Throw Pillows: Create Your Best Sitting Area

At the final stage of interior furnishing, pay attention to the details giving the rooms an exclusive look. The best way to create a home-like atmosphere is to use throw pillows. They provide a sense of inner peace with improving any seating area comfort.

Colorfully decorated throw pillows can be used to transform the familiar look of your house and the ordinary look of the furniture. They perform an aesthetic and practical role. With their help, anywhere in the apartment or summer cottage, you can easily organize a cozy place for pleasant leisure activities or to sleep. Decorative pillows are also indispensable if you want to highlight the interior design.

How You Can Use Throw Pillows

Beautiful throw cushions play a key role in designing seating areas, playing rooms, boudoirs, or lounge areas on the balconies. They could be universally applied. They are used:

  • To decorate sofas leveling their excessive back stiffness.
  • To decorate a bed creating a harmonious composition together with the bedspread color.
  • As a neck cushion or footrest if you want to relax after a hard-working day.
  • To level geometric outlines of corner sofas and armchairs. 
  • To soften the hard bottoms of metal, plastic, or wood chairs.

Throw pillows are actively used in interior design and can highlight the aesthetics of historical or modern design trends. Bright prints on pillowcases with ethnic patterns emphasize the oriental style, floral patterns symbolize Provence and shabby chic, geometric abstractions highlight modern urbanism.

Types of Throw Pillows

Due to the high popularity in interior design, throw pillows are produced in collections and are classified according to different criteria:

  • Size
  • Shape 
  • Color, etc.

Standard soft pillows are available in square, round, or rectangular shapes. Their sizes vary from 20 to 60 cm. Depending on the filling material, throw pillows could be flat and padded. Pillowcases are made of solid and multicolored fabrics. Ticks are decorated with intricate patterns, applications, ornate patterns, ornaments to match the furniture stuff, walls, or floor coverings.

There are also creative design throw pillows in the form of:

  • Animals, birds, insects, fruits, vegetables, confectionery, or flowers.
  • Bolster and small poufs.
  • Different geometric shapes as triangle, rhombus, cylinder, and trapezoid. 

Designer pillows are decorated with buttons, embroidery, beads, rhinestones, satin ribbons, and macramé lace. For their framing, ruching, pleated ribbons, knitted and fabric ruffles are used.

Creative throw pillows are actively used as a visual dominant of the interior when decorating accent areas. With their help, even a strict interior will acquire a colorful appearance with a relaxing atmosphere.

How to Arrange Throw Pillows

When choosing the best way of arranging throw pillows in the interior, you can adhere to the traditional way and put them along the sofa or headboard. To create a remarkable design of the surrounding area, it is better to choose something interesting. You can:

  • Arrange pillows in rows. They should be similar in shape, but different in size.
  • Put small round pillows as a triangle of cue balls.
  • Arrange rectangular pillows perpendicular to each other.
  • Group them by color placing pillows with variegated pillowcases in the foreground.
  • Highlight pillows with prints with the pillows with one-color ticks.
  • Make a small ‘mountain’ from pillows of different sizes.
  • Use black and white pillows to arrange them like dominoes.

It is difficult to make an interesting composition from several throw pillows. So designers recommend using a lot of these furniture decorations with harmoniously and contrastively decorated pillowcases. The abundance of throw pillows with different shapes, textures, colors enables you to experiment with interior design. With their help, you could create a symmetrical composition and highlight the natural, graphic, or other themes of the surrounding area.

What Role Throw Pillows Play in the Interior Design

Throw pillows are an aesthetic focus of the interior design. Any design concept can be identified by demonstrating the characteristic features of the interior style.

Oriental Style

The oriental style is characterized by an abundance of complex and multicolored patterns on textiles. Throw pillows with arabesques, moresques, paisley, and other ethnic décor fill the room with sunny colors and oriental charm.

Country and Ethnic Style

In the country, rustic, ethnic, and eco style, throw pillows should create the feeling of being in nature. It is important to select pillowcases from natural fabrics of natural colors — linen, cotton, chintz, burlap. You could highlight their charming simplicity with minimal decoration — embroidery of wildflowers, seashells, or floral patterns.

Modern Style

Modern design styles are characterized by an abundance of throw pillows echoing the furnishings and embellishments of the surrounding area. The composition of one-color pillows and similar Roman blinds is a real eye-catcher. Glossy furniture could be complemented with throw pillows with paillettes, beads, or rhinestones. If the room is dominated by graphic furnishings (paintings, panels, passe-partout, interior stickers on the walls), you could choose pillowcases with pictures found on this page.

The Bottom Line

Throw pillow styles are varied, so you can easily choose something for your interior. A large selection of removable pillowcases enables you to change the familiar interior every day.

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