Getting Ready for a Night Out in 2021

We can all agree that 2020 was a year that no one would like to relive. With everything that happened, we need 2021 to be the year we take back our lives and learn to have fun again. We deserve it after all that we’ve, as a collective, have been through. Now that we are getting vaccinations and places of business are starting to open back up, we’re all ready to go out and party, and rightfully so.

We’re here to help you and your gal pals get ready for a night out that will hopefully be the start of many for 2021 and beyond. Check out below some must-have products and playlists that will get your party started. 

Who Wears Short Shorts? You Do! 

When it comes to picking out the perfect outfit for your night out, you probably had a million options for 2020, but for 2021 we’re here to say you should instead pick up some booty shorts for women. The always fashionable, fun, and comfortable booty shorts will never go out of style for your night out and that is because you can dress them up under or on top of the outfit you already picked out. You can either get a high-rise style for an extra cheeky look or go for the more traditional look which covers more. Either way, you can wear them in different patterns and fabrics to elevate your night-out look. 

Your Getting Ready Playlist

It is a must that all getting ready activities have a playlist jamming out in the background to create the ultimate vibe for the night. You can either find some pre-made playlists on any streaming service or create one of your own. Whatever you decide to do, be sure it includes #girlpower tunes like top Shania Twain songs or any other female musicians whose songs will get you pumped up for the night. 

Glammed Out Nails

No lookout on the town is complete without some stunning nails. Before you pick out your outfit, hair, or anything else, giving yourself stellar nails is an absolute must. To get a polish that will be the envy of any nightclub, go with Valentino gel polish. Valentino’s gel polish will not only last you all night, no matter where the night takes you and your crew, but it also comes in so many vibrant colors, you’ll have so many options to pick and choose your perfect night outlook. And, the more you use Valentino gel polish, the more it will keep your natural nails looking amazing, especially on nights you decide to keep it low key and stay home. 

Eybrows on Fleek 

Now that you have your outfit laid out, playlist bumping some killer tunes, and your gel polish is dried, let’s turn our focus on makeup, especially your eyebrows. Your eyebrow look can make or break your overall night-out aesthetic. When looking for quality eyebrow products, look no further than TatBrow. TatBrow’s line of eyebrow products allows you to create cool and unique styles for your ultimate eyebrow look. Some of the products featured in their collection include:

  • Precision pens for microblading
  • Gel liner
  • Enhancement serum

No matter what look you’re going for, be it ultra dramatic or more natural, TatBrow has all the products you need for your night out or night in. Use any of their products to create new and fun looks that will have everyone guessing how you did it. 

Whiten Those Pearly Whites 

Although having a sexy outfit and a make-up look to match, your smile will be the one thing everyone will notice throughout the night. As part of your getting ready routine before a night out, be sure you brush up on your oral care, especially paying close attention to whitening your brights. Whitening toothpaste such as Supersmile is just the thing for that as it is fortified to give you a smile that will shine bright like you during the night. Before you begin to get ready for the night, be sure you brighten your smile before you do. 

Get Head Turning Legs 

Since this is 2021 and we are committed to living our best possible lives this year, it’s time we break out those sexy legs for your night out. Whether you are down to rock a trendy booty short, a high-waisted skirt, or a dress that leaves little to the imagination, be sure you exfoliate your legs beforehand to give it a beautiful and glowing look that will last all night. Not only is exfoliating your legs good for your night outlook, but it is also great for your skin health due to the following reasons:

  • Removes dead skin to reveal the newer and brighter skin underneath
  • Removes dirt and grime regular showering might miss
  • Unclogs pores and keeps them nice and clean 

So before you slip on that killer outfit for the night, be sure you prepare your legs first by exfoliating them. Having bright and smooth legs to show off all night will give you a much-needed confidence boost but will also have everyone noticing them all night. 

Pre-Game Drinks 

There is no better way to get you pumped for the night than with some liquid courage. For some quality drinks that will have you feeling yourself, grab yourself a bottle of mezcal. Mezcal’s quality ingredients include agave and water, which means it is gluten-free, vegan, and has zero carbs. This means you can happily sip away on a glass (or two) without worrying about too much sugar and carbs so you can instead focus on your night-out ready look. 

Hair Care

While getting ready, be sure you don’t neglect your locks while amid everything else. Lackluster hair can be a buzzkill for your overall look. Instead, invest in some quality styling tools that will give you a hairstyle that will be the talk of the town. Try out something daring and high-fashion or go for a more polished and classic look. If you have short hair, switch up by wrapping clip-in natural hair extensions. Whatever you decide to do, make it as fun as you’ll have on your night out. 

Be Prepared for Anything 

When getting ready for your night out, one thing you should always be prepared for is the unexpected. While we want you to have fun and let loose from all the struggles 2020 threw at us, you need to be sure you are also taking care of your safety, too. One way to do this is to bring along a personal safety alarm that can create a siren or noise when activated to throw off anyone who tries to do more than what you’re comfortable with on your night out. 

It’s also good to carry around anything for make-up touchups or anything else you need to freshen up on your night out. Using a fanny pack is a great way to make sure you are bringing along all the essentials so you aren’t bummed about leaving something you wish you brought with you at home. Whether it be lipgloss, moist towelettes, or even breath mints or gum, be sure to bring a fanny pack with you to keep all those items on hand.

Let Loose on Your Night Out

When it comes to everything you need to get ready for your night out, we’ve got you covered. 2021 is the year we start to be and feel normal again, whatever that might mean for you, and a night out on the town is a great way to start it off. Whether you’re planning your first night out for 2021 or maybe need some refreshers for your routine, check out our guide to getting ready for the best night out ever. 

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