ReIgnite Reviews (GetReIgnite) Side Effects Risks or Supplement Works?

ReIgnite (also called GetReIgnite) is a nutritional formula that helps to lose excessive weight within the comfort of home. According to the GetReIgnite website, it is based on an ancient Nepalese remedy that was used to maintain high energy levels, metabolic health, and immunity. 

But it is impossible for people to get these traditional ingredients now, which is why they are combined into a capsule form and made commercially available for everyone. When used regularly and as advised, the ReIgnite supplement may help lose and maintain weight loss, with high cellular energy and zero weakness, making weight loss easy.


Health experts are extremely concerned with the rising obesity trends worldwide. Since 1975, the obesity rates have increased up to three fold, and it is even predicted that the whole world will be under an obesity pandemic soon. The biggest reason why the obesity rate is increasing is the changing dietary patterns. People rely on pre-made, frozen, or high-calorie foods more than cooking healthy meals at home. 

While this option could be time-saving, it is not healthy at all, and making it a part of your life means you are subjecting yourself to all obesity-related diseases and a poor quality of life. All thanks to the ongoing research and development in health supplements, there are many options available that help managing weight, with minimal efforts required. One of these products is the recently launched ReIgnite supplement that focuses on mitochondrial function and induces natural weight loss. 

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ReIgnite pills use selective natural ingredients and combine them into an easy-to-use form. It is a non-prescription metabolic health booster that is suitable for people 18 years and above. Read this ReIgnite review to know all the details on it. Based on this information, decide about using or not using this supplement. Let’s start with understanding the product first.

ReIgnite Review – Who Needs To Try This?

Who does not want to be slim, healthy, and fit? But this dream requires starvation and sweat, which is not anything desirable. No one wants to go on a starving diet, watching other people enjoy tasty feasts while eating salads and soups. 

Also, exercising does not sound fascinating to most people as gym memberships are expensive, and taking time for exercise is very hard. But it does not mean you cannot lose weight if you cannot diet or exercise. Weight loss is a lot more than these two activities, and many times people gain weight due to underlying risk factors that are not even targeted by these two popular weight loss ideas. 

Hormonal health, oxidative stress, toxin damage, free radicals, and inflammation are a few risk factors that change metabolic rate and induce fat accumulation, making the body obese. So, the typical weight loss idea of diet and exercise may not even be an ideal choice for you when you have options to fix these issues through a dietary supplement. 

ReIgnite capsules work on metabolism and supercharge it so that the body can lose weight naturally. It is an independent supplement that works without starving diet and exercise. Still, the primary dietary changes and a light to moderate daily activity make its effects show fast. Continue reading to know how to lose weight with ReIgnite pills. 

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What Makes ReIgnite Pills Better Than Other Diet Pills?

According to, this supplement follows a different approach to lose weight, which is not something other companies focus on. ReIgnite targets a process called mitochondrial insufficiency, which is a condition when mitochondria in the body are not working as to their maximum efficiency. This malfunctioning can affect the food-to-energy conversion, and all the glucose from food starts accumulating in the body, forming fat layers. 

This idea is based on an ancient remedy from Nepal that the locals used to maintain ideal health, even during extreme weather conditions. This remedy uses a blend made from locally grown ingredients that are boiled and sipped like herbal tea.  

ReIgnite uses the same ingredients but combines them into the capsular form so that the users do not have to struggle to get these ingredients. It comes in a pack of 60 capsules, and this one bottle is enough for the whole month. So the daily value is two capsules taken with water, but for a start, you may start from one capsule a day and increase it to two in a few days. 

The creation of ReIgnite pills is linked with a person named Chris Johnson, who tried a lot of popular weight loss remedies but failed to see the results. It is easy to believe because no popular remedy or diet works 100%, and even if it works, all that lost weight comes back once they go back to their normal eating habits. 

In the sales video on, Chris explains why popular weight loss products are a failure and the real reason people get the weight back once they stop taking them. Instead of focusing on energy deprivation, these products initiate an energy crisis and push mitochondria to the extent that their efficiency never reaches an optimal level. As a result, the metabolism slows down, and there is no net weight loss, no matter what they do. 

ReIgnite shows better results because it targets mitochondrial health while keeping all metabolic risk factors controlled. Based on user reviews, it is clear that it has worked better than many other popular diet pills and carries no risk, even when it is used for a long period. But how do these pills work? What is inside them and responsible for this mitochondrial effect? All these answers are coming in the following sections. 

Weight Loss With ReIgnit Pills: Legit Or Fake?

Before jumping to how ReIgnite works, it is necessary to understand metabolism in general and which factors control it. 

