Transform Your Next Outdoor Event with Pop Up Digital Signage

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Planning a concert, music festival, street fair, or outdoor event? Signage may not be on the top of your priority list, but it’s more than just another logistic you need to figure out. Signage can transform the character of your event and even become an attraction in its own right.

At the very least, signage is essential for wayfinding, branding, and recognizing event sponsors. Upgrading from print to a digital signage system gives you more flexibility and gets more attention. You can update programming, get more use out of a single sign, combine wayfinding and sponsor recognition, or even create a revenue stream by selling advertising. But they can also be used for so much more.

Signage is an essential part of any outdoor event. Here’s why your organization should use pop up digital billboards for your next event.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Gone are the days when you needed a small crew to build an expensive truss-based structure, not to mention the on-site engineer inspection and necessary permits to put it up.

With the right vendor, you don’t have to worry about installation at all. Pop-up digital billboards can now be installed with just a pallet or pump truck, and the provider should handle all of the logistics. As an organizer, you shouldn’t have to worry about signage at all.

Sponsor Recognition

You have to keep your sponsors happy if you want them to keep coming back. They expect to see plenty of brand exposure and a return on their investment. An eye-popping digital billboard goes a long way toward making them feel not just recognized but integrated into your event. They provide an elevated level of exposure that will help your sponsors see the value of your event.

A digital billboard also gives you flexibility. You can program a playlist that recognizes all of your sponsors while also elevating your top sponsors with the recognition they expect to see.

Engage Guests with Interactive Experiences

Pop-up digital billboards present an opportunity to engage with attendees through gamification experiences that can make your event even more memorable. Gamification is a way to cut through the noise of traditional advertising and hook audiences in with a simple game interaction.

Interactive digital screens can now be used in outdoor settings. They can feature contactless, motion and gesture driven interaction or feature Augmented Reality. The right pop-up digital expert will be able to offer a library of already available gaming experiences or work with you on custom-developing a unique, memorable gaming experience.

Giving sponsors an opportunity to integrate gamification experiences into your event will make them feel like they’re part of the attraction and closely integrated into the event. It can be the “wow” factor that cements your relationship with sponsors.

Digital billboards don’t have to be complicated. They can elevate your outdoor event with eye-catching visuals and interactive experiences. They can help you impress your sponsors and engage your attendees, not to mention provide essential wayfinding or messaging to attendees. Elevate your next outdoor event with digital signage.

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