You Should Try A New Beer Every Week

It can be hard to choose which one you want with all the different beer flavors out there. It’s also difficult to know how many beers are in a case or pack, so you don’t accidentally buy too much. But here at Melvin Brewing, we have an idea for how to make your decision easier! Try drinking a new beer every week and see what happens! You’ll find that each drink is unique and tasty in its way. Plus, by trying new beers regularly, you’re sure to find some that become favorites of yours. Follow these steps below for best results:

1) Find out when local breweries release their seasonal brews

Seasonal brews are always a great place to start when you want to try something new every week. Look for local breweries in your area so you can find the dates of their seasonal brew releases. Seasonal brews can be released anytime, and you can find them at the brewery or in stores depending on the distribution.

2) Make lists of breweries near where you live

Breweries are great places to try beers. Make a list of the breweries near where you live and mark down which days they hold new releases. This way, if there’s one you like in particular or want to check out then, it’ll be easy for you to do! The only way to know whether or not you like a beer or a specific brewery is to try it out.

Use this information to help you make your choice next time you’re in the beer aisle! There are so many different flavors out there; which one will be your favorite? You may even find that you love them all. It’s exciting to try something new every week and see how it goes!

3) Figure out your likes and dislikes when it comes to beer

If you know your favorite type of beer, research to see what you’d like that is similar.  There’s nothing worse than buying a beer and not knowing what you’re going to like. You won’t be able to tell if it will taste good or bad, and that would mean you’d waste your money!

Don’t take the risk of wasting any more time on beers that aren’t worth drinking.  Follow the steps above to help you figure out which beers are worth buying. You can even buy some for your friends and family as gifts!

4) Try a type you’ve never tried before.

Trying a type of beer that you’ve never tried before could be a fun experience.  You’ll learn more about beer, and it will be an enjoyable time with friends that you can share. There are all kinds of types out there- some people like darker beers while others prefer brews that are lighter in color. Do research on the different types before drinking them so you know what’s safe for your palate. You can even try a type that people say they don’t like- what’s the worst that could happen?

If you want to be a beer aficionado, then try out at least one new brew each week. For those who are more adventurous and like variety, make lists of breweries near you that release seasonal beers to plan your trips accordingly. Whether it’s their likes or dislikes about the beverage they drink, figuring these things out will help them find the perfect pint for themselves every time.

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