Election Challenges Begin Monday in Civil District Court

Orleans Parish Chief Elections Officer Arthur Morrell and his attorney Madro Bandaries will head over to Civil District Court early Monday morning, July 26, to represent that State of Louisiana in three of six election challenges that were filed against candidates last Friday, July 23. Only at the end of these court challenges, will the final roster of candidates emerge.

It used to be that candidates who wanted to run for office just had to pay the filing file and start campaigning. Today almost every candidate – especially in hot races -is scrutinized to make sure their taxes have been paid, any ethics fines or fees have been satisfied, and that their residency information meets the requirements. 

For example, after Mayor Cantrell qualified on Wednesday, July 14, she was notified by the state ethics board that a payment was due that could put her candidacy in jeopardy. Cantrell had the legal right to pay the fee and re-qualify before the Friday, July 16th deadline. It’s possible that another candidate didn’t receive the same courtesy call and could be disqualified because of unpaid ethics fines.

In the cases that will be heard Monday, Anne Zoller Kiefer challenged Darren Lombard who qualified for Clerk Criminal District Court. Thomas Robichaux is the attorney. The case will be heard at 10 a.m. Monday in Judge Kern Reese’s courtroom. Lombard is currently Clerk of Second City Court and previously worked as a Deputy Clerk at Criminal District Court.

Also at 10 a.m. Monday Kevin Kimbrough’s challenge to David Nowak’s candidacy for Council At Large Division 1 will be heard in Judge Ellen Hazeur’s courtroom. Kimbrough is being represented by Ike Spears. City Council President Helena Moreno currently holds the Division 1 seat and has another challenger – Kenneth Cutno – as well. Cutno’s candidacy is not being challenged.

Adam Irvin and Carl Irvin filed a complaint against assessor candidate Gregory “Greg” Lirette, which Hazeur will hear at 11:30 a.m. Patrick Follette is representing the Irvins. Lirette ran earlier this year for Congress.  

On Tuesday, July 27 Arielle Desse’s challenge to State Rep 102 candidate Jordan Bridges will be heard by Reese at 10 a.m.  Bridges is the son of attorney Stephanie Bridges who previously ran for criminal court judge and is now a candidate for City Council District C. Delisha Boyd, a close associate of Congressman Troy Carter, is the other candidate in the 102 race. 

Also at 10 a.m. attorney Robichaux is back representing Tina Ellsworth-Fletcher who filed a challenge to Patricia Boyd-Robinson, the third candidate for Clerk Criminal District Court. Judge Omar Mason will preside. Boyd-Robinson worked in the clerk’s office under Clerk Kimberly Williamson-Butler. Clerk of First City Court Austin Badon is also a candidate in the race.  If Lombard and Boyd-Robinson are both disqualified, Badon immediately becomes the winner with no additional campaigning necessary.

The final court challenge pits Lisa Suarez and Robert Mitchell against Council District C contender Freddie King III. Suzie Montero is representing the plaintiffs before Judge Nicole Sheppard. Montero ran for judge several years ago. King’s case is said to revolve around residency.

Council District B candidate Timothy David Ray has withdrawn from the race. He previously served as Clerk of First City Court. Perhaps the BOLD political organization – who is supporting incumbent District B Councilmember Jay Banks- convinced Ray to withdraw so that Banks could better compete against his three women challengers – Roz Thibodeaux, Rella Zapletel, and Lesli Harris who is kicking off her campaign Wednesday evening at YaYa.    

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