Metabolism is a set of various activities, all playing a special role in this process. When any of these key players are affected, the overall metabolic rate suffers, and the body starts gaining weight. One of these key players is hormones, especially leptin, that regulate appetite, cravings, and hunger pangs. When the body produces large amounts of leptin hormone, the body urges to eat unhealthily or eats more than its capacity. That is the reason you would see obese people eating a lot more than any average eater because they never get that feeling of satiety and keep on eating. The problem with this overeating is that the body only needs a small portion of food to keep its functions running, and all rest is accumulated in the body because it is never required. 

Next comes the role of mitochondria, which is responsible for turning food molecules (glucose) into energy. The work of mitochondria directly impacts how the body processes fat cells and generates energy, and this energy is used to fuel all functions in the body. Fat cells used in this process are obtained from food, and overeating means the mitochondria would fail to process all these extra fat cells. 

So any changes to the appetite, eating, and cravings make it hard for the body to use this food in a meaningful way. Therefore, the first thing that is needed to start a natural weight loss is appetite control; that is what ReIgnite offers. 

ReIgnite works on mitochondrial health and makes sure there is no hindrance in its working. When all the consumed food is efficiently processed and converted into energy, there are no chances for any risk factor, including hormonal imbalance, to change it. Some ReIgnite ingredients also remove free radicals and other cellular wastes, preventing the toxin accumulation that also affects metabolism. All these factors combined help losing and maintaining weight gradually.  

Remember, it is not an overnight thing, and ReIgnite is not a magical pill. It would take some time to work, and you have to take the daily dose to get these benefits. As digestive health is directly linked with immunity, the chances of metabolism will also impact the overall health and improve the quality of life.  

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A Deeper Insight to ReIgnite Ingredients

There are hundreds of dietary supplements available, and many of them turn out fake. But it does not mean that all nutritional supplements are fake, and you should never use them. The health experts suggest evaluating all dietary products before considering them. 

The easiest way to check a supplement is through its ingredient list, which helps to understand the real value of the formula. If you see authentic ingredients inside, there are good chances that it would work for you. Unfamiliar names or ingredients with no background research to confirm their benefits in a supplement is a red flag, and this type of product should not be used. 

ReIgnite provides all information on its ingredients, giving all people a chance to evaluate it and use it only if they trust it. All ReIgnite ingredients are taken from premium plant-based sources, with no question on their quality. The manufacturing takes place in the US, using an FDA-approved facility under GMP certification. The final product is tested for consumer safety and then sent for distribution. All this suggests that the company follows strict quality measures to make the final product safe and efficient for the customers.  

Here is a list of all ReIgnite ingredients. 

  • Kucha Tea: The first name on this list is kucha tea, which is a popular beverage in China. It has been linked with a complete hormonal regulation, especially for epinephrine and nor-epinephrine, that regulates the body’s energy and cognitive functions. It also targets dopamine release that helps maintain motivation and energy levels, which are much needed while losing weight.
  • Pomegranate: next in ReIgnite ingredients is pomegranate, a fruit with high antioxidant value. It directly targets mitochondrial health by improving its efficiency and maintaining the working capacity of changing fat to energy. It also cleans the body from unwanted compounds, cellular wastes, and toxins that make metabolism slow otherwise. 
  • Ginger: this ReIgnite ingredient needs no introduction as it has been used in various remedies, traditional treatments, and modern medicine because of its medicinal value. According to the studies, it relieves muscular pains, soreness and regulates blood sugar. It also has a cellular benefit for mitochondria as it adds up to the DNA inside and maintains its structure and function.
  • Turmeric: popular as a spice, turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that relieves a slow metabolism, aching joints, and muscles. One major component in turmeric called curcumin is accountable for most of its benefits. Inside ReIgnite ingredients, it works as a metabolic booster and helps the body to lose weight fast.
  • Gardenia Fruit: The real reason to add gardenia into the ReIgnite formula is to control cholesterol and maintain lipid profile. This way, it saves the heart from various risks and prevents glucose intolerance that is common in obese patients. It also aids in weight loss by relieving inflammation through Genipin, a natural compound in gardenia fruit.
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids: next is citrus bioflavonoids, an ingredient with proven anti-aging benefits. Although it is also available as dietary capsules separately, you do not have to use those capsules if you are already taking ReIgnite pills. 
  • Black Cumin: Another medicinal ingredient in the ReIgnite pills is black cumin, which is also added to various cuisines to add aroma. Inside this formula, it works on mitochondrial health, and improves the energy conversion process for the body, and helps in weight loss. 
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: This ingredient is often added in various weight loss remedies, and there is proven data on its effects. ACV is a fat burner that also regulates blood sugar and charges the cellular mitochondria. Although you can get ACV commonly in the supermarket, it is never safe in concentrated form. Besides its pungent smell and weird taste is intolerable for many users, but a capsule form with no taste or smell like ReIgnite pill is highly desirable. 
  • Fucoxanthin: it is a compound from seaweed with high nutritional value. In various parts of the world, seaweed is used as a dietary source, especially in Japan, where people are famous for their good health and longevity. Based on research, fucoxanthin in seaweed helps in weight loss as it can activate certain proteins that affect energy conversion and makes this energy available into a useful form for the body.
  • Chromium: it is a mineral that is associated with glucose regulation and helping in weight loss. People who are deficient in chromium are often at a high risk of diabetes and may also experience insulin resistance. Taking ReIgnite capsules fills in for this deficiency and saves the body from all this. 
  • Berberine: another ingredient that contributes to managing the lipids profile of the body is berberine, which keeps the cholesterol levels at optimal levels. It also works on insulin, making it available for the body to regulate metabolism. 
  • Piperine: the last name in the ReIgnite ingredient list is piperine, a compound obtained from the black pepper plant. It has proven weight loss benefits for the body and provides all necessary vitamins, aiding in metabolic boost. 

