Vivo Tonic Reviews – Blood Sugar Scam or Real Results?

Vivo Tonic is a dietary formula enriched with 11 unique ingredients working to maintain blood sugar levels. According to the official website (, two capsules of this supplement stabilize the blood sugar and lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This formula is based on a secret used by Nepalese Monks to maintain their health, and with commercial production, everyone can now access it and use it to enjoy the best of health. 

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Many times, people fail to understand the real issue in their declining health, and that’s how they develop diabetes, gradually. If the blood sugar levels remain high continuously, they pose a severe health risk and may cause irreversible damage to the body. Whether a person has diabetes or not, taking care of the blood sugar levels is mandatory for them. 

But how much high sugar triggers this risk? You would probably have no idea about it, and only a certified doctor can help you determine this risk. Meanwhile, there are many things you can do to get back to healthy sugar levels, for example, making basic changes to the diet, following physical activity, and using a supplement to help the body regulate sugar metabolism.

vivo tonic

Vivo Tonic is an all-natural formula that works on excessive sugar molecules, breaks down, and uses them to generate energy. But how to be sure of its working when you have never tried it before? More importantly, how to trust it when the supplement market is full of scams and risks? Keep reading this Vivo Tonic review to find answers to all questions.

If you are already convinced to try it, jump to the pricing section to know where to buy Vivo Tonic and how much it costs. Others can start by understanding the product first.

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Vivo Tonic Review – What To Know About It?

Vivo Tonic is a sugar regulatory formula that uses premium quality plant ingredients to achieve its purposes. It comes in a capsule form that is easy to use and carry. Do not confuse it with medicine, as it does not treat any medical condition. The primary goal of this supplement is to help the body restore its capacity to metabolize sugar, which is often disturbed by age, medicinal usage, poor dietary choices, or genetic/environmental factors.

The information on the official Vivo Tonic website states that the idea of creating Vivo Tonic pills is taken from the recipes used by Monks of Kathmandu. It includes only natural ingredients and has no artificial ingredients, toxins, and hormones added. Therefore, the risks attached with this supplement are zero, and it can be used by anyone for a long time.

Managing sugar is challenging, especially when you cannot change much about your diet and lifestyle in general. The biggest reason why people slowly watch themselves heading towards diabetes, despite knowing the risk, is because they stop putting in the effort. Changing diet and habits is one thing, but using a dietary supplement like Vivo Tonic accelerates overall efforts and provides better results in less time. 

Only when a person goes beyond the range of reversible damage, he is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but the actual damage starts way before this stage and is very much reversible, especially in earlier stages.

Finding a reliable dietary supplement is challenging because of the unlimited options available. Each of these products comes with sky-high promises, but only a few of them meet their promises well. The health experts suggest going through all the details about a supplement before starting to use it. In case you are interested to know what is inside Viva Tonic and how does Viva tonic work, continue reading and make a better decision once you finish this Viva Tonic review.

Benefits Of Using Vivo Tonic Blood Sugar Pills

Going through the official website of Vivo Tonic blood sugar supplement suggests the following benefits. 

  • Natural sugar regulatory benefits with no requirement to use any medicine
  • Independent work without a strict diet and lifestyle change
  • Non-stimulatory formula, non-addictive and free from withdrawal effects
  • Non-GMO formula, free from allergens and toxins
  • Gentle on the body and suitable for everyone
  • Incredible results within a few weeks (individual results may vary)
  • No chemical coating, artificial ingredients, or unnecessary fillers added.

How Does Vivo Tonic Work?

You will be surprised to see the ingredients list of the Viva Tonic supplement. Most dietary formulas use a bunch of ingredients inside; this formula contains not one or two but eleven different ingredients, each loaded with numerous health benefits. This ingredient list is a combination of plant extracts, essential vitamins, and minerals, which is rare to find elsewhere. Searching for these ingredients will tell you about the amazing benefits that they provide to the body, including maintaining sugar levels with inflammatory control and lowering oxidative stress.

Unlike other supplements that look similar to Vivo Tonic, it does not make high promises, treat a medical condition, or do something that is otherwise impossible. It works on a ‘believable’ and scientifically proven approach to cut down the risk factors and save the body from complications of high blood sugar levels. Once the body starts controlling the sugar metabolism, the risk of diabetes and all associated conditions minimize.

But how does the Vivo Tonic supplement do this? What are Vivo Tonic ingredients, and what do these ingredients help with? Let’s explore the Vivo Tonic ingredients to get answers. 

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Vivo Tonic Ingredients

The ingredients inside any dietary formula provide a deeper insight into how it works and what to expect from it. Health experts suggest everyone check the ingredients list first before investing the money into any dietary blend. The companies often hide information, especially about ingredients, and do not mention anything on the label. If you experience it with any product, take it as a warning sign and refrain from buying that product. In the case of Viva Tonic blood sugar supplement, there is no such issue because the company is completely transparent about its ingredients and formula.

