Tvidler Reviews – Scam Tvidler Ear Wax Remover or Legit Tool?

Tvidler is a newly released smart tool for cleaning the earwax easily at home. According to the official website, it is gentle, comfortable, and easy, with the least risk of injuries. Tvidler ear wax  remover is a better alternative of using a cotton bud that often causes undesirable damage to the ear that takes a lot to heal. This device not only reaches a distant end compared to a cotton bud but also cleans wax, debris, and other waste and dry materials that clog ears.  

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Did you know that earwax is the biggest reason people experience difficulties in hearing and sometimes leads to a complete hearing loss? Ears can be clogged with anything from wax, dirt, broken hair, dust, and other materials. Normally people use cotton buds to clean the ears, but sometimes people develop a habit of using any needle or pointy object to the ear to relieve itching, which leaves deep wounds inside. 

All of these products are unsafe and risky, which can cause injuries, inflammation, discomfort, and dizziness. In extreme cases, small ear damage can lead to permanent hearing loss, which is why cleaning the ear should not be taken lightly. 


A safer way to clean the ear from inside is by using a technological gadget named Tvidler that claims to be better, safer, and effective than all other methods. Despite looking like a professional tool, it is extremely easy to use at home. No need to go to a hospital to clean your ears when you can easily do it at home with this simple device. 

What is Tvidler ear wax cleaner, and how does it clean the ears? What if it does not help you in any way? Find out all information in this Tvidler review before making your decision. 

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Tvidler Review – What is Tvidler?

Tvidler ear wax removal toolis a small, easy-to-use, and smart device that cleans the ear from dry wax that often blocks the ear and initiates infections. There are no chances of getting hurt by using it in the ears. The whole purpose of creating this product is to invent something that a person can use at home, without going to a hospital every other month. 

Unlike cotton buds, it is not disposable and can be used again and again, as long as the user wants. Despite being a device, it is easy to operate, and the basic maintenance makes it last for years. Most people need only one Tvidler cleaner, and they are good to go for years. This durability adds to its value and is an important feature while spending your hard-earned money on a product. 

Ear wax is a common by-product, and everybody produces this wax. But it only becomes a problem when the person does not follow standard hygiene practices allowing this wax to rest and become dry inside the ear canal. Being an unnecessary material there, it invites a number of bacteria to invade, causing inflammation and affecting hearing. 

Many times, it feels like an itch in the ears, and using a cotton bud does nothing because the wax becomes so hard that it does not break with the cotton end. Eventually, the person decides to use a sharp object inside the ears and ends up harming the inner ear, which is highly susceptible to damage. 

This way, a simple ear wax removal turns into a nightmare with repeated visits to a hospital, expensive medication, and long-term treatment. Interestingly all this is avoidable if you choose a better ear cleaning tool in the first place, for example, Tvidler cleaner. 

Tvidler looks like a pen, and its sleek design makes it easy to hold, grip and use. It reaches the depth where ear wax gathers and causes a blockage. In addition to that, it also picks the gunk from the edges that are never achieved by using cotton buds. It can also rotate inside the ear, making it easy to clean at 360 degrees, removing all waste materials. The head is smooth and flexible, protects the inner layers, and lowers the chances of any damage. 

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Technical Features of Tvidler 

  • Six head setting 
  • Silicon head in a spiral shape 
  • 360° protection
  • Washable tip 
  • Reusable for years 
  • Premium plastic body 
  • ergonomic design

Why Do You Need Tvidler Cleaner?

Ear cleaning is part of standard hygiene practices, but it is not as easy as it may appear. Cotton buds are the most commonly available products that are used to clean ears, and you will find them in nearly every household. But these cotton buds are not effective against dry wax and do not offer complete cleaning, and their benefits are limited to daily cleaning only. 

Another point is that cotton buds are not always beneficial, and there are cases where careless use of earbuds can lead to damage to the eardrum and loss of hearing. It is also possible for the cotton flakes to detach from the cotton bud and stay inside the ears, adding to the dirt inside and adding up to the problem. 

Using other products and objects in the ears is also dangerous, and, in all cases, the hearing is compromised at the end. By the time a person tries all of these self-hacks and remedies and still does not get better, the infection or damage inside the ear is already spread, and there is no other option than to go to a doctor and spend thousands of dollars in getting treatment. 

On the other side, none of these issues show up when using a professional-grade device like Tvidler. Tvidler ear wax cleaner is designed to reach the inner ear at a safe end. There is no way you can extend it to the deep down layer and injure the eardrum. 

