How Did the New Orleans Jazz Culture Influence Gaming Music?

New Orleans is considered to be the birthplace of jazz music, with its jazz scene dating back over 100 years to the 19th century. The rise of jazz music began when bandleader Charles ‘Buddy’ Bolden rose to fame in the Louisiana city and soon made New Orleans the capital of jazz music.

Since then, famous jazz artists including the Dirty Dozen Brass Band have graced the streets of New Orleans, growing and shaping jazz as an art form. Their influence has gone beyond the music scene, as the genre can be heard in concert halls, in restaurants, on television, and even in games where jazz music often plays in the background.

Where do jazz and gaming meet?

While New Orleans is world-renowned for its music culture, it was also once considered a center for casinos just before the jazz era began. Though, it wasn’t until the mid-20th century when America began to bloom economically that casinos and jazz began to form a relationship. Now, fast forward to the modern-day 21st century, their relationship has transformed thanks to the online landscape.

When transferring their services online, casinos not only recreated their traditional games but also developed new forms of gaming, like live casinos. As well as benefits such as convenience and comfort, online casinos incentivize players with offers, such as those found on the no deposit page. These give players around the world a risk-free way of trying out new online casino games. With cash bonuses, live casino games bonuses, and free spins bonuses, the online sites have become increasingly accessible, and therefore, increasingly popular. Articles like this also break down all of the common terms associated with bonuses.

Jazz music has become a common feature on online sites; it’s a simple task for players and jazz lovers to find games that feature the iconic red colors and jazz music. Now accomplished with technology, the origins of this pair go back 90 years, to the first land-based casinos in Las Vegas. Research has since found that jazz music has a calming effect on people, which complements the often adrenaline-pumped experience of playing in a casino. Therefore, it makes sense that the two are suited to each other. 

With its rising popularity, the casino’s relationship with jazz certainly hasn’t been forgotten. Proving how well they go together, jazz is still played in land-based and online venues to this day.

Further influences of jazz and entertainment

The relationship between jazz music and entertainment doesn’t end at gameplay. While commonly found together in land-based casinos or on online games, their relationship has made its way to the big screen too.

Iconic scenes in films like Ocean’s Eleven and Casino Royale are greeted with jazz music which makes the scenes more realistic. In fact, the song The Look of Love, which falls in line with the jazz genre with its relaxed bossa nova rhythm, was played in the 1967 Casino Royale film and went a long way to demonstrate the relationship this industry has with jazz music.

Since the birth of jazz in New Orleans in the 19th century, it’s clear that the iconic genre has been influential in many industries outside of music, and the world of casinos is just one example.

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