4 Most Effective Ways To Use CBD

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is only one of the hundreds of compounds of the cannabis or marijuana plant. Long before its modern versions have been sold in dispensaries, it has been used in ancient history as a form of a traditional plant. Marijuana was more than just a recreational drug ever since then.

Nowadays, CBD has soared in popularity because of its promising potential health benefits. The proponents of CBD have chosen to take this natural route as a switch from what would’ve been their usual dependence on synthetic, chemical-made medicines. As more states and nations recognize the legality of CBD, it’s likely that different products are also going to start being developed.

As your quick guide, here are four of the most effective ways to use CBD:

1. CBD Massage Oils

If you love a good massage as a part of your stress relief, then you’ll love using CBD massage oils. One of the earliest main promising functions of CBD is that it reportedly alleviates pain symptoms. It’s also said to help patients suffering from anxiety and depression. If you enjoy having a massage done once in a while, why not try switching up your usual massage oils for a CBD oil alternative.

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There are also different types of CBD oils you can choose from. These three are usually full spectrum CBD, which has all the components of the CBD plant, including a minimal trace of THC, the broad spectrum, and CBD isolates which are the purest form of CBD with no other compounds from the cannabis plant. It’s also worth noting that broad spectrum CBD doesn’t contain any THC.

2. CBD Edibles

One of the best and most effective means of using CBD is by taking it in, as you would any other ordinary food, through CBD edibles. Plus, this is also a very discreet way of ingesting the compound since, even when you take them out in public, it’s hard to tell they’re actually CBD. They look just like any other food or snack item you’ll indulge yourself in. 

These are some of the most common CBD edibles you can choose from:

  • Cannabis-infused food, like brownies and cookies, as the most popular types. But these food items can also be any type of baked goods. You can even make your own recipe by incorporating CBD oil or tasteless isolate powder in it. For as long as the recipe calls for flour, sugar, milk, butter, or oil, you can use CBD oil as a substitute ingredient for the latter.
  • Cannabis-infused drinks. Going together with CBD-infused food are their beverage counterparts. These include tea, alcohol, soda, and coffee.
  • Dissolvable CBD powder. This is the new kid in town when it comes to CBD products. The great thing about these products is that they’re tasteless and odorless, so you won’t have to worry about having to mask the taste and odor of the CBD.

Because you’re taking this type orally, as with CBD treats below, it also helps if you can decide on whether to go for organic or non-organic CBD. The sales representative in the dispensary can help you out, but you can also compare organic vs non-organic CBD here.

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3. CBD Treats

Going along the lines of CBD food, there are also CBD sweet treats, like any other candy you’d eat. This may also be one of the most popular options. They taste great, and they also come in all shapes and sizes. If you were at an adults-only party, imagine how fun it would be to have CBD treats in your adult loots, just like the ones for kids!

CBD treats like candies, lollipops, and gummies also have a long shelf life, all thanks to their gelatinous structure, which protects CBD’s chemical compounds from atmospheric oxygen.

If you prefer CBD chocolates, you ought to know too that the dose will usually be based on each square of the chocolate. On average, a typical chocolate bar will have around 250mg of CBD, usually with 10mg in each square.

4. CBD Vape

If you love vaping, you’ll be glad to know some vape kits now come with CBD inhalation liquids. Especially if you’re from a place where recreational CBD is permitted, using CBD with your vape is one of the easiest to enjoy its effects. Like buying any vape liquid or oil, however, be sure you’re only buying from a reputable seller and that you’re certain of the CBD content in every puff.

If you’re keen on opting for CBD vape, here are some of the pros and cons you have to be aware of.

The Pros

  • It delivers the maximum effects of CBD in high concentrations.
  • It’s easier to regulate your desired dosage.

The Cons

  • If you’re a first-timer to vaping, then you’ll have to invest in additional tools, like the vape kit and accessories.

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With a subsequent boom of innovations in the medical and recreational use of marijuana, it’s not surprising that there are now so many products on the rise. The means above are only some of the many best ways to use CBD, and you only have to choose which one among the many you’re going to opt for. 

Each of these options has their respective pros and cons, and you only have to choose based on your preference, and what you think works best for the purpose you intend to achieve. What matters the most is, no matter the type of product you’ll go for, always buy from a reputable and trusted seller.

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