Best Companies to Get a Remote Translation Job

Since the majority of large international corporations and organizations have gone remote due to Covid-19 restrictions, many people have been forced to seek remote jobs to comply with the rules. Getting a remote translation job became one of the most appealing options. The reasons for that are apparent: one can choose a more flexible schedule and do most tasks remotely without having to spend funds for logistics or any lengthy conversations. The tricky part, however, is choosing the best companies that will provide the best conditions and a number of varied requests. 

Best Companies to Get a Remote Translation Job in 2021

1. CyraCom.

This company is mostly focused on the healthcare industry by providing all types of linguistic services. Their remote jobs include video subtitling, written text assistance, development (localization) of the mobile apps, over-the-phone interpretation help, and much more. If you have relevant medical language certificates, consider work with health plans, hospitals, and health systems remotely since it is how it goes these days. You may also provide video assistance for clinics and physicians. Since the company implements various language pairs, you should check their job offerings as the majority of them belong to the “remote” category. 

2. LanguageLine Solution.

This famous linguistic company has been around for decades, which has helped it to win a plethora of world-famous clients from all over the world. They are mostly focusing on healthcare and pharmacology, business and real estate, and government sectors, yet their translations also include literary works and movie subtitles. They provide assistance in over 240 languages, yet they are constantly looking for specialists that can handle urgent tasks and use human translation methods. If you want to know the benefits of this approach, consider checking The Word Point company that implements human translation only in their work. Unfortunately, as people are dealing with urgent tasks or rare language pairs, it is not always the case with other companies. As you are looking for a remote translation job, consider discussing this point, too. 

4. Language Services Associates. 

This service focused on remote translation jobs even long before the pandemic situation has been declared. Still, how to get any job you want? It’s quite easy because LSA offers it all from video sign language interpretation to audiovisual or telephonic translations for languages like Japanese or Farsi. They also provide rare intercultural consulting and amazing localization services. If it sounds good to you, there is no reason not to contact this company for remote jobs as they can provide you basically with any kind of work in over 200 languages. 

4. Metropolitan Interpreters and Translators. 

One of the rare businesses that are owned by veterans. It has a serious approach and offers unique analytical, interpreting, monitoring, negotiation, and translation services. Even though they work with corporations, law enforcement officers, the government, and the world’s intelligence agencies, they still offer remote translation jobs. If audio transcriptions, document translations, research analysis, and remote video urgent interpretation sounds acceptable to you, this company will be your safe fit. 

5. Moravia. 

This is the best choice for creative personalities that understand the cultural points well. This famous agency is looking for song lyrics transcribers, people who can translate books, and write creative poetry or marketing materials in a foreign language. 

The Importance of Language Certificates 

Remember that only certified translators can handle such tasks as legal papers, birth or marriage certificates, real estate contracts, business agreements, and product manuals. The more proof you can provide that confirms your linguistic skills, the better. As a rule, technical translators earn even more (the national average salary in the United States is $55,843 per year) and always have work to do since their services are used by the medical, automotive, and engineering companies that have a daily flow of documentation to translate. Think about this aspect and it will also increase your chances of getting employed! 


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