Leilani Heno: 100% for Freeing Up Police From Time-Wasting Marijuana Arrests

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In an exuberant Facebook post Sunday afternoon, candidate for mayor Leilani Heno said that favors directing the NOPD to focus on violent crime. “I am 100% for freeing up our limited police officers from dealing with petty offenses so that they can focus on the serious violent crimes that are simply out of control and plaguing our city.” 

The post followed a group discussion at which she was asked about her support of Council President Helena Moreno’s recent ordinance to decriminalize marijuana. The human body is Heno’s “natural wheelhouse”. “I treat athletes and many regular people, who, on a daily basis, are in pain,” Heno explained.

She believes that society is fine with giving out genetically modified drugs that can be taxed. “Those drugs come with dozens of side effects that stress the body and cause additional issues. Prescription drugs cause more symptoms and ailments.”

Marijuana alleviates much of the pain in a few of her older clients and allows her to gently strengthen their muscles around that pain. “And you know marijuana helps to alleviate the pain because doctors prescribe it. Most trust doctors but they don’t themselves. If you stamp it medicinal, you can control it.”

Heno says that both Adderall and Opioids are highly addictive. “Marijuana is natural. Adderall and Opioids are not. I have friends who suffer with extreme bipolar disorder. On prescription drugs, they cannot perform sexually or as an athlete. It’s not about the substance. It’s about the tax control. Medicine and pharmaceuticals are a huge business.”

Heno sees a connection between drugs, race and cops. 

“I still avoid bringing my Louis Vuitton purse into some stores due to being followed, and on occasion questioned as to whether I came in with it or not.  This may seem off topic but it’s not.” Heno thinks this behavior is hard to see unless someone lives it on a daily basis. “Casually smoking Marijuana, just like many have on occasion, has been grounds to lock up and hold black men (with no other offenses) in jail long-term. It’s not really about the substance.”

Heno believes that on the tax side, cigarettes are not natural and cause lung cancer. “They provide zero health benefits. We could make that illegal. We enjoy the tax money as others continue to kill themselves. Alcohol wrecks entire homes. We can make that illegal. We enjoy the tax money and it’s socially accepted. Dozens of states are financially ahead of us on collecting this tax to improve their community’s quality of life.”

Heno asserts that government should play no role in what someone does or puts into their own body in private. “That is between you and your god. When we go down that road, if enough people have the opinion that they get to choose what you do on your own personal time in private, all human rights are at risk,” she concluded.

Heno’s campaign will benefit from a drag show at the Bourbon Pub Parade Friday, August 13th from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 and include an open bar. On Sunday, August 15, Heno will host Sunday Tea at GrandPre, 834 North Rampart from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. Tickets are $25 and include one free drink in a souvenir cup. On Thursday, August 26, join Heno at a Bag of Donuts concert during which one lucky donor will have a chance to perform with the band. The evening will be held at The Crossing, 519 Williams Blvd, across from the DMV. For more information log onto henolaforlife.com

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