How To Make And Use A Football Betting Board

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Betting boards are a fun and different way of betting with your friends. It opens up betting beyond the standard Saturday coupon, BTTS bets on FA or a midweek betbuilder on the Champions league. Betting boards are actually ideal for competitions but work best with International Tournaments or big one off matches. They offer an alternative and more family friendly way of betting. But how do you actually make and use a football betting board?

How to make and use a football betting board? 

First things first, let’s go through a step by step process on how to make and then use a football betting board from scratch. It is fairly simple and shouldn’t take that much time or money to make – unless you want to go all out and make it super fancy. For a bog standard betting board you are looking at 6 simple steps:

  1. You are going to need to create a grid – this can be done manually on paper, through word processor on the computer or else downloaded from the many internet templates.
  2. Assign the labels to the grid – typically this can be score lines or eventualities that may occur in the game. 
  3. Assign teams to the axis – along with the labels you will want to assign the given teams.
  4. Distribute spaces – You’ll want to invite your friends over, maybe charge them $1 to play, and assign them all different boxes in the grid. This can be done randomly or through a manual assigning. This is the betting bit but also acts as a great social event. 
  5. Calculate winners – Once you have assigned people to certain boxes and the footy game gets underway you just need to wait for the results. Once the final whistle blows you can calculate the winners.
  6. Hand out the winnings – the best bit! Hand out the winnings to those who were in the correct boxes and scale it according to predetermined odds.

What makes a good one

Providing multiple options and outcomes on the labels is the best way at making the whole process more exciting. This can mean you have winners at time intervals or at halftime and fulltime. Alternatively, the labels could include more than goals and span across cards, corners, goalscorers and other betting markets which would normally be on offer. This makes it much more exciting than just goals.

Ideal for fundraiser

This type of betting is ideal for bigger groups and events. They are ideal for fundraisers as they allow loads of people to bet in a different way on one event. They are also perfect for family friendly fun that takes away from the more serious betting companies. Instead, these pools can be perfect at a family BBQ by allowing bettors to place small stake bets within a friendly and familiar setting. Why not use a board like this for your Thursday night football predictions?

We think randomizing is important

Whilst many who use boards do it on a first come first serve basis, we think the way to get best results from the board is to have some sort of randomiser that allows for every selection to get taken up rather than just the most likely. This adds extra flair to the game. 


When all is said and done there can be only a few winners but making sure you calculate the winnings correctly and distribute the pot accordingly is important. 

What’s most important to remember is that this is just a fun, innocent game, but that is its beauty. Have some fun, but remember to not take it too seriously! 

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