Chicest Fall Jewelry Trends That You Need to Get Your Hands On

The fall is here, and so is our time to refresh our seasonal jewelry pieces. From simple to elaborate, the past season has seen the most diverse jewelry trends in a long time. From chunky gold necklaces to gemstone embedded rings, fashionistas worldwide have adored and adorned the most stunning pieces of jewelry from the season has to offer.

There is something or the other you will find for yourself in the upcoming seasonal trend. Whether you like minimalistic statement jewelry pieces or over the top, elaborate ones which you can layer – or both, the season has some of the chicest jewelry to offer. The past couple of major fashion runways have been all about slim and chic statement jewelry pieces. But if you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is guaranteed to last a lifetime, you can visit Roy Jewels for its products.

We have handpicked five such pieces that enhance your presence in the upcoming season for the trendsetter in you. Have a read. 

1. Crystal Drop Earrings

The best statement earrings this season, there is no reason why you shouldn’t instantly add a pair of colorful drop earrings to your jewelry box. They are guaranteed to instantly uplift your mood, refine your look and sweep away your date during dinner. Pairing earrings with particular warmer or cooler colored stones as centerpieces is known to bring a desirable tone to a woman’s face. Tanzanite earrings, made of an exquisite violet-blue crystal, are the best way to add drama and get attention to your neck and shoulder for a wide-neck top or sleeveless dress. Transform any casual outfit such as jeans or a t-shirt by adding these beautiful treats to your ears. They can instantly inject a dose of color to any lighter-shade outfit, such as a cream pantsuit or a white sundress. If you want to invest in a luxurious piece of adornment that is enough to make a statement on its own – then it has got to be a stylish pair of crystal drop earrings or Francesca pearl drop earrings.   

2. Textured Bracelets 

From classic, diamond-adorned, textured, stone-studded, to charmed, this year’s aesthetic has been stacks and stacks of unique bracelets. While decorated necklines have been big this past season, what’s grabbing other people’s eyeballs are structured and textured bracelets. The lustrous hammer cuffs, lace or denim texture, bands with scales, wooden patterns, etc.; it represents fine craftsmanship and a statement-worthy adornment. Personalized bracelets are a great way to express one’s individuality; one can emboss their initials on opposite sides on a cuff, write a poetic expression across a band or add a small piece of charm that is encrusted with their birthstone. There are different options for women to experiment with bracelets in artistic, personal, and creative ways.

3. Charm Jewelry

Charms aren’t a newfound obsession; it’s been in existence since the time of Queen Victoria herself, who took pride in her prized possession of a charm bracelet. Every piece of charm is symbolic and memorable, in a tangible form that one can wear for eternity. From anchors, butterflies, shells, stars, lockets, and keys to evil eyes, charms have a personal meaning, unique to different manners of sentiments, that they never want to take it off. If obsessed with bling, one can experiment with colorful gemstones with natural healing properties to give the jewelry an even bigger purpose. Shungite jewelry is made from a carbon-rich mineral with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. One can wear this simple, sophisticated black stone in the form of a bracelet, ring, or necklace, each unique in its way, and to offer them personal protection. Another great thing about Shungite is that it’s known to protect the wearer from harmful EMFs and balance their body’s chakras. 

4. Rainbow Necklaces

While the outfits may shift to more neutral, beige, and darker tones, fall is the perfect season to play around with colorful jewelry. White diamonds are glamorous and desirable, but nothing is more empowering than a wild splash of colors. Colorful necklaces are a kaleidoscope of joy, playfulness, and cheer that can instantly spruce up any sober attire, making it a solid statement-worthy look. A tennis necklace encrusted with multi-hued stones can transform casual daywear into a rich evening wear number. It’s timeless, unique, and carries an all-eyes-on-me vibe whenever you enter a room. You can choose a monochromatic outfit or an elegant silk dress that will perfectly match the jewelry and finish the look with a pair of white diamond studs.

5. Birthstone Rings

If you want something meaningful, chic, yet out-of-the-box, then we say ditch that stack of chunky gold rings and switch to adornment with a personal touch. If you don’t already know, each zodiac sign has a corresponding gemstone that offers the wearer multiple heath, spiritual and healing benefits. The stone Garnet can help ease their ill thoughts, promote creativity, and instill a sense of inner belief for January-borns. Amethyst, the birthstone for people born in February, can help soothe, awaken a higher spiritual realm and help manifest peace and inner strength. Wearing a birthstone ring will not only attract more positive energies in your life but transform it all together for the better. 


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