Smart Ways To Get Your New Orleans Business Noticed In Your Local Community

New Orleans has a diverse economy with small businesses accounting for 75% of new job creation in the area. In comparison to larger corporations, small businesses typically rely far more on their local communities for trade. By getting your name out there and building rapport with your local community, you can ensure your business stands out, attracts and keeps new customers, and thrives for years to come. 

Pay attention to local SEO 

Local SEO is a key method of getting your business noticed in your local New Orleans community — nearly all consumers (97%) use the internet to research products and services in their local area before making a purchase. Optimizing for Google My Business is a simple way to ensure you show up first in local “near me” searches. Start by creating and verifying your Google My Business page and filling it out with up-to-date information. After being verified by Google, you may even be featured in the right sidebar in local search. 

Create promotional merchandise 

Promotional merchandise refers to a varied range of products branded with your business logo (or other company visuals). Although large corporations commonly give away free gifts to help create a strong, positive perception of their company and keep themselves at the top of customer minds, small businesses can also benefit from the same approach. For example, promotional merchandise can be used to foster awareness of a new product or encourage customers to visit your store. Making branded clothing, for example, doesn’t have to be complicated. A heat press machine can be used to develop stunning imprints with minimal expense. A machine with Teflon-coated heat plates, in particular, prevents pressed materials from being damaged during the process.

Participate in community events 

Community events across New Orleans are excellent marketing opportunities. Not only does participating in local events help you connect with your target market, but it also demonstrates your care for the local community. Consider attending events that your target customers are most likely to attend. For example, if your business caters to the elderly demographic, you’ll likely be looking at different events to businesses that primarily sell to families with young children. By offering fun freebies or opt-ins, you can encourage locals to engage with you. 

Working to stand out and build rapport with your local community is essential to increase visibility. By prioritizing local SEO, creating promotional merchandise, and participating in community events, New Orleans businesses can grow and maintain a loyal customer base.

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