Call Of Duty: Warzone – Top 7 Important Tips For The Proficient Players

Call of Duty Warzone battle royale game has already been released for free that means there are currently battlefields full of the lapsed Cod players that are continually trying to work out what the hell is going on. Beginner players can also make use of warzone hacks that will be helpful for you.  If you want to improve the performance in-game, then you should pay attention to lots of important things. If you are paying attention to the Warzone tips, then they will not be able to make you quicker, but they will help you stay alive. All you need to engage with the enemies on more favorable terms to you.

There are so many choices that you will be able to make. Make sure that you are avoiding the basic mistakes in the game that will cost you a lot. In the following important paragraphs, we are going to discuss 7 important tips for experienced players. 

  • Prioritize the loadout

Make sure that you are making use of floor weapons & gears as well. If you want to perform properly, then you should always choose the specific loadout. One should always aim to get the $10000 in cash. Make sure that you are purchasing the Loadout Drop from the nearest buy station. After that, one will surely have own custom equipment, weapon, and perks that are proven to be great as the match goes on. Make sure that you are also acquiring the loadout that must be of the utmost priority of the player whether you are playing with squads or solo in the game. You will not have to stop the looting after you get your loadout. 

  • Play to the strengths

Warzone is considered a little bit complicated game. One will be able to pull off the back-to-back headshots with the sniper. Not every person will be able to wipe an entire squad with just one clip of their weapon. It will take a lot of practice to get to that point, so until then, play to your strengths. The majority of the players are performing great with the SMGs, and others tend to play more aggressively & so on. Make sure that you learn the play style & own it.   It takes a lot of time to figure it out, but once you do, you will surely be able to find out the flow of matches will start to lean in the favor. 

  • Don’t Shoot Unless You Will Secure The Elimination

Call Of Duty: Warzone is a little bit complicated game where you need to pay close attention to so many important things. It is highly recommended that one should avoid taking shots unless you are absolutely certain you can pull off the kill. However, landing in the perfect spot can set you up to succeed. However, it is quite important for a person to choose the right landing spot that works with your playstyle.  Scavenger contracts are frequently used, so keep that in mind while choosing the landing spot. Make sure that you are choosing the right base of your starting location on the trajectory of the plane in relation to the first circle. If possible, then one should always opt for the powerful weapons that will help you in winning the complicated level in the game.

  • Make significant efforts to complete important contracts 

Contracts are considered as one of the great ways to rack up the kills, gear, and money. Make sure that you are paying close attention to the following important contracts-

  • Supply Run
  • Most wanted
  • Bounty
  • Recon
  • Scavenger

Make sure that you are paying close attention to these important things that will help you in earning the in-game resources in the game. When you are completing the contracts in the game, then you will be able to gain more rewards with everyone you finish. All you need to keep going for the contracts for the biggest bonuses to cash, Weapon XP, and XP.

  • Plate Up

If you are one who has already got the plates, then you will have to make use of them whenever possible, so you are full. One will have up to three important plates equipped & store an additional five. During the gunfights, try to plate if possible. If you don’t have sufficient plates, then one should purchase some or try to prioritize looting to find him.

  • Fine-tune to the settings for maximum efficiency
  • There are a number of settings that you will be able to alter to enhance the performance. One should pay attention to so many important things like minimap shape, music volume, slide behavior, and armor plate behavior as well. 
  • In case a teammate goes down, then make sure the enemy that took them down is either far away or dead before going for reviving. Whenever reviving, you are always vulnerable & are quite easy target for the kill. 
  • And Reviving will be able to make the distinct sound that your enemy will surely hear in the game. Make sure that you are also using the sound for your benefit.
  • If possible, then one should listen to the sound of enemy loadout dropping, shooting, revives, reloading, and other things.
  • This will pinpoint at least the general location of the nearby enemy and will let you know when it is safe and secure the strike. One should also make use of the Dead silence field upgrade whenever sneaking up to an enemy team.
  • Make some great callouts

Make sure that you are making some fantastic callouts. One must also create a powerful team that will help you in winning the complicated levels in the game.

Moreover, if you are paying close attention to these important things, then you will be able to win the complicated levels in the game. If possible, then one should take the assistance of a professional gamer who will surely give you important tips that will help you in winning the complicated levels in the game.

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