Semenoll Reviews – Scam Reports or Legit Fertility Booster?

Semenoll is a dietary formula created to work on male fertility and sexual health. According to the official website, it improves sperm health, adds to semen production, boosts sexual performance, and many related benefits. But how often do you come across a supplement that offers all these benefits without any side effects or risk? 

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Fertility issues are more common than everyone’s imagination, and anyone who is going through this should know that he is not alone. Couples struggle for years to conceive a baby, and many times it is because of low fertility in men. While there is a misconception regarding infertility, it is not always a woman who is responsible for failure to conceive. If the male partner has insufficient sperm health or semen production, it can be a major reason for failed conceptions too. 

Infertility is treatable in many cases, mainly where the damage is still in the initial phase. It is possible to improve it by changing the diet, lifestyle, and preferably, taking a supplement that supports sexual health. There are probably hundreds of options in fertility-boosting supplements, one of which is Semenoll. But you cannot trust any randomly without knowing about it. 


It is normal to have concerns about a new product, especially the one that directly targets health. But there are many reasons that make Semenoll a better choice than all available options. Read all details about this supplement, especially what is inside it and how it works in improving fertility. For pricing details and to know where to buy Semenoll, jump to the pricing section at the end. 

Here is everything that you need to know about the Semenoll male fertility formula before buying it.

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Semenoll Review: What is Semenoll?

Semenoll is a dietary blend that comes in the form of easy-to-use capsules. It is exclusively available online at its official website ( 

According to the website, it is a 100% natural formula that is risk-free for all users. Daily use of this supplement leads to various sexual benefits and increases their chances of having a baby with their female partner. However, conception is not the only reason to use Semenoll, and those who wish to improve their semen volume and overall sexual strength may also use this supplement. 

Semenoll capsules come in premium packaging, and there are 90 capsules in one bottle. Every use is required to take three capsules to gain these reproductive and sexual benefits. There are so many user reviews posted on the website explaining how they were able to enjoy their private moments with their partners and how they were able to impregnate them within a few months of using it. 

But how does Semenoll help in all this? How do these capsules increase the chances of being a father and that too within a few months only? Continue reading to find out. 

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Fertility Boost With Semenoll

Semenoll contains vital ingredients that are vital for male sexual health and fertility. It works on a nourishing principle by adding the vital nutrients to the body that it otherwise lacks. There are many reasons to suffer from nutrient deficiency and from dietary changes to workload, stress, hormones, and related factors; the reason could be any. But it would probably be unfair to expect a person to change his whole life or make him bound to a specific routine. An easier alternative is to make up for these deficient nutrients by either dietary changes or using a supplement, and Semenoll works on the latter one. 

Semenoll is made of plant-based ingredients mixed in an FDA-approved facility and prepared under Good Manufacturing Practices. Many of these ingredients are required by the body to perform well, especially in sexual encounters, and improve the quality of semen. Making it a part of your routine life provides a continuous supply of nutrients to the body that enhances libido, testosterone production and overall improves sexual health. 

Here is what to expect from this supplement. 

  1. Improved fertility and sexual health 
  2. Better sperm health without taking any medicines 
  3. Increased semen volume increasing the chances of impregnation 
  4. Enhanced sexual pleasure and satisfaction leading to a happy love life

Let’s find out how Semenoll pills achieve these above-mentioned benefits. 

How Does Semenoll Work?  

Semenoll is a triple-action formula that targets three areas of male fertility. The daily recommendation is to take only three capsules with water, and after a few days, the user will expect better fertility, better sperm count, and improved sexual performance, all of which increase the chances of impregnating his partner. 

Here is how this triple-action formula works. 

  • Effect on fertility 

The first thing that Semenoll targets is fertility that means it increases the chances of making your partner pregnant in less time. According to the information shared online at, it works on testosterone production and aid in male fertility. Everyone knows that testosterone is the male sexual hormone controlling all vital functions, including fertility. With age, testosterone production is affected, and in the presence of other risk factors, i.e., stress, obesity, poor diet, an inactive lifestyle, it lowers fertility. Any changes to testosterone production directly change the fertility potential allowing a person to become a father even after previous unsuccessful attempts.  

  • Effects on sperm health 

Next, Semenoll works on sperm health and increases the sperm count meaning the total number of sperms produced by the body. It adds numerous antioxidants to the body that work on oxidative stress, brings it down, and saves the body from damage. Oxidative stress often leads to chronic inflammation affecting the sperm count, volume, and viable sperm levels. All of these are improved when the oxidative stress is controlled, and if it is done by natural ingredients, it brings no side effects for the user. 

  • Effects on sexual performance 

Sexual performance accounts for all the activities leading to a successful sexual experience. Using Semenoll tablets improves everything from the libido, arousal, and ejaculation leading to complete satisfaction. It can even enhance the relations with your partner, making love life better. Men who often experience erection-related problems can confidently get involved in an intimate scene without any self-doubts. Semenoll removes the issues that cause poor blood circulation and makes blood reach all parts, including the penile area. This blood flow can even add some inches to your size after a few months of regularly taking this supplement. Eventually, it also helps planning a baby and conceiving it, starting a family together with your partner. 

