4 Critical Skills Every Business Analytics Professional Must Hone

The primary role of business analytics professionals is to develop the right solutions for existing and future problems, alongside improving the current functionality of the business. To do so, business analysts often need to modify policies, working methods, and other processes. Regarding the duties of business analysts, it’s safe to say that they are an essential asset of every company, steering it toward unprecedented growth. 

However, while it may be a gratifying job, it’s essential to remember that it can be equally demanding. Business analysts need to collect large amounts of data and analyze trends and patterns to make critical decisions for the future of the business. Such tasks require business analytics professionals to be equipped with several different skills. So, we’ll discuss four crucial skills every business analytics professional must hone for advancing their career.

Tech skills

As a business analytics professional, it’s best to be tech-savvy, as technology plays a vital role in your job. It’s almost impossible to analyze large amounts of data without the efficient use of technology. In today’s modern world, data is essential for carrying out every business function. Analysts have to be well-versed in digging, managing, manipulating, and categorizing vast amounts of data. For handling data, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the database management system (DBMS), which has two programming languages known as DDL and DML. Additionally, you’ll need to learn R programming and Python to carry out complex mathematical calculations on the data and create statistical models to help make decisions. Moreover, organizations frequently rely on statistical software such as Sage, SAS, SPSS, and Excel for data analysis.

Therefore, the most viable way to hone such skills and master various tech software/systems is by pursuing an advanced degree, such as a master’s in analytics. This degree equips you with the relevant skills and knowledge needed to utilize the latest technologies, analytical strategies, and tactics. What’s more, you can pursue this degree online, which allows you to learn at your own pace. So, ensure to enroll in an online masters in analytics to become a competent resource for your organization.


Business analytics isn’t only about analyzing and presenting data. It demands you to come up with practical solutions and strategies for problems facing the company. Therefore, problem-solving is an essential skill every business analyst must hone. However, problem-solving doesn’t only involve finding solutions. There can be many different steps to take before you reach that point.

As a business analyst, you should know how to dig deeper and find out the root cause of the problem, understanding the issue better. Additionally, you should know how to identify future/unforeseen challenges alongside current ones for the company’s success in the long run. For this purpose, you’ll need critical thinking and analysis skills to gain a deeper insight. Once you’ve identified the problem, you’ll need to view it from different perspectives and devise several solutions, as not all solutions are feasible for the company. Nonetheless, you’ll need to be adaptable and flexible in finding solutions. 


Business analytics isn’t only about analyzing and maintaining data and finding solutions. There are many instances where you need to communicate with people. Presenting your findings, facts, and figures to critical company stakeholders requires strong communication skills to convey your ideas and thoughts concisely and clearly. Otherwise, the company will be unsatisfied with your work, given the inability to understand your findings or solutions. Communication skills also come in handy when you’re convincing clients, strategic partners, and coworkers to utilize your methods or techniques. Additionally, teamwork and leadership will be much easier when you know how to communicate with people.

However, verbal communication is not the only part of practical communication skills. Written and nonverbal communication methods are equally important for a business analyst. Moreover, to appropriately convey your thoughts and ideas, you’ll need to listen to others and gain feedback. As they say, the ability to listen is more important than talking when it comes to negotiation. 

Time management

As a business analyst, you’ll need to follow work schedules and deadlines to complete your work. Failing to complete tasks within the time limit can lead to severe consequences for the company, reducing your reliability. Therefore, it’s crucial to develop time management skills and make the most out of your time. For this purpose, you’ll need the ability to think and make decisions quickly, avoiding wasting time. 

But more importantly, understanding your priorities and organizing your work according to them is crucial. Without doing so, you may not have any time left for essential tasks. Multitasking is also an integral part of time management. As a business analyst, experiencing burnout is not something you can bear. Hence, you must know how to allot time to work and other commitments.  


Undoubtedly, the job of a business analytics professional is no cakewalk, especially in today’s tech-reliant era. It’s not surprising that it’s often quite challenging for people to pursue this profession. However, things can get much easier if you have the relevant skills and knowledge needed to tackle the obstacles you might face during this career. So, ensure to develop some of the skills mentioned above and prepare yourself for a lucrative and rewarding future.

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