Arctos Portable AC Reviews – Scam Arctos Air Cooler or Legit Deal?

Arctos Portable AC is a small-sized cooling unit that can keep you comfortable throughout the summer. As per the official website, this device can not only cool your room but also humidify the air so that dryness can be prevented. Sold exclusively at, you can purchase this electric appliance at amazingly reduced prices and discounted rates.

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Summer is a time of joy. As soon as the gloomy winter ends, people come out to enjoy festivals, plan road trips, and engage in social gatherings since the weather is extremely pleasant. However, as the summer progresses, the air suddenly starts feeling a little drier, the sun starts shining more brightly, and the heat index begins to rise. Soon enough, it becomes so hot that you are no longer able to enjoy the outdoor activities anymore. In such circumstances, Arctos Portable AC can be a real-life saver.

Due to the rising temperatures during summers, it nearly becomes impossible to plan any vacation or even leave the house. However, it also becomes extremely suffocating within your home that you are in dire need to install an air conditioner. However, not everyone can do it since the cost of a conventional cooling unit is extremely high, and along with its installation fee and the monthly electricity bills, only a handful of people are actually able to afford it. Moreover, it is also not a wise option especially now when there are cheaper alternatives in the form of portable ACs.

Arctos air cooler is a new device with cutting-edge technology that uses only a little amount of energy to chill your room. Due to its compact size, it is a perfect fit for small rooms. The device is inexpensive as compared to other air conditioners, and is extremely portable which means that you can carry it to any room. 

arctos portable ac

A growing number of people are interested in purchasing portable ACs mainly because they are inexpensive and do not add to their monthly expenses. It’s like they will barely feel that they have a working AC installed in their house while managing to get through summers comfortably. However, to enjoy these benefits properly, it is important to choose the right kind of air conditioner for yourself and the Arctos Portable AC can be a great option.

To know more about this air conditioner, keep reading this Arctos Portable AC review. It will discuss its key features and benefits and help you understand if it is worth investing your money in.

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Arctos Portable AC Review

Arctos Portable AC is a personal air cooler that can help keep you cool during the long, hot summers. According to the company, it can provide you with comfort and convenience as far as functionality is concerned. As compared to the normal air conditioners, this portable device consumes very little energy and still manages to provide enough cooling to keep the atmosphere pleasant. Due to its compact size and lightweight design, you can easily carry it around wherever you wish to without any inconvenience. Moreover, its advanced technology to lower the temperature can work no matter how hot it is outside.

Being a personal cooling device, the primary purpose of the Arctos air conditioner is to keep your bedroom, office, dorm room, or lounge comfortable enough through the summers. It comes with customizable features and various cooling functions along with easy operation.

The conventional air coolers are not only heavy but they tend to dry out the air while cooling it down. On the other hand, the Arctos Portable AC adds moisture to the air due to its humidifying properties while cooling it down. It is quite advantageous for people belonging to different walks of life. There are different modes that come with this AC i.e. it can work like a humidifier, a standard fan, and as well as an air cooler.

The official Arctos website mentions several customer reviews that have mentioned it as an extremely convenient device that comes with multiple attractive features yet simplicity of operation. In contrast to the standard ACs, it does not need to be mounted on the wall which saves the installation costs. Moreover, because it is portable and small-sized, you can clean it yourself instead of hiring professional help. This means that there is no maintenance cost associated with it which further saves money.

To make Arctos work, all you need to do is add some cold water and let it do the rest. To enjoy the cooling benefits of this cooling unit, visit today. The stocks of Arctos Portable AC are limited and selling out fast so don’t miss out and take action today.

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Is Arctos Portable AC Legit? Key Features And Benefits

To understand Arctos Portable AC more deeply, the best way is to keep a check on its main features and characteristics. According to the manufacturing company, this portable air cooler comes with the following modes and features:

  • Personal Cooler

Arctos Portable AC can be used to comfortably cool down the environment. All you need is a power source nearby to which it can be connected. Consider it as a personalized device because it is small in size and has a low weight. This means that you can place it anywhere on any surface.

  • Highly Adjustable

While using Arctos AC, it comes with a changeable louver. Moreover, there are three different fan settings i.e. low, medium, and high, making it possible to maintain high efficiency in your desired room.  Moreover, you can set it as per your preference.

