How To Prepare Your Teen To Get Behind The Wheel Safely

When it comes to the most accident-prone cities, New Orleans has steadily ranked highly in recent years. It is also the city where most car accidents involve teen drivers. With their general inexperience behind the wheel and unfamiliarity with New Orleans roads, teen drivers can be more vulnerable. Teen drivers are also more likely to display risky behavior when driving such as speeding, texting, or applying makeup while behind the wheel. For the period January to September 2020, there were approximately 2.981 auto accidents in the Orleans parish. A good example: the recent car crash on North Robertson which resulted in the injury of 7 teens. With the school year gearing up and summer still in full swing, the number of new teen drivers on the roads right now is at an all-time high- as are the risks. Educating yourself and your teen on safe and sustainable driving tips can make all the difference in protecting them, and their future when they are getting behind the wheel.

Help Them Avoid Distractions With A Mobile Drive Phone App

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car crashes with teens behind the wheels. According to estimates from the AAA, around 60 percent of car accidents involving teens in Louisiana are caused when they are texting, using social media, or distracted in some way. The good news is, technology can also help with the issue. Mobile phone apps like AT&T’s DriveMode can silence incoming calls or messages when your teen is driving over 15MPH. Another great driving app to have is the GPS Speedometer and Odometer, which tells you just how fast you are driving and your average speed- making it much easier for your teen to abide by the laws of the road.

Educate Them On The Realities Of Being Involved In A Car Crash

Being a driver comes with a certain level of freedom in the eyes of a teen. However, it also comes with a level of responsibility. Your teen must understand the importance of practicing safe behaviors as a driver, and the consequences that could occur if they indulge in harmful behaviors like drunk or distracted driving.
For instance, drivers can often be sued for personal injury claims after a car accident. Once it can be shown in court, the cost of these lawsuits can be damaging to your teen’s future. A spinal stenosis settlement can quickly become sizable if significant neck or back injuries are involved. Make sure you educate your teen on the dangers of speeding when driving, distracted driving, and other hazards. Resources like The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website have a wealth of tips on dealing with speeding, aggravated drivers, and other risks.

Give Them The Right Tools By Enrolling Them In A Defensive Or Safety Driving Course

Preparing your teen for the road is not just about teaching them about prevention, it is also about giving them the tools to deal with a hazardous driving situation if they were to experience one. A defensive driving course focuses on sharpening a driver’s decision-making skills behind the wheel and teaching them handy defensive driving principles.
In some states, the DMV will reduce any points on your driving license if you complete the course. For instance, in New York, the DMV can forgive up to 4 points on your license after you complete the course. Enrolling in a safety driving course can also help your teen reduce their auto insurance rates by up to 10 percent. Drivers in Louisiana already pay one of the highest insurance rates in the country.
Helping your teen be prepared for the roads of New Orleans is the best way to protect them as new drivers. Being ready to be a driver encompasses much more than just having the skill of driving a car; it also includes being aware enough to avoid risky situations or behaviors on the road- and behind prepared to handle them calmly if they do happen. Start with these 3 preparation tips and you can be assured that your new teen driver will be much more prepared for getting behind those wheels.

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