Modern Legends: How Greek Gods Are Conquering All Kinds of Gaming

The entertainment world has always had an ability to take classic, well-worn ideas and breathe fresh life into them. The trend can be seen in the countless big-screen adaptations of famous books, as well as the reboots of much-loved shows or franchises.

However, the industry does not just draw on recent decades for inspiration, as it often heads back in time to find influences too. One area that has always proved popular is the intriguing world of Greek mythology and its presence has been particularly felt in gaming across recent times.

Pop culture impact

Many famous names have emerged from Greek mythology and had an impact across popular culture through the years. For instance, Britannica’s list of well-known deities includes Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo and Hades.

The ideas surrounding such legendary figures mean they have become a popular part of gaming – and not always in the areas you would expect. For instance, they have surprisingly had an impact in online bingo, thanks to the Age of the Gods Bingo experience on offer at Betfair.

The site explains how the 90-ball bingo game includes a range of imagery related to Greek mythology, as well as gameplay elements that are linked to specific gods. For instance, the Arena of the Gods feature game includes awards named after Zeus, Hades, Athena and Ares.

Acclaimed titles

However, while Greek gods are clearly having a surprising impact on the world of online bingo, they are perhaps making even bigger strides in video gaming at present.

Supergiant Games has outlined how its title Hades has received acclaim from a range of websites. The title is described as a rogue-like dungeon crawler and players are tasked with battling their way out of Greek mythology’s famous Underworld. Eurogamer also recently confirmed that the title had become the top-ranked game for both PS5 and Xbox Series X on Metacritic.

Another notable title inspired by Greek mythology is Immortals Fenyx Rising. Ubisoft explains how the game sees players become a winged demigod on a mission to save the Greek gods. The game integrates different powers into the gameplay, while players also have to take on famous creatures including Cyclops and Medusa. Finally, another franchise with links to Greek mythology is God of War. Its inspirations have been a source of fascination and sites like Gamerant have even gone on to examine how the series and its characters compare to the well-known myths and legends.

Enduring popularity

It is remarkable to consider how Greek mythology continues to have a big impact on modern forms of entertainment like gaming. From online bingo to dungeon crawlers, it has gone on to conquer a wide range of areas.

These famous stories and characters clearly have an enduring popularity and it will be fascinating to see how the games above continue to fare in the near future. Considering how things are going at present, it would also not be a huge surprise to see even more titles based on Greek mythology appear in the years ahead.

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