Most Semenoll users may start noticing these changes within a few weeks of using it. However, it depends on various factors; many of them are correlated, i.e., obesity, hormonal health, stress levels, exposure to toxic substances, environmental factors, etc. A complete sexual health boost may take between three to six months. 

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Information On Semenoll Ingredients

Going through the ingredient list helps to estimate the benefits associated with any dietary supplement. Semenoll formula contains vitamins, minerals, and various plant extracts, most of which have proven benefits for humans. Basic background research can tell that some of its ingredients, i.e., maca root have sexual health benefits and have been used in traditional medicines for centuries. On the other side, ingredients like zinc have been backed with various scientific studies to improve blood circulation, increase libido, and boost testosterone production. Overall, it seems like these ingredients have been chosen after thorough research and combined into a safe formulation.

Here is the complete list of all Semenoll ingredients. 

  • Tribulus Terrestris extract (1,107mg) 
  • Maca root extract (900mg) 
  • Muira puama extract (45mg) 
  • L-arginine (44.6mg) 
  • L-lysine (36mg) 
  • Pumpkin seed extract (22.5mg)
  • Zinc (22.5mg) 

Other ingredients: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (a substance added to the coating), magnesium salts, silicon dioxide, zinc oxide, and N-acetylcysteine (all working as anti-caking agents).

Here is what to expect from these Semenoll ingredients. 

Maca Root Extract- the first name in Semenoll formula is maca root extract added in 3000 mg per serving. It appears to be a high dose for many people considering that he will be taking three capsules daily. But Maca roots have been evaluated for their safety and benefits through numerous studies. For hundreds of years, it has been used to improve sexual health in men as it directly improves semen production, sperm quality, concentration, and various other markers of good sexual health. 

Zinc Oxide- next ingredient in Semenoll pills is zinc oxide, which directly targets testosterone levels and makes up for any decline. The biggest reason men have to experience infertility issues is the low testosterone count resulting from aging, stress, or any lifestyle changes. It is impossible to restart this testosterone production without taking help from somewhere, which is why zinc oxide is added to this formula. Several studies confirm that zinc can improve sperm motility, testosterone production, and semen production in men, among various other benefits. 

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine– next in this formula is N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC), which is actually an antioxidant added to many dietary formulas. Studies on NAC explain that it lowers the inflammation inside the body that adds up to semen production and quality. Overall, it increases male fertility, increasing his chances to be a father. 

Pumpkin Seed Extract- Semenoll pills also have pumpkin seed extract inside, which is an adaptogen supporting the overall physical and mental health of the user. Adaptogens work as stress-lowering compounds, but some studies reveal that they also help in male fertility, prostate health, and safe from sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction. 

Tribulus Terrestris: you may easily find Tribulus supplements in the market, but inside a multi-ingredient formula like Semenoll, its effects are much more enhanced. Every capsule contains nearly 3,690mg of Tribulus Terrestris plant extract, and taking three pills per day makes it a much higher value, enough to make a difference. Some studies highlight the role of the Tribulus plant in improving libido and fertility, whereas others confirm its benefits in testosterone production. 

L-Arginine- it is an amino acid that regulates blood flow in the body by working on nitric oxide (NO) synthesis. This nitric oxide is naturally produced in the body to widen all blood vessels and make it easy to pump blood to all organs. In Semenoll, it helps to maintain erections for a long time, helping the user to enjoy intimate moments for a longer time. 

L-Lysine– next, Semenoll has L-lysine, which works on lowering stress and maintaining hormonal health inside the body. Men often get into performance anxiety before a sexual encounter that somehow affects their performance too. Semenoll has a special type of L-lysine inside called L-lysine hydrochloride. This compound lowers the cortisol level and saves the body from anxiety and stress. 

Muira Puama- the last ingredient in Semenoll formula is a plant called Muira Panama, native to Brazil and surrounding areas. This plant has been used for hundreds of years to improve sexual stamina, strength, and energy, eventually helping men retain their masculinity and fertility. 

All these Semenoll ingredients work together in a perfect balance, making it easy for the body to experience a complete sexual health boost. There are no unnecessary chemicals or artificial ingredients added to this formula that makes it safe for almost all users. 

People with food-related allergies can check this ingredient list and confirm it from their doctor first before using it. If they suspect any ingredient linked with allergies, it is better not to use Semenoll and use any alternative lacking that particular ingredient. 

The results are better when Semenoll is added to a healthy and active lifestyle, but it is not dependent upon dietary and lifestyle changes to work.  

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Scientific Evaluation of Semenoll Ingredients

Unlike other performance boosters, the makers of Semenoll pills have provided complete information about its formula. It includes ingredients names and dosage both. It makes it easy to compare with other available options and choose one that offers more nutrients.  

