Resources and Vetted Organizations Providing Aid For Hurricane Ida

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, many in Louisiana and around the country are wondering how to receive aid, how to support aid efforts, and how to volunteer. Here is a list of vetted charity organizations, mutual aid networks, and helpful resources for residents and those concerned elsewhere. There’s already many other great lists for resources and those will be linked here, as well.

This list is by no means exhaustive, please contact us here if you’d like your organization or resource to be added to the list.

The following groups have been added and the article has been updated as of 9:48pm:

  • Inclusive Louisiana and RISE St. James

Anne Rolfes of Louisiana Bucket Brigade: “Donating to these two organizations is donating to the people of St. James Parish. Two amazing groups led by environmental justice and climate warriors. Inclusive Louisiana and RISE St. James

Organizations to Donate to or Volunteer with:

• Cajun Navy
o The Cajun Navy has already done tremendous work to rescue residents trapped in their homes and is now giving out supplies to the public
o You can donate on their website:
• Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition
o The OPPRC is giving away $10,000 to community members on a need-basis
o You can apply to receive funds here.
o You can donate to help support the fund here.
• New Orleans Mutual Aid Society
o The New Orleans Mutual Aid Society has been giving out supplies at 3122 Cleveland Street
o You can donate here.
• Southern Solidarity
o Southern Solidarity has been distributing free meals and other supplies for the unhoused population.
o You can donate here.
• Imagine Water Works
o Imagine Water Works is managing a relief fund that you can donate to here.
• Bvlbancha Collective
o Bvlbancha Collective provides information and mutual aid for Indigenous peoples.
o You can donate to them here.
• Another Gulf is Possible
o Another Gulf is Possible is an organization that donates directly to indigenous, Black, and brown frontline peoples impacted by Hurricane Ida.
o Another Gulf is Possible has their own Frontline Resource page with mutual aid, organizations to donate to, resources, and other kinds of Hurrican Ida prep and recovery information here. You can also donate there.
• Salvation Army
o The Salvation Army has been distributing free meals in Hammond
o You can donate to them here.
• Others
o Nola dot com’s branch Eater has a list with organizations not mentioned above here.

Helpful Resources

• Crisis Clean Up’s
o Home cleanup hotline
o (844) 965-1386
• The New Orleans Breastfeeding Center
o Free Parent/Infant 24/7 Hotline
o (504) 535-4223
• Southeast Louisiana Legal Service’s
o Free Legal Service Helpline
o (844) 244-4841
• SAMHA’s Disaster Distress Hotline
o Free Crisis Counseling
o (800) 985-5990
• Disaster Strategies’
o Disability & Disaster Hotline
o (800) 626-4959
• FEMA Disaster Relief
o Apply for disaster assistance here.
o 1 (800) 621-3362
• Imagine Water Works
o IWW is running a community power map, you can access it here.
o The Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program provides federal support in the wake of a major natural disaster.
o You can apply for support here.
• Entergy Updates
o Call 1 (800) 969-8243 (1-800-9OUTAGE) or set it up through your own account portal.
• NOLA Ready Updates
o Updates about municipal aid efforts such as charging stations, cooling stations, and free meals, text NOLAREADY to 77295.
• has an ongoing list of open stores and restaurants here.
• WDSU has an ongoing list of open gas stations here.
• Also from the sound of recent Entergy reports, there should be a generator in the convention center shelter soon

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