Quick Guide for Parents When Hiring a Permanent Nanny

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Picking a nanny can be one of the most challenging and complicated decisions you’ll make as a parent, but that doesn’t mean it should be stressful or confusing. With this quick guide, you’ll get all the information you need to make sure there’s nothing left to chance.

Nannies can have a massive impact on your child’s life, so it makes sense that they should be screened with more care than some other types of workers. That’s why all nannies are required to go through a rigorous background check and interview process. There are even laws that require certain safety standards for nanny agencies.

These aren’t just rules, though. They’re the rules that protect your family from harm and potential liability, so you can sleep soundly with the knowledge that your family is safe from any permanent nanny nightmares.

Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny requires careful consideration. You have to weigh the pros and cons thoroughly  and determine what the best childcare option is for your child. When you’re in the process of figuring out your childcare needs, start by asking yourself questions like these:

  1. What’s your overall short- and long-term goal for childcare?
  2. What type of care does your child need? How will they benefit from having a nanny? For example, will they have more time to learn, exercise, or spend time with family members?
  3. Is there a specific type of childcare you’re interested in, like in-home care or childcare center?
  4. What is your current situation? If you’re a working parent, are you looking for someone to cover seven days a week, or are you open to different types of responsibilities?
  5. What’s your day rate? This is the hourly rate you’re willing to pay a nanny for their time.
  6. How many hours do you want a nanny to work? For instance, will you need care for five or eight hours a day?
  7. Are you prioritizing finding someone experienced with children of the same age as your child?
  8. Is there anything specific in your child’s life that would make them more likely to thrive with a nanny? For instance, are they in an after-school program or daycare already, or do they have special medical needs?
  9. What are your priorities for finding a nanny? Is it most important to find someone who will bond with your child or someone experienced with childcare and make things easier on you?
  10. What’s the ideal length of time in which you’d like to find a permanent nanny?
  11. How important is it that you’re able to communicate with a potential nanny in advance? For instance, do you want to be able to Skype or FaceTime before hiring them?
  12. How important is it to find someone who has the right combination of strengths, knowledge, personality, and experience that will work well with your child?
  13. What are the non-negotiables you’re looking for in a nanny?
  14. Do you think you’ll be able to determine who is a good fit and who isn’t? 

Any good nanny will have an instinct about what’s good for your child right from the start. It should be easy for you to identify their strengths and their weaknesses. However, if you don’t have any experience with selecting a nanny, it’s best to do your research and ask close family and friends who have hired nannies successfully before.

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

In addition, there are certain things that a nanny needs before they begin the process of working with your child. One is being screened for their employment history in a thorough background check. Background checks are the only way to make sure that you’re hiring someone who has not been involved in any illegal activity or has done something that would be considered negligent toward children.

You’re not just hiring anyone to take care of your child. You want someone trustworthy and qualified. A background check is the most important thing when it comes to hiring someone responsible for childcare. 

RCMP accredited online background checks are the most convenient way to determine if a potential nanny has any past criminal history. It’s also important because it will tell you if they’ve had any incidents with children in the past that may be of concern. When hiring a nanny, finding out if they have a childcare license is also essential. If the nanny doesn’t have a childcare license, then it’s not a good idea to hire them. When looking for a nanny, be aware of references that you could be given as well. It’s also vital to check if they have any years of experience with children or children with special needs.

Final Thoughts

The best way to ensure safe and reliable childcare is to find a nanny with the right combination of strengths, knowledge, personality, and experience. Integrity and honesty are two important traits of a good nanny. They need to be someone who is trustworthy and dependable with integrity. After all, nannies are also adult role models for your child, and you want your child to grow up around someone who is a genuinely good and responsible person. 

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