Why Is It Worth Updating Your Car Software?

We live in times when the software of more and more devices can – and even should – be updated. This includes not only computers and smartphones, but also cars. It is thanks to updates that we can quickly extend the functionality of our vehicle with many new features.

What are the biggest benefits of updating your car’s software?

The biggest advantage of the Audi MMI Update is that it can help fix many bugs related to the functioning of older versions of the MMI software. Sometimes, you may find that the basic version of MMI does not work as it should. A repair update can take the driving experience to a whole new level!

There are, for example, problems with Bluetooth connectivity. There are less and less of them, but there are still situations when wireless connection does not work as it should. Typical problems of faulty BT connectivity are low quality of connection or losing it. Updating the MMI is the basic, extremely effective way to fix wireless connectivity in your car.

It is also worth remembering that updates – for example Audi MMI 3G Basic or MMI G High – due to the design scheme, do not add new functions to your vehicle. Such updates, however, turn out to be irreplaceable in the optimization of selected car modules, for example radio, media or navigation.

Also keep in mind that vehicles with older firmware versions will sooner or later have to have the software updated due to a factory bug with the GPS module. The same caution also applies to downloading new map versions.

You won’t be able to enjoy them unless you update your car’s MMI software. In such a situation, the new maps would either not run or could malfunction, which would create many more problems rather than driving pleasure. 

How can you quickly enjoy the Audi MMI software update?

We highly recommend using our service: UpgradeMyAudi.net. Here you can find dedicated vehicle firmware versions for different regions: whether for Europe and the Middle East, the United States, Canada or Mexico. 

MMI software installation is very simple and should not take too much time. Every user should be able to cope with it on their own. However, you can always use the help of specialists or entrust a specialized company with the update. 

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