5 Vegas Dispensaries Close to the Strip

Las Vegas is proud of its reputation as Sin City. Here, you can drink all day and night, gamble your life’s savings, skip sleep for days on end and eat a near infinite quantity of lobster. A Vegas vacation isn’t supposed to be an opportunity to improve your health and wellbeing; it is a time to indulge your baser instincts and do the things you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Even so, the Strip — the epicenter of Las Vegas debauchery — is hesitant to introduce the latest and greatest legal sin: cannabis. Though dispensaries are legal in Nevada, you won’t find a one on the Strip; it simply isn’t zoned for that kind of retail business. Fortunately, you can find a few quality pot shops close to the Strip, if you know where to look.


Essence claims that it is the only dispensary located truly on the Strip — but given that there is plenty of dispute regarding the boundaries of the Strip, and that the dispensary’s Las Vegas Boulevard location is just a bit too far north, most visitors and locals are dubious about this claim. Regardless, Essence is easily reached on foot from major resorts on the Strip, and it could be the dispensary Las Vegas can offer closest to your accommodations.

Fortunately, Essence is a beautiful and well-stocked dispensary worthy of your patronage. Sleek and attractive, with white marble and natural wood décor, the store itself feels like a high-end tech shop mixed with an art gallery lobby. With more than 50 strains on offer in the form of flower or prerolls, you are sure to find something to get you in the Vegas mindset. You can also find all manner of edibles, concentrates and topicals, if you want to experiment during your trip.

Nevada Wellness Center

While other dispensaries in Vegas focus on style or cannabis quality, the Nevada Wellness Center does both — and it promotes diversity in the cannabis community, to boot. A black-owned business, N.W.C. is perhaps the most thriving dispensary in Vegas, let alone close to the Strip. Thanks to exceedingly affordable prices on popular strains like Ghost Train Haze and Chernobyl as well as access to some relatively rare strains like Headband, N.W.C. attracts a healthy clientele of locals in addition to whatever Vegas visitors make it through their doors.

The Apothecary Shoppe

Most medical professionals firmly believe in the power of cannabis to facilitate healing in certain circumstances, which is why three healthcare providers banded together to form the Apothecary Shoppe, a combination grow op and retail store providing some of the best quality bud in Vegas. What’s more, the Shoppe produces some of the best edibles in the state, utilizing the knowledge and skill of a chef who has experience working in the kitchens of several laudable Strip eateries.

The dispensary has been undergoing renovations for months, taking advantage of the low tourism during the pandemic to close its doors and build a brand-new retail space. If you are planning a Vegas trip in the next couple months, you might need to patiently await their reopening.

Sahara Wellness

Named in honor of its address, 420 E. Sahara, Sahara Wellness blends the tranquility and magnificence of a health spa with the functionality of a dispensary. Adorned with stone tiles, dark wood cabinets and moody lighting, Sahara Wellness itself is relaxing, and it offers even more o keep customers at ease. The dispensary focuses on the health benefits of cannabis — the pain relief, the muscle relaxation, the euphoria — and as such, it has an impeccable reputation amongst medical marijuana users visiting or living in and around Vegas.

The Grove

Right around the corner from the airport, this dispensary is a popular stop for visitors eager to start their weed-cation as soon as possible. Once a 24/7 dispensary, the Grove now does close occasionally — but it maintains late-night hours to keep you in kush while you enjoy Sin City’s nightlife. Consistently rated among the best cannabis companies in the state, the Grove is a simple and straightforward dispensary, in which you should feel at home despite its glitzy and glamorous location.

Until federal regulations on cannabis loosen, you aren’t likely to find many 420-friendly establishments on the Strip itself. Until then, you can take a few steps off the Strip to find these fantastic dispensaries with wonderful weed.

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