The Party Caravan Technology Blues

NEW ORLEANS, LA – August 19, 2021 

I met with a campaign in New Orleans last week about grassroots voter identification and mobilization. The candidate wanted to know what the difference was between the My People Vote app (iOS, Android, Windows) that I developed and the app that that they purchased through their political party. I answered honestly that I really couldn’t tell them because I had never used their party’s app or database and that I could only tell them  what I have been told by others in their party who had used the party’s app. 

The candidate herself could not tell me what the party’s app was like because she had not been able to figure out how to use it by the time we met. I offered for her to demo the My People Vote app and compare it to her party’s app. When I checked back in with her this week she said “The party’s app site has been inaccessible since Thursday, so I haven’t had the opportunity to do any type of work and party’s app tech support has not replied yet (4 days had passed at that point).” 

This is not a unique story and its not the only type of complaint that political party apps and programs have. When the party app is in fact working, subscribers to party apps complain about how poor and old the data is, or that when they do enter updated contact information for voters in their districts, other campaigns who use the party’s app get that new updated contact information too. The party apps databases are not confidential and that is what really drives campaigns crazy. One major-party big wig describes the data exchange as “The  arrangement would allow the national party, state parties and independent political action groups on the left to share voter data in real time during campaigns.”1 

My People Vote is non-partisan. Every campaign owns its data. No other campaign or political party gets access to the campaign’s data. That information stays with each campaign.  

The My People Vote app is very easy to use for volunteers, canvassers, and phone bankers. It also has powerful analytics for the campaign’s consultants. 

The My People Vote app features peer2peer phone calling, text messaging, emailing, and social media messaging. The My people Vote app allows your campaign’s volunteers to import contact information into the confidential campaign database of voters from their individual phone’s list of contacts. A My People Vote campaign database becomes extremely robust as campaign volunteers share their phone contacts’ information that match voters in a campaign’s voter database. That valuable information is only accessible to that campaign and belongs to that campaign exclusively. 

Don’t let a political party’s caravan technology blues slow down your campaign. Get the My People Vote  app for your campaign today at


Dr Tony Licciardi is an expert of Louisiana voter behavior. He is a researcher and data analyst at the University of New Orleans Survey Research Center. Dr. Licciardi is the developer of the My People Vote and My People 123 apps. 


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