The Semenoll ingredient list shows two ingredients are added in the highest value: Tribulus Terrestris extract (in 1,107mg) and maca root extract (in 900mg). Next is mineral zinc that makes for nearly 90.4% of the daily value. The supplement also contains small amounts of Muira Pauma extract, pumpkin seed extract, L-arginine, and L-lysine.

Based on the information shared online, all these ingredients are taken from premium quality sources and are safe for everyone. There are few chances that any of them can go wrong for a user or induce an undesirable effect. 

Although Semenoll is not verified scientifically as a supplement, all of its ingredients have proven benefits for health. You will find 12 research studies mentioned on the official website explaining how its ingredients offer sexual health benefits. However, the supplement itself has not gone through any clinical trials that are otherwise common with medicines and vaccines. 

Semenoll Side Effects and Safety Risks

Based on the information provided by the supplier, there are no chances that it can go wrong and cause side effects in any user. But it is not possible without cooperation from the user. The company has provided complete usage guidelines and suggests following the recommended dosage only. Many times people over consume a dietary supplement hoping it will bring results faster. 

Taking more than the recommended dosage is never a good idea because the body goes way over the daily value of an ingredient. If this practice has been followed daily, there are also high chances that the body will start exhibiting undesirable effects that no one wants. Therefore, the user has to take the recommended daily dosage. 

Next, the chances of side effects are minimal if the recommended method is followed. Semenoll is meant to be consumed orally, and adding it into any food or drink recipe is restricted. These pills are to be consumed with water, and taking them with alcohol, carbonated drink, or any herbal blend is not recommended. 

There is also an age restriction as Semenoll is only suitable for people over 18 years of age. It is neither recommended nor safe for younger people, women, and older adults with underlying health conditions. If you are already diagnosed with a medical condition, using supplements on your own is not the best idea. Talk to a doctor first if you are taking any medication or are confused about its usage. 

Note- Semenoll is not a treatment pill. It cannot be used in place of any medication or to treat any medical condition. Individual results may vary. 

Where To Buy Semenoll Fertility Booster? Pricing, Discounts, and Offers 

Semenoll is currently available online, and you will never see it being sold locally. The only way to get your hands on this supplement is by ordering it from the official website ( 

Here is the Direct Link to Buy Semenoll From its Official Website 

There is no prescription required to purchase Semenoll capsules, and the company expects the user to be at least 18 years old to use it. 

Comparing its price with other fertility boosters reveals that it is much affordable than all options. The actual price of one bottle of Semenoll is $69.99, and buying more bottles cuts this price too. In addition to this, the company offers a discount offer that gives a discount on every bottle. Here are the complete pricing details. 

Get One Semenoll Bottle (30 days’ supply) for $59.95 + Free Shipping

Get Three Semenoll Bottles (90 days’ supply) for $119.95 + Free Shipping

Get Five Semenoll Bottles (150 days’ supply) for $179.95 + Free Shipping

There are 90 capsules in every bottle, and one bottle is enough for one whole month. The daily recommendation is to use three capsules and no more. Those who just want to try it for the first time may start by ordering one bottle, but others who need a complete sexual boost can order three or five bottles together. Buying it in bulk gives a discount on the full price and also waives the delivery charges. 

Semenoll Refund Policy

The best thing about Semenoll is the money-back guarantee. Most of the dietary formulas offer a 30 or 60 days guarantee, but Semenoll comes with a 100 days money-back offer that is much more than most companies. During this time, if you do not like this supplement or fail to experience its benefits, the company is ready to give you a complete refund of your order. Note that you will not get your shipping charges back as they are nonrefundable. The company will only cater to refund requests made during this timeline and through proper channels. 

The company has an active customer support line that deals with all refunds. Every user is advised to contact it and share order details. After verifying the details from the order history, the company will ask the user to return the used or unused bottles to the official address. Once the company receives this package, the refund process will start immediately. 

The refund requests are only acceptable on orders made through the official website. People who have bought Semenoll from local dealers or unauthorized websites will not be entertained. 

Here is how to contact the company.

Via Email:

Via Email Form:

Via Phone: +44 203 476 9545

Semenoll is a product of Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited that is a well-known company. There are no doubts about its efficiency or safety, as it comes from an established company that follows all standard protocols in manufacturing and packaging. The company distributes all orders by itself without involving local retailers. 

Here is the physical address of the company to send return parcels. 

Mailing Address: 12 Payne Street, Glasgow, G4 0LF, United Kingdom

Semenoll Reviews Final Verdict – Should You Buy It or Not?

Semenoll is a natural dietary formula that works on male fertility and sexual health. It is a help for people who are struggling to become parents. According to the information shared online, it can fill in for the nutritional deficiencies making a person more sexually active, energetic, and fertile. 

All ingredients inside Semenoll are obtained from plant-based sources, and the company fully complies with the manufacturing standards. Every user will notice changes in his sexual health within a few weeks of using it, or else he can get his money back from the company under the100 days money-back offer. 

For more details about orders, refunds, and deliveries, visit the official website ( today


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