  • Noiseless Operation

One of the most common complaints regarding the traditional air coolers is that they have a very noisy operation. Some of them make so much noise that it becomes practically impossible to accomplish anything in their presence. On the contrary, the Arctos Portable air conditioner works without creating any noise mostly because of its bladeless fan. This means that you can easily continue doing your work or even sleep while it works silently in the back.

  • Maximum Cooling

The Arctos Portable AC works by adding ice to the tray box or cold water to the water tank of this device. The colder the water is, the chiller the air it blows. If you want cooler air, consider using ice. The ice-cold waves of air that the device blows out are expected to cool down the temperature of its surroundings within minutes.

  • Convenient To Use

The manufacturing company has taken special care to design the Arctos AC in such a way that it has an extremely simple design. As a result, it is extremely easy to use and even a person who has never used any such electric appliance before can easily control it and change its settings accordingly.

  • Easy Installation

The official website of the Arctos Portable air conditioner has mentioned several times how simple and seamless this device is. The appliance comes in a preassembled form which means that the customers do not have to build it piece by piece which can be a hard thing to accomplish. What they need to do as soon as they get their parcel is to plug it in an active electricity outlet and allow it to charge.

Once it is fully charged, the water tank, as well as the water curtain, must be filled with water before turning it on so that the AC can start cooling air right away. All these activities are extremely simple and require no special skills.

  • Different Speeds

All units of Arctos Portable AC come with a louver that can be changed to direct the flow of air at your convenience. Moreover, there is also a system to adjust the speed of the fan at three levels i.e. breeze, cool, and chill.

  • Portable

The Arctos Portable air cooler has been designed keeping portability as one of the top preferences. Therefore, it has a compact size and very little weight, making it easier for users to carry it to any room they like. It can even be taken to an outdoor environment as long as there is an active electricity source nearby. 

  • Built-in LED Light

There is an LED light embedded in every unit of Arctos Portable AC which can be switched on at night and used as a night lamp, especially for those who are afraid of sleeping in a pitch-black room. Moreover, this LED indicator also lets users know about the exact level of water left inside the tank so that they don’t need to keep opening the water tank again and again.

  • Large Water Tank

The Arctos air cooler comes with a water tank that is large in size and can hold a lot of water at a time. This means that you can fill the tank with water once and keep enjoying the cool air for a long period without having to worry about constant refilling. 

  • Affordability

The number one reason why most people are unable to afford an AC and forced to live without one is the high costs associated with its purchase, installation, and maintenance. However, no such problems can be encountered with Arctos Portable AC as the company is offering it at an extremely low price. Furthermore, the company is providing extra discounts to all new and old customers to save extra money. 

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How Does Arctos Portable AC Really Work?

As mentioned by various Arctos Portable AC reviews online, this device is a 3-in-1 technology that features an air cooler, a fan, and a humidifier. It works in the following steps:

  • Fill the water tank with an adequate amount of water
  • Plugin the Arctos Portable AC in an active electric socket and turn on the fan
  • The fan starts blowing out hot air over the water tank which leads to evaporation
  • During the evaporative processes, the air cooler draws moisture from the water tank and use it to cool down the air
  • This cold air is then blown out to chill the environment

In the steps mentioned above, Arctos cools down the air so that you can keep yourself pleasant. The traditional air conditioners keep sucking moisture from the air but at the same time, they suck in moisture which can leave the air dry. Constant exposure to this dry air can lead to a number of problems for the users. However, because of the humidifying effect of the Arctos AC, no such issues can be encountered.

Because of this process, you can enjoy cooler, more humid air anywhere in your home. 

arctos reviews

The Science Behind The Arctos Air Cooler

To really understand the technology on which the Arctos Portable AC works, it is important to understand how a portable air cooling device works. It must be kept in mind that water is capable of evaporating once it is exposed to heat, and this is exactly how this AC works. It takes in hot air and exposes it to water. The heat from water leads to evaporation.

During this evaporative process, heat is transferred from the hot summer air to the water. At the same time, the water is transferred from the tank back to the air. As a result, the water becomes wetter and cooler. The water in the tank drops down as it moves up into the air in the form of droplets.

To speed up this process of evaporation, a water curtain has been installed in the Arctos Portable AC. This curtain needs to be soaked in water before using it. As the hot air passes through this curtain, the evaporative process is repeated once again. The hot air that came in from outside can cause moisture to rise from the curtain, drying it out while cooling the air.