Its length is set as per ear canal length and wideness; the tip does not go beyond a level after which it is unsafe to use any product. The tip is sleek and rotates inside the ear canal, helping to break and collect all the gunk and debris that resides inside. It can be used at any time, anywhere, no matter if you are using any daily medication, oral supplement, or anything. 

Also check out Tvidler customer reviews and user testimonials. Does it really work as advertised? More information can be found on the official website here

Who Should Ideally Use Tvidler?

The best thing about Tvidler is that it has no target group. People from all age groups, social settings, sexual orientation, and geographic regions can use it without worrying about anything. Ear wax is something that every person experiences, and it is not an unnatural process. Some people naturally experience a higher production due to their genetics, hygiene routine, passive smoking, etc. 

For those who do not know, ear wax is a thick, yellowish substance produced inside the ear and secreted by the sebaceous glands present in the ear canal. Medically this ear wax is called cerumen. The production of ear wax is vital to good health as it lubricates and protects the inner lining of the ear canal. It also helps to repel the water, protecting the eardrum, trapping microbes, dirt, and debris, stopping their entry to the eardrum. But when it starts producing in excess or a person stops cleaning it, there comes a time when it becomes dry and forms a mass. This mass has to be cleaned and removed from the ear, using anyway, and nothing is safer than Tvidler cleaner, which is a smart tool to clean the ear canal. 

This whole process is painless, and the user does not feel anything while using it. If not removed, this wax can cause various ear problems and affect hearing. If you want to protect your hearing and live a healthy, hassle-free life, make Tvidler a part of your ear hygiene routine every other month. 

Tvidler Customer Reviews

Based on various customer reviews posted on the official website, it appears that Tvidler is true to its promises. It is simple and fairly easy to use. All that a user has to do is to insert it into the ear and rotate it with a gentle hand. Within a few seconds, it clears the ear canal and removes all debris from inside. 

The tip of this device is easy on the extremely sensitive ear canal. The company confirms using high-grade silicon to create this tip, making it soft and tender on the inner ear lining. After using it once, it can be washed, dried, and kept for a long time until it is needed for the next time. Considering how the world is switching to a zero-waste lifestyle and sustainable options, using this device that is fit for years is ideal. 

Some customers also state that they do not feel extra careful while using Tvidler, which is common when you use earbuds. One wrong movement or force and the cotton bud can directly hit the eardrum, causing irreparable damage, but there is no such concern with Tvidler. 

Every pack of Tvidler comes with six tips that can be used by the whole family. Or you can also use all these tips and continue using your cleaning device for years. 

Here are a few things that show up through the Tvidler customer reviews shared on its website. 

  • Simple usage and application 
  • Easy to understand instructions 
  • Protective benefits 
  • High-quality product 
  • Comfortable and gentle  

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Is Tvidler Scam or Legit? 

The company has provided all necessary information regarding this product online. Although it has not been clinically tested, there are various quality tests that it has passed before launching to the market. From the materials to the design, everything is done by professionals who understand and know their work very well. Compared to other ear cleaning options, it is fairly safe and risk-free. Some customers have also confirmed using it for months now and experienced no side effects, suggesting it has no long-term side effects too. 

When used correctly, there are less chances for it to go wrong or cause problems which is a common problem with other cleaning tools. None of the users have reported pain or discomfort while using Tvidler ear wax cleaner, which is another benefit of using it. 

From all the information provided in this Tvidler review, it is apparent that it is an effective remedy to clean earwax. The tip of this device is gentle and cannot cause any damage, as it has no edges or sides that may harm the ear. The ear canal is an extremely sensitive part, and any device that helps clean it has to be soft and risk-free for this cleaning tool. 

There are six heads, and you can change them after using them a few times. This is a reusable product that can be cleaned and kept as long as it lasts. If you have a small family, this one Tvidler device is enough, but for large families, every member should get one for himself. 

According to the official website, Tvidler ear wax remover is a smile size and lightweight device, for which you can take it anywhere you want. It takes no space and can easily be kept in your bag while traveling. Nothing about it seems suspicious or raises any concern over safety. Overall, Tvidler appears to be a product that you can trust and a good investment in health. 

Pros and Cons Of Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner 

For first-timers, Tvidler ear wax removal is no different from the gadgets available in the market, each of which comes with a long list of benefits and disadvantages. They expect the same from this device which is a fair question before making any purchase. 

Here is a summary of this Tvidler review to help to make a decision. 


