Top 8 Reasons to Work in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States and it currently employs around 22 million people. There are plenty of compelling reasons to work in healthcare such as career advancement, diverse job opportunities, and high earning potential. Every career has pros and cons and the healthcare industry is no exception, but there is a reason so many people are choosing to join this dynamic and rewarding industry. 

Here are the top eight reasons to work in healthcare:

1. Diverse job opportunities 

One of the best things about working in healthcare is that there are so many rewarding careers on offer! Healthcare is one of the largest and most diverse industries in the world with roles to suit many different skills and interests. There are also positions for all educational levels. Physicians complete several years of formal training whereas there are no minimum education requirements to work in medical administration, for example. 

According to, the top five jobs in healthcare are orthodontist, dentist, nurse anesthetist, physical assistant, and nurse practitioner. Having so many career choices makes it easy for people to find a rewarding healthcare career that is matched to their skills, expertise, and interests. 

2. Accessible qualifications 

Another great reason to work in healthcare is that qualifications are more accessible than ever. Distance learning has become the new norm and flexible learning allows people to earn healthcare qualifications alongside work and other commitments. This makes it possible for people to plan a career change in later life or earn qualifications when they are unable to attend traditional brick-and-mortar campuses. 

Depending on your prior education and experience, you may also be able to apply for an accelerated course and start your healthcare career faster. For instance, aspiring nurses with degrees in another discipline can complete accelerated bsn nursing programs and qualify for registered nurse status in just 16 months. 

3. Good salaries and job perks 

You shouldn’t decide to pursue a career in healthcare because you want to earn lots of money. However, many healthcare careers offer attractive salaries along with job perks like generous pension schemes and holiday allowances. A survey by College Consensus found that physicians and surgeons are the highest-paid healthcare professionals earning roughly $208,000 a year. Dentists come in second earning $156,240 per year and podiatrists come in third earning an average of $129,550 annually. Healthcare professionals can usually increase their earning potential by earning higher qualifications, specializing in an area of healthcare, or taking on extra shifts. 

4. Flexible work schedules 

People need healthcare services at all times of the day, which means that healthcare professionals rarely work standard 9-5 hours. Working evenings and weekends can be difficult, but a flexible work schedule also has its benefits as it means that healthcare workers can take time back in lieu and fit work around their lifestyle and family commitments. Healthcare workers also typically receive higher pay for working unsociable hours, which can boost their salary and earning potential. 

5. Job security 

The healthcare industry is booming, which means that healthcare professionals have great job security. Unlike many other careers, healthcare professionals rarely have to worry about losing their jobs or being made redundant. Skilled healthcare workers are rarely out of work and tend to find employment quickly and easily. When you work in healthcare, you can have peace of mind knowing that your job is safe, which is a huge advantage in today’s volatile job market. 

6. Meaningful work 

Many people work in healthcare because they want to do a job that has meaning and purpose. Healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses save lives and help patients recover from serious illnesses, diseases, and other health issues. This gives healthcare professionals a great sense of pride and achievement and leads to high job satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Experts at Palgrave MacMillan state: “When the work is perceived as meaningful, people have a sense of fulfillment and purpose that provides a psychological sense of well-being.” Doing meaningful work has been linked to higher job satisfaction and better overall health and wellbeing. Working in healthcare is considered one of the most meaningful and rewarding fields. 

7. Great career prospects

As mentioned, the healthcare industry is growing and demand for healthcare professionals outweighs supply. This means that healthcare professionals have excellent future career prospects. Experts estimate that healthcare occupations will grow by 15% by 2029, much faster than all other industries. There is also plenty of opportunities for healthcare professionals to advance in their careers and move into more senior positions. 

Healthcare professionals have many career opportunities open to them and can find jobs offering good salaries and perks. Many healthcare professionals can also travel through their work and gain global experience. For example, registered nurses can become travel nurses and complete various short-term nursing placements at hospitals nationwide or abroad. Other healthcare professionals like physicians and dentists can also look for job opportunities abroad as there is a demand for their skills and services worldwide. 

8. Exciting work environments 

No day is the same when you work in healthcare. The industry offers exciting, fast-paced work environments that are stimulating and challenging. Healthcare professionals get to meet new people every day, perform different roles, and face new challenges. This helps to keep their jobs interesting and prevent boredom. The healthcare industry is exciting and dramatic in nature, which would suit anyone looking for an exhilarating career that makes a real difference to the lives of others. 

Final thoughts 

There are loads of great reasons to choose a job in healthcare. There is a huge variety of healthcare roles that would suit people of all different skills, personality traits, and education levels. Remember that healthcare jobs are not suited to everyone and you need to make sure that a healthcare career is right for you. If you are considering working in the field, then do your research and narrow down your options.

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