy Solar Bright Flood Lights and What’s The Price?

If you are interested in purchasing Solar Bright Flood Lights, you can buy it directly from its official website – The eco-friendly device is available for a great 50% off currently. You just have to use the coupon code called ‘solar.’ To get started, fill in your information at the official website. This includes your basic details and delivery details. In the second step you will just have to select your quantity. 

You can either purchase one light for $19.95 or a pack for $39.80. To make your payment, you can either use your credit card or your debit card. Payments can also be made through PayPal. One great news is that this product doesn’t take that long to get shipped. You will be delivered your purchase within three to five business days. When you place your order, you will receive a tracking link as well as an estimated date of arrival. 

In case you are not happy with your purchase, there is also an easy return policy. Accordingly, you can get your complete money back as well as the shipping that you have paid in case the product doesn’t satisfy you. That is how confident the manufacturer is in this product. To start the process of refund, you can get in touch with the customer support team at this number: 833-568-2565. 

Solar Bright Flood Lights Reviews – Final Verdict 

Solar Bright Flood Lights are an energy saving purchase for keeping your outdoor areas well-illuminated. The lights function by storing and using solar power and hence, don’t add to your energy bills since no electricity is used. They are convenient to attach and serve many purposes – not only do they provide light, but the motion sensors installed also offer security alerts through light. 

Each light has a hundred LED lights. One pack has two Solar Bright Flood Lights. Since people who have purchased this product have only got positive things to say, it makes sense that you also make your move and go ahead if you are looking for a way to save money on electricity. The product seems to be a worthwhile purchase for it is useful as well as eco-friendly and budget friendly. 

To get to know more about Solar Bright Flood Lights or to place your order, visit the official website using this link.

solar bright flood lights reviews

Solar Bright Flood Lights Customer Reviews & Frequently Asked Questions  

  • Are Solar Bright Flood Lights better than other similar alternatives?

There are several solar powered lights available these days. After all, the concept of solar powered lights is quite popular. You can see how these ones are in comparison to other similar alternatives by watching a short 10-minute video on the website of the product. 

  • Are these products made or shipped from China? 

Solar Bright Flood Lights are shipped from the warehouse of the manufacturer, which is based in Boise ID, US. They are not shipped from China which is a concern that a lot of people have. Since they ship from the US, you do not have to wait very long to receive your purchase.

  • Is there any assembling of parts required? 

The Solar Bright Flood Lights come fully assembled. The package also includes screws that you may need for fixing or hanging the lights. You just need a screwdriver or a strong tape to fix the lights.

  • Will the lights function when it is snowing or raining? 

No, as mentioned above, these devices are weatherproof. This means that they function quite well even when it is snowing or raining. As long as there is battery, solar power stored, the lights will function optimally.

  • Which package should you buy? 

It is recommended that you purchase the pack of two of these SolarBright Flood Lights. Even if you only need one light, having at least another in stock is necessary. You can also purchase more packs depending on your need.

  • What are other people saying about Solar Bright Flood Lights? 

Positive Solar Bright Flood Lights customer reviews have been shared on the website of this product. These reviews are proof that the product is a very satisfactory purchase. The manufacturers claim to have helped a lot of people with regard to security and lighting of the outdoor areas of their home.

  • Which modes should you set your Solar Bright Flood Lights on? 

It is recommended that after sundown you keep the SolarBright Flood Lights on at the first mode ON. However, as midnight rolls in, you can either switch to the SECURITY or the DIM mode. For instance, lights that are placed overhead doors or windows should be at the SECURITY mode while any other outdoor lights can be at the DIM mode. At the end of the day, the mode you set these lights on is up to you and depends on how illuminated the area around your home is already as well.

  • Where to fix the Solar Bright Flood Lights? 

If you’re wondering exactly where you’re supposed to affix these lights, that depends on your housing structure. It is recommended that you attach Solar Bright Flood Lights in areas that are exposed to the sun. So, you should place them in your lawn, at the top of your doors leading outside, any windows or anywhere you think they could be useful.

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