All these ingredients have proven benefits for health and are not associated with any side effects. The risk of allergies with any of ReIgnite ingredients is low but if you have experienced a reaction before, try to avoid it for the safe side. There are no artificial ingredients, fillers, toxins, or hormones added to this formula, and there are no risks attached to it unless you overdose or misuse it. 

Remember ReIgnite is only suitable for adults and not recommended to underage children, pregnant, breastfeeding women, and elderly patients with underlying conditions. Those who are on a daily medication should talk to their doctor first before using any supplement. For more information, talk to your nearest healthcare provider and understand supplement safety. 

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What To Expect From ReIgnite Pills?

Based on ReIgnite reviews online, it is clear that it has satisfied almost all of its users as they were able to see noticeable changes in their weight. But weight loss is not the only thing you will get after using this supplement. Here is what to expect from ReIgnite. 

  • Improved mitochondrial health and a faster food to energy conversion 
  • Fat loss, with a visible drop in inches, around waist, thighs, hips, and arms areas
  • High energy levels, stamina, and cognitive functions despite losing weight 
  • Better cardiovascular health and low risk of heart diseases 
  • Immunity boost and protection against various diseases 

These effects do not show up altogether and may follow a step-by-step approach. There is no standard or pattern to follow about which effect would show up first. By the end of three or six months, all users will experience changes as described earlier. Note the individual results may vary, and no two people would lose the exact same amount of weight, despite using ReIgnite pills for the same days. There are so many factors involved in weight loss, and it is impossible for two people to share the same. Use it for up to six months to transform the body and start a new life with a leaner and healthier body. 

Where To Buy ReIgnite Supplement For Weight Loss?

ReIgnite is exclusively available on its official website ( and available for doorstep deliveries. The only way to get it is by placing an order online. You may never find it locally or at random online stores. And even if you find it or a similar product, do yourself a favor and avoid experimenting with random products. 

The genuine ReIgnite pills can only be purchased through the official website and nowhere else. The original price of this supplement is over $100, but it is currently available for a special discounted price. Read the following pricing details to know about purchasing options. 

  • Get one bottle of ReIgnite (30 doses) for $69.00 only 
  • Get three bottles of ReIgnite (60 doses) for $59.00 per bottle
  • Get six bottles of ReIgnite (90 doses) for $49.00 per bottle

** The bulk orders are shipped for free

If you order today, you will receive it within 5-7 working days for domestic orders. The international customers may have to use two or three weeks to get their ReIgnite orders.  

Most people like to buy one bottle first and more bottles later if they are convinced to use it. But ReIgnite bundle packs are more time-saving, affordable, and a better option than getting one bottle every month. This supplement has a longer shelf life and can be used for up to two years, so you can buy it in bulk and use it as per your need. 

ReIgnite Refund Policy 

The company is offering a 100% money-back guarantee on all orders of ReIgnite pills. The user has 60 day’s time to test this product and get back to the company if he is not satisfied. Although there are no negative complaints, the company is ready to refund all unhappy users who fail to lose weight with ReIgnite. 

 The customer may have to return the bottles by sending them to the following address: his personal details, order number, and address. 

6000 Pardee, Taylor, Michigan 48180

The company has an active customer line to facilitate all new and existing customers, and it can be traced through the phone line. Here is the number to contact for ReIgnite inquiries. 

For US and Canada – 1-800-390-6035

For the rest of the world- +1-208-345-4245

ReIgnite Reviews – Final Words 

To sum up this ReIgnite review, it seems to be a product that is true to its promises. This product is created on the basis of an ancient remedy from Nepal that improves overall health, especially digestion and immunity. The company has tried to use the same ingredients, but instead of a tea blend, it changed it to a capsule form that is easier to take. 

All the ingredients are obtained from natural sources, and manufacturing takes place under high-quality standards. The final product reaches the customer in a sealed bottle to maintain its quality. 

If you do not find ReIgnite pills effective or cannot commit to regular usage, talk to the customer care line and get a refund of your money within 60-days of purchase. There are no questions asked, and the refund process takes a few days only. For more details on orders, discount price and bulk packages, visit the official ReIgnite website using this link

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