4 Cool, Affordable Gadgets For 2021

If you’re old enough to remember when some of the most common technological devices arrived on the market, you’ve no doubt seen prices drop quickly after the initial year or two of sales. Things like electronic calculators, laptops, security cameras, early cellular phones, smartphones, and even sports watches all debuted as pricey items. It’s the main reason people buy various protective cases for their gadgets. Custom phone cases have even become a thing to give people freedom to personalize and style these essential smartphone accessories. Within a few sales seasons, prices started to come down, features were added, and the market for each device eventually reached a point of price equilibrium. 

Laptops are probably the best example of the phenomenon. Some of the early versions carried four-figure price tags. Today, you can snag a decent laptop for a couple hundred dollars, and it far outperforms those first, very costly models. Here are several gadgets that have already settled into the commonsense price level, and are affordable for most everyone who has the desire to own them.

Smart Locks

When smart locks for homes first appeared in hardware stores, they were quite costly.They are initially key fob lock for office. Finally, after a decade, prices are reasonable. They’re easy to install, fit all standard doors, and come in a variety of attractive designs. Users can program the locks to accept a digital, keypad-type code or open via a smartphone app.

You can even buy models that accept magnetic cards, open via fingerprint or facial recognition, and are connected to secondary, remote alarm systems. Smart locks are starting to show up in new homes, apartment complexes, and offices everywhere. Most homeowners choose to put one on each main door of the residence, but often hire locksmiths to do the installation work. These work great for travel as well, a smart lock is a great example of one of the many gadgets to bring camping as it can be additional security on your RV while you are out all day hitting the trails. 


E-bikes have been around a while and are finally coming into their own. The new generation battery pack, for example, charges in just a few hours and offers long-range travel in excess of 100 miles. Getting an e-bike, and using it to run errands or get outside and enjoy the weather, is a great way to cut down on car driving and gasoline expenses. For people who want to make the most of their e-bikes, there are secondary battery kits and a whole host of other accessories to make riding more convenient and fun. Some commuters combine e-bike transport with public buses in order to have access to a wide geographic area.

Miniature Video Cameras

Another home security device that has come way down in price during the past decade is the miniature video camera. Like smart locks, the devices were primarily intended to enhance home and office security. But, now that prices are so low, people are buying them at places like Verisure by the dozens and placing them everywhere, including in every room of the house, in school lockers, on vehicle dashboards, and on porches.

Four-In-One Med Units

With the rise in telemedicine, or video-connected doctor visits, the 4-in-1 device has become a huge hit. What does it do? Powered by 4 AAA batteries, it’s a versatile little device that measures your blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, and even records a detailed EKG (electrocardiogram) graph of your heart’s rhythm. A session lasts just a minute or two, and you can download the results to a smartphone and send them directly to a physician.

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