  • Simple and easy to use 
  • No professional expertise needed 
  • Reusable for years 
  • Exchangeable tips 
  • Affordable 


  • Only available online 
  • Not suitable for very young children and newborns

The drawbacks of Tvidler are negligible, and the benefits outweigh them to many levels. What is better than a product that is a one-time investment and is easy on the ears.

Where To Buy Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner? Pricing Information and Discounts 

Tvidler is exclusively available online, and there is no way you can see it at any local shop or an online store. The company recommends all orders be placed through the official website to avoid any unnecessary fraud risk. 

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Its price may be a concern to some people as it is much more than the price of a cotton bud pack. But this is only a one-time thing, and you do not have to buy it again and again like the cotton buds or any other cleaning product. 

The original price of one Tvidler cleaner is $79.90, but the company is running a discount offer, under which the price is reduced to $39.95 only. In addition to that, you can buy bundle packs and save more money at a cleaner price. 

Here are the complete pricing details. 

  • Get Two Tvidler Cleaners For $69.96 Instead Of $139.92 
  • Get Three Tvidler Cleaners For $89.94 Instead Of $179.88 
  • Get Four Tvidler Cleaners For $99.96 Instead Of $199.92 

If you live alone, one Tvidler is probably enough for you. But the four units pack is the most popular and gives the maximum discount compared to all bundle offers. You can order a bundle pack and share it with your family and friends without spending any extra. 

If you are worried about losing your money, the company has a refund policy too. All unhappy customers can contact the company within 30 days and get their money back, with zero loss. The information regarding returns and refunds is listed on the official website. This refund policy also includes the defective pieces or products that are damaged during the delivery. 

Only those customers who have purchased their order from the official website are entitled to get a refund. Others who have bought Tvidler from unauthorized sources do not have this chance. So it is better to invest your money into the right product purchased through the company directly. 

The company also has an active customer support line that is happy to help everyone. If you have queries, contact the company in the following ways, and a representative will help you in the best possible way. 

Phone- +1 (205) 782-8606 


About The Company 

Tvidler is manufactured by a company called ‘UAB Ekomlita.’ It is a real company that can even be traced online. Here is the address of this company. 

UAB “Ekomlita”

Address: Gedimino g. 45-7, Kaunas 44239, Lithuania

It has a fully functional website that carries information about Tvidler. It is highly unlikely for a scam product or a scam company to offer all these. Therefore, it increases the trust in UAB Ekomlita and its product even more. 

You may use the online support form to get information about the product, orders, or deliveries or email/call them at the aforementioned email and number. 

The company delivers to most international destinations, and the delivery time may be different for each of them. It has listed all information regarding international deliveries, including delivery charges and duration, on the website. 

Visit The Official Website Today To Know More About Tvidler Orders And Deliveries 

Tvidler Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Tvidler a machine?

A: Tvidler is more of a manual device that helps clean the inner ear canal and makes it free from ear wax, debris, and pathogens using its twisting tip. It is inserted into the ear and rotated in a clockwise movement; the spiral tip picks all the waste from the ear and takes it out from the canal. 

Q: Which material is used in Tvidler cleaner?

A: The Tvidler cleaner is made of high-quality plastic, and its tip is made of premium grade silicone. This head can be detached after using and cleaning. There are six heads that come with each pack. 

Q: Why is Tvidler Better Than Other Products?

A: Tvidler ear wax cleaner is a gentle and safe tool to clean the ear canal. It is better than using a cotton bud, ear drops, or any other thing used to clean the wax. Do not use any other tool or remedy if you are already using Tvidler. 

Q: What if you do not like Tvidler after purchasing it?

A: All orders of Tvidler come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Under this offer, you can return the device to the company at your own expense and get your order value back. No requests after these 30 days are eligible for the refunds. 

Q: Do you really need Tvidler?

A: cleaning ears is a part of personal hygiene practices that every person needs. Using Tvidler makes it easy to clean the ears without exposing the ears to unnecessary risks, as it is a sensitive part and requires extreme care. 

Tvidler Reviews Final Verdict 

Tvidler ear cleaning device is a premium-grade product that is suitable for home-based use. There is no limitation of age to avail its benefits, except the young children. Removing ear wax is something that people of all ages need, and there is no need to experiment on yourself or spend thousands of dollars on something that can be easily done at home, with the least risks. 

Tvidler comes from an authentic company that ships to almost all major international destinations. For now, it is available for a nominal price, but this discount may end soon as it is only a limited-time offer. Those who are interested in trying it should immediately place their orders before the company ends this offer. The standard shipping charges may apply as per the location. To learn more or to buy the Tvidler ear wax removal tool, visit the official website here.  

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