Learn How to Disassemble a Piano with Toronto Piano Movers

Toronto Piano Movers: How to Disassemble a Grand Piano

According to Toronto piano movers, transporting a grand piano is both easy and delicate. This is because if not handled with care, you can easily damage this instrument. The first thing to do is to lift off its music rack and remove the lyre. Ensure you take care of are the legs because they can break. Remove them and pad the piano into a skid board. 

The next thing is the keyboard, which you should not remove unless you are using qualified piano movers in Toronto. Removing the keyboard is very crucial when moving the piano, so you can ask an expert what they would recommend for your particular piano.

1. Learn How To Remove The Lyre

Removing the lyre is quite easy and you will not require even need the services of professional Toronto piano movers. On the underside of the piano, check for the screws connecting the lyre pedal to the piano and unscrew them. The lyre assembly which includes two wooden pushrods will come out. Make sure that you old them carefully to avoid dropping them.

There are no other parts of the underside that need to be removed after removing the lyre. This is because the other parts do not bulge out, so they are hardly damaged when moving. Another reason the lyre is removed is to make the underneath of the piano flat so that it can fit well in the skid board, and through doors when putting the grand piano in its new home. 

2. Removing A Grand Piano’s Legs

When removing the left front leg on the piano, you first start by lifting the instrument about 6” above the ground. This can be done by three people, with one supporting the end of the piano. Let the second person slide the piano dolly on the left side of the keyboard with great care.

The dolly makes the work of holding up the piano easy because having people lift it until you remove the leg can be tedious. Also, when lifting the piano on one side with the dolly, it does not put a lot of pressure on the other two legs, so they are less likely to be damaged. 

These front legs are installed differently on different pianos. Some have long screws that attach the leg to a hidden coupler on the underside. You first have to unscrew the long screws. You will also find other grands whose legs have a center machined bolt, therefore, needing to be screwed off. 

Remove the unscrewed leg from the coupler. If it is stuck to the piano because of overstaying, use a rubber mallet to loosen it. A rubber mallet is advisable to use because it won’t damage the piano’s leg. 

Ensure you mark each leg’s underside together with their position on the piano to have an easier time screwing them back. This is because some legs have different coupler hardware, making it harder to install in different positions of the same piano. 

3. After Removing One Leg

Once you have removed the leg, the piano can now be gently lowered on the skid board. Let two people first lift it off the dolly. All this disabling should be done by experienced Toronto piano movers who know how to handle pianos with care. Any huge impact on the piano that could be as a result of poor handling could cause significant damage to the piano parts.

To remove the other legs, the movers should lift the piano all the way up to make it lie on its side. One of the movers should also be holding the end of the piano on the other side so that it does not slide because at this position it is not well-positioned to stand on its own.

Once it is kept in a position it cannot slip, the other rear legs are removed using a screwdriver. If you are moving the instrument within the house, you don’t need to strap it to the piano board. However, this is different when moving the piano through a motion path. You must strap it to the board to prevent it from slipping off.

The final step is to cover the instrument with a grand piano cover and strap it tightly to the piano board. Always ensure you lean it towards the piano board’s front lip. This ensures your piano will not slip off when using it.

However, for proper moving and handling of your grand piano, it is essential to hire professional Toronto piano movers to do the work for you.

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