Louisiana Film Channel Broadens Their Reach With New Network Channel Showcasing Local Filmmakers

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Louisiana Film Channel is bringing films by Louisiana filmmakers to screens through their website, app, and new network channel. Founded last November, the goal of Louisiana Film Channel is to connect people with stories made by Louisiana filmmakers that tell the stories of Louisiana people.

President of Louisiana Film Channel, Dr. Lucas Fry, wanted to bring to life the concept of giving Louisiana film and shows exposure. 

“As a filmmaker, it’s hard to get distribution,” Fry said. “Louisiana has a lot of talent, and Louisiana Film Channel is a way for locals and visitors to enjoy Louisiana films.”

Louisiana Film Channel wants to be an asset to local filmmakers and help the distribution of independent films and help filmmakers make money through streaming. Fry wants his channel to be a place where Louisiana creators can shine and show off their talents. The service offers feature-length films, short films, and music videos. The service ranges from free to subscription-based services. The channel will also feature bigger Louisiana-shot productions such as “Dead Man Walking” and “Dallas Buyers Club”. No matter what you might be in the mood for, Louisiana Film Channel is sure to have it. 

The team at Louisiana Film Channel is also excited about the launch of the Louisiana Film Channel network. The 24-hour television station will not only be showing original Louisiana films and shows, but live festivals, Mardi Gras parades, events, Saints and LSU tailgates, and much more.

In Baton Rouge, the Louisiana Film Channel is WLFT, channel 30.1 and on November 1st the channel will launch in New Orleans on channel 42.4. LFC is also available on Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Fire TV.

Louisiana Film Channel plans to expand to other markets throughout the state. The television network will air interviews with Louisiana filmmakers; all of the content shown on the network will also be available on the Louisiana Film Channel app for Apple and Android. 

Louisiana Film Channel is proud to be the only Louisiana-based 24-hour film channel. 

“We are excited to be promoting good Louisiana talent,” Fry said. 

To learn more or to submit your content to LFC, visit www.louisianafilmchannel.com.

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