5 Characteristics of Professional Casino Players

Imagine a job that requires no education, credentials, or experience yet has the potential to pay thousands of dollars a week. A career where you are your own boss and can make six figures every year. Welcome to the world of professional casino players! What makes these people so good at what they do?

The Makings of a Casino Winner

There are thousands of professional casino players from all kinds of different backgrounds, with a plethora of strengths and weaknesses. Yet, some qualities seem to be almost universal among them. Do you have what it takes to rule the casino?


Being a professional player is all about understanding the game you want to play and figuring out how to best use the rules to your advantage. Probability and math are arguably a successful player’s most valuable tools. It’s their job to figure out what strategy will lead them to win more money than they lose at any particular game.

Many professional casino players even run computer simulations that test how a strategy will perform over millions of hands. Slim margins equal big rewards in line kind of work. If you increase your chances of winning by 1%, your weekly earnings could increase by over 50%, netting you several thousand more dollars a year.


Working the casino isn’t like most jobs. There’s no boss or employees to hold you accountable. It’s up to you to keep yourself at that table, swiping cash from the other players or the fat cat casino owners. Your motivation needs to be unshakable. Peaks and valleys are an inherent part of gambling, and pros will experience them just as deeply as anyone else. They just ensure the baseline is always trending upwards. Even the best players can go on losing streakings that span several days or even upwards of a week. Temper your spirit and be resilient. 


No game you’ll find at a casino is both long-term profitable and has been publicly “solved.” If it was, every Tom, Dick, and Harry would be there using that strategy to secure themselves big money. Your job as a professional gambler is to have the game closer to solved than everyone at the table. It’s an arms race, and most players keep their strategies even closer to their chest than their card. If you want to keep up with the competition, you can never have enough knowledge. Being a pro is all about constantly looking for every small advantage they can get to maximize your bank account!

Emotionally in Control

What defines a pro isn’t just skill; it’s the mindset. Confidence, endurance, and patience are all vital. Remember, when it comes to gambling, you need to have money to make money, and the amount of cash you walk home with at the end of the day is based on how much of it you put on the table. There will be times where a regular person would feel tempted to take a massive risk because the reward is so tantalizing close, but a pro is always only thinking, “What is my best play?” 


Having a strategy is undoubtedly important, but don’t keep your foot on the gas pedal if you see a brick wall directly in front of you. Not everything on paper ends up the same way in practice, and any professional is sure to know this first hand. You need to be able to make quick, unexpected decisions in the moment. If someone is the type that freezes up the second things veer off the given path, the casino world will eat them and spit them out with an empty wallet. 

Are You the Next Pro?

Not just anyone can survive in a career where they only make what they can take, but if you have any or all of the above qualities, you have a good shot. If you want to test your abilities, you don’t even have to drive to a casino – https://goodluckmate.com/ lets you play from the comfort of your own home!

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