Stop Repeating Techniques That Don’t Work: Follow These 5 Effective Tips To Amplify Your Brand On Social Media

The buzz of social media has reached everywhere. Gone are the days where you would switch to many social media platforms only for social interaction. Today, this medium also talks about business, wherein you can promote your big or small business among the people at a scale that was never possible before. 

With the rise in this platform, there has also been a rise in confusion around the question of how to make your brand grow on social media? While the internet can send you a thousand different ways for the answer, we have compiled the most excellent ways to promote your business on social media: 

1. Select the right platforms 

Would you try selling the “world’s best chocolate” to a person with diabetes? The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it?  However, most people miss the same underlying principle while choosing the platforms to market themselves.

You need to choose the right platforms to design suitable business strategies and promote them among your potential customers. If you sell an ERP (enterprise resource software) on Instagram to a young audience or the new Nike Sneakers on LinkedIn, prepare to be disappointed. 

Selecting the right platform will play a crucial role in deciding your business’s success. To get it right from the start and save themselves from investing their money on the wrong platforms, many brands choose to hire a social media marketing consultant who can narrow down the channels that you should promote yourself on. To get the most out of the consultant and save your money, you can even ask them to create a phase-wise plan for you so you can invest in all their recommended platforms as you see success.

2. Beware of overpromotion

Overpromotion is the biggest killer of a brand. According to experts, if you over-promote your business or brand, your content will become monotonous and your users might not find it appealing anymore. 

In a social world full of noise, exclusivity can be a powerful advantage.  Therefore, you must always be particular about the timing.

3. Create contests 

Creating contests is one of the best ways to promote your brand on social media. The contest can be anything, ranging from commenting on your post to describing your product at its best. Hosting contests engage your potential audience at large. 

Not only do they enjoy participating in such contests, but also look forward to winning prizes. We suggest you host a contest once or twice a month to keep your customers entertained and in constant anticipation.

4. Create catchy content 

This tip is one that you will find across the internet and this is because it’s true! Content is called king because, at the end of the day, it all boils down to the quality of what you are putting out. 

Always create catchy content for your audiences. Good content attracts the users at large. They not only follow you on but also start considering buying your products or services. 

You can seek help from a social media consultant in creating catchy content for your brand. Try actively taking part in all the latest social media trends and grow your brand exponentially.

5. Hunt for new audiences

It is a good idea to stick to your existing audience base, but at the same time, do not hold back from finding new audiences for your business. Offering exclusive content is one of the ways using which you can target new audiences and increase your social media presence. 

Strengthen your social media presence by interacting with your existing and potential customers by coming live on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Be interactive in the comments section as well. You can also create an engaging social media campaign to reach more people. 

Influencer collaborations, mixing reels, cross-shoutouts, cross-postings, boosted posts, etc. are all ways for your brand to get discovered by another mass of followers.


Today, social media platforms have more than three billion active users. You can term these platforms as a potential goldmine for all the businesses to promote and expand their business. 

So don’t wait to tap into the goldmine, follow the above-listed tips and tricks, and mark your social territory! 

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