Due to all these processes, the air that finally makes its way out of the air cooler is cold.

Arctos Versus The Conventional Air Conditioning Systems

If you are still not sure why you should get a portable air conditioner like the Arctos Portable AC instead of a conventional, large-sized cooling unit, here is why.

The Arctos Portable AC has been designed in such a way that it helps save money. Instead of paying a fortune to install multiple cooling units all across the house, you can invest in a single unit of the Arctos Portable AC which can be carried to any room you like.

Moreover, full home air conditioning can suck in moisture from the air, leaving the atmosphere dry and bristly. The effects of this dryness can be visible on your eyes, skin, and nasal passages which suddenly start feeling a lot drier. Some users may even get nosebleeds because of all the dryness.

To tackle all these problems, users can rely on an alternative like Arctos AC which adds moisture instead of taking it back from the air. Moreover, it uses minimum electricity to provide a comfortable environment without excessive sweating and heat.

Where to Buy Arctos Portable AC and How Much Does It Cost? 

The Arctos Portable AC is exclusively available for purchase at Here is a direct link to its official website for placing an order.

The company has priced this device at nominal rates so that people who are unable to afford a regular-sized air cooler can get their hands on it. More information on the Arctos Portable AC price is mentioned below:

  • One Arctos Portable AC is for $89.99
  • Two Arctos Portable AC units are for $179.98
  • Three units of this AC can be purchased for $202.48
  • Four units of this AC can be purchased for $247.47

As mentioned above, buying in bulk provides bigger discounts so if you wish to save more money, consider buying those. Buying in bulk will also provide all of your family members with their own unit of AC so that they can keep enjoying cool air throughout the summers.

If you have doubts and suspicions regarding the use of Arctos Portable AC, know that the company is offering a refund policy on all orders placed through the official website. According to this policy, users can keep trying their cooling unit for 60 days and if they feel like it doesn’t suit their lifestyle, they can return the device to the company and get their money back. However, if 60 days have passed, the company is liable to reject your request.

Arctos Portable AC Reviews – Concluding Thoughts

Arctos Portable AC is a good solution to beat the summer heat without having to sweat all day long. You can continue doing your regular work and sleep peacefully through the day without the heat getting to your nerves. It uses minimum electricity to provide cool air to the surrounding so that you can keep enjoying the cool air without adding much to the monthly expenses. Additionally, it comes in a preassembled form and does not require any configuration which means that it is convenient to use.

The company has priced Arctos Portable AC affordably so maximum people can make use of it. Further discounts are being provided to make it even easier to get

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Arctos Portable AC Customer Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Arctos Portable AC require any installation?

No, the company sends this device in a preassembled form. All users need to do is take it out of the box, plug it in an electrical socket and turn it on.

  • Do I need to buy my own batteries?

No, there are no additional batteries required for this AC to work. It comes with a built-in 200mAh battery that may last for an entire day. To charge these batteries, the company comes with a USB Type-C.

  • Can I use Arctos Portable AC while sleeping?

Yes, the device is completely safe to use as you sleep. It has a noiseless operation that will not disturb your sleep too and can be easily used in your bedroom or anywhere throughout the night. Just ensure that its water tank has enough water to last through the night.

  • How frequently should the water curtains be changed?

The water curtains installed in the Arctos Portable AC will require to be changed every three to six months. The exact time depends upon how frequently you are using this device. If you use it every day and more frequently, you will have to change the curtains earlier than six months.

  • Is Arctos Portable AC available at Amazon and Walmart?

The official website states that it has not sold its rights of distribution to any other platform other than You might find it on Amazon or Walmart; however, there is no guarantee that what these stores are selling is authentic. Therefore, consider all such devices as an Arctos Portable AC scam and stay away from them.

  • How many people can use a single unit of Arctos Portable AC?

Ideally speaking, one unit of this portable AC can be enough for a single person. Two persons may also use it but only if they are seated very close to each other. In other circumstances, it is best to get a separate Arctos Portable AC unit for every person.

  • Where can I place Arctos Portable AC?

For maximum safety, it is better to place the Arctos Portable AC on a flat surface close to where you are working. It can either be a cabinet, nightshade, a working station, or a shelf. Adjust its grills so that it can throw the air directly at you.

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