There is another reason not to miss the ingredient label because it is easy to know the benefits of any ingredient with a simple online search. There is no prior knowledge of plants and medicines needed to do it. And if there is any suspicious ingredient inside, you can easily spot it and save yourself from a scam.

The Vivo Tonic makers use 11 distinctive ingredients, each with proven health benefits. They have called this formula a “sacred Buddhist blood sugar regulator” that works on everyone who follows the standard usage guidelines. You can find the names of all ingredients on the official website as well as product labels, but none of these mentions the exact dosage for any ingredient inside. 

Here is a complete list of all VivoTonic ingredients. 

  • Banaba leaves– the first ingredient in Vivo Tonic is Banaba, which has more than 40 essential bioactive compounds that maintain healthy sugar levels in the body.
  • Corosolic Acid– one particular ingredient called corosolic acid in Banaba leaves is associated with improving insulin sensitivity, glucose uptake in cells, lowering serum triglycerides, and regulating cholesterol that also facilitates weight loss. Some studies prove its role in enhancing oxidative stress markers in the body without changing or inducing the toxic effects. 
  • Silymarin– it is a naturally occurring ingredient from the plant milk thistle that has a long history of medicinal usage. It improves the working of major organs of the body, including the liver, that regulates glucose levels inside.
  • Berberine– often added to weight loss and diabetic supplements, berberine has hidden benefits for obese and hyperglycemic people. It boosts sugar metabolism in the body, using all available glucose to generate and fuel the body. Long-term use of berberine also maintains a healthy weight with the lowest chance of obesity.
  • Asian Ginseng- the next Vivo Tonic ingredient works on metabolism and immunity at the same time. Ginseng is high in demand for its numerous health benefits, but not everyone can get his hands on it. The company has outsourced it and used it in this formula so that all users can enjoy its immune-boosting benefits.
  • Green Tea Leaf- there is already so much research and discussion on green tea, especially its polyphenols like EGCG. These polyphenols work like antioxidants, clears the body from toxins, relieve inflammation, control oxidative stress, boost metabolism, and aid in sugar metabolism.
  • Resveratrol– the natural antioxidant from grape seeds and wines offers unbelievable anti-aging effects to the users. In this formula, the resveratrol is taken from the Japanese knotweed plant, a rich source of antioxidants that is otherwise inaccessible for most people. Resveratrol is also available individually in supplement form, but there is no need to use it separately when you are taking Vivo Tonic pills. It will stabilize blood sugar levels along with delaying the common signs of aging in the user. Further, it supports healthy blood circulation and prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • Cayenne Pepper– many people know this as a spice, but it has a long history of medicinal usage, especially against obesity and diabetes. There is plenty of research evidence suggesting the thermogenic properties of cayenne peppers that help lose fat all over the body. Inside Vivo Tonic, it works the same way, helping the users maintain a healthy weight, blood flow, and sugar levels.
  • Zinc– this Vivo Tonic ingredient is a mineral that is essentially required for the body to perform a number of functions. A deficiency of zinc can lead to slow metabolism, hormonal issues, and fluctuating blood sugar levels. Hence, a daily intake of zinc in the form of this multi-ingredient supplement is much needed for optimal health. Moreover, zinc also lowers and maintains triglycerides and cholesterol levels, protecting heart health.
  • Chromium– chromium is another mineral involved in insulin activity. For this reason, it is often added to the sugar regulatory formulas to save prediabetic and diabetic patients from chromium deficiency. When the inadequate amount, chromium leads to low fasting blood sugar levels, cellular uptake of glucose, and stable insulin levels. Many times doctors also recommend taking a chromium supplement, but if you are considering Vivo Tonic, it might not be necessary.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid- ALA is a compound that works like an antioxidant. The natural sources to get ALA are broccoli, spinach, and other greens, but it is also available in supplement form. The human body needs a sufficient supply of ALA to maintain nerve functions. Many times diabetic and prediabetic patients experience neuropathy, also called diabetic nerve pain, for which they need a constant supply of ALA. Vivo Tonic pills supply this ALA to the body without taking any additional supplements and maintain healthy nerves for the user.

This complete ingredient list of Vivo Tonic supplement shows that it has only natural ingredients inside. The company is confident that all of these ingredients are taken from premium quality sources, but it has not provided the details. There is no information on whether the company grows these sources by itself or buys them from a merchandiser. However, it does mention that the formulation takes place in an GMP-certified facility, equipped with the latest machinery that operates under skilled professionals.

There are no artificial ingredients or suspicious names in this formula. All the ingredients are efficient and safe for human consumption. In fact, the formula as a whole has also been tested from third-party laboratories. There is nothing about Vivo Tonic that looks suspicious or may cause a side effect in any user. It appears to be a safe and convenient formula that can be used for as long as a person wants, without worrying about anything.

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What Does Viva Tonic Label Tell You?

The label does not provide all these details to the user, and it only mentions the names of 11 ingredients inside this formula. There is no information about the exact dosage or value of these ingredients. Also, it does not say whether it has any inactive ingredients or not. Every company tries to follow some secrecy in its product details for obvious reasons, but if you have concerns regarding the dosage safety, write to the company and get information about it.

The company declares these supplements to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well, showing there is no gelatin inside. The company also highlights this formula as free from ‘non-essential fillers, ’ meaning there are no artificial flavors, taste enhancers, and dyes added. Although it is evident that it uses some preservatives and fillers to add to its shelf life, the company chooses the safest options for this purpose. You can view this product label on the official website, too, without practically buying the supplement bottle. If there is any confusion, you can contact the company and make a direct inquiry.

Vivo Tonic Side Effects 

Going through the ingredient list shows the name of plant-based ingredients only. The two minerals inside its formula, zinc, and chromium, are vital to maintaining sugar levels naturally. There is nothing about this supplement that looks suspicious, and for the same reasons, the chances of scams, frauds, or side effects with Vivo Tonic are zero.

The company emphasizes fair usage of this product. Plants are equally powerful as medicines, and experimenting with dosage is never a good idea, no matter which type of supplement or medicine you are consuming. Never use a dietary supplement if you have an underlying medical condition and take daily medicine. In this situation, talk to your healthcare provider and get a customized treatment plan that may include supplements, too, if deemed necessary by your doctor. 

Those below 18 years of age should not consume any supplement designed for adult users. There are chances for these ingredients to cause undesirable effects because their values may not suit underage people. Lastly, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid taking a supplement because of the obvious risks. Talk to your doctor if you are confused about adding a sugar regulatory formula in your life. 

For best results, make basic changes to your diet and add an activity to get more benefits out of Vivo Tonic pills.  

Where To Buy Vivo Tonic? Pricing, Offers and Discounts

Vivo Tonic is exclusively available online and can be purchased through the official website – There is no need to step out and look for it at local stores or invest time finding it at Amazon when you can make the direct payment through the official vendor.

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Coming to its price, Vivo Tonic seems reasonable and suitable for everyone’s budget. Compared to other sugar regulatory formulas that cost at least $150 per bottle, it is relatively cheaper and provides more benefits than others. To make it even better, the company introduces discounts, promotions, and offers that lower its price even more. These offers are limited to direct customers only.

The actual price of one bottle is $99.00, but the company is offering a discount offer these days that cut its price to $79 only. Here are the complete pricing details after the discount offer.

  • Get One Vivo Tonic Bottle For $79.00 (Standard Shipping Apply)
  • Get Three Vivo Tonic Bottles For $177.00 (Standard Shipping Apply)
  • Get Six Vivo Tonic Bottles For $294.00 (Free Shipping)

As you can see, the price of one bottle is the highest, and when you choose to buy more bottles, the per bottle price reduces. Instead of paying $99 per bottle, you would be paying $59 per bottle for the three bottles pack and $49 per bottle for six bottles pack. You can also save $9.99 delivery charges by buying a six bottle pack.

There are 60 capsules in every bottle of Vivo Tonic, and this one bottle is enough for the whole month. The daily dosage is two capsules taken with water. Every user should expect the effects within three months of using it. However, those who are at a higher level of irregular sugar metabolism may take up to six months to show noticeable effects.

Vivo Tonic Refund Policy

All orders come with a 60-day money back offer allowing the customers to get their money from the company if they are not happy with the results. This offer is only valid for the bottles purchased from the company’s official website. Those who have bought it from local sellers or unauthorized online stories cannot come to the company asking for a refund.

There are no questions asked, and the company only needs your order number and primary details to initiate the refund process. Once it confirms your record from the order database, the refund process starts right away. You may need to send the used or unused Vivo Tonic bottles back to the company in original packing to get this refund. Contact the customer support line to get more information about refunds, orders, and deliveries.

How To Contact The Company?

There is not much available about the company itself, but it is not an excuse to develop doubts. It is mentioned on the website that every Vivo Tonic bottle is sealed after being tested by the medical laboratory for quality and safety. They further state that all of the ingredients inside this formula meet the standards of purity and quality and are least likely to cause side effects.

The address mentioned on the product label tells that it is distributed by ‘PhytoThrive Labs,’ which makes other dietary formulas too. It means, Vivo Tonic is not a random product but is manufactured by a company already in the supplement industry for a long time.

If you want to verify the status of this company before making a purchase, feel free to contact it using the following means.


Email Form:

Here is the address of the company. 

PhytoThrive Labs

37 Inverness Road, Suite 100, Englewood

Colorado, 80112. USA 

Vivo Tonic Reviews – The Final Word 

Vivo Tonic is a formula loaded with minerals and herbal extracts that support healthy sugar levels. It is sold online through its website and is only available for US and Canadian citizens for now. A regular intake of this supplement balances the sugar levels, especially among people already at risk of diabetes. It may also regulate cholesterol, body weight, blood pressure, heart health, and nerve functions, all of which are common issues in pre-diabetic patients. 

Its price is comparatively less than other available options in the market, and the discount offers make it even more affordable. It is currently in stock and available for immediate delivery. For more details, visit